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Petition to Dallas Cowboys, National Football League, Jerry Jones

Fire Jason Garrett and Instate Paul Elder as the Dallas Cowboys head coach

There is no secret that the Dallas Cowboys have seen struggles in the latter half of the 2019 NFL season. There are many factors; however, coaching is a key component to the lack of success for the ‘boyz’. This however can be easily solved. With the replacement of Jason Garrett with Paul Elder. Some may speculate that a band director has no place leading the worlds #1 sports franchise. Yet, Mr Elder has a level of leadership which is unmatched by all in the DFW area. Mr Elder is a man which can serve as a uniting force for large groups of people. This is regularly seen in how he is capable of uniting nearly 200 high school age students to be the best marching band they can in order to compete in regional marching band competitions. Mr Paul Elder also brings improved movement technique. As his many years in the marching band field have shown him the key ways to maneuver across the common football field with both precision and speed. Along with that Mr Elder can bring a culture change which Dallas needs drastically. Students of his current and prior can attest to the fact that Elder has quotes that are both inspirational and memorable. With the mere words “alright young folks, let’s go to work” and “be nails” instilling pride in students who work with Mr Elder. His overall energy and work ethic can bring a necessary change to the Dallas Cowboys. So please Mr Jones, make the right decision. And hire Mr Paul Elder as your new Dallas Cowboys head coach!

Christopher Favela
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