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Equal Compensation for the Women's National Football Team of India

The Indian Women’s Football Team is ranked 55th in the world, whereas their male counterparts are ranked 104th. According to ​Nilanjan Dutta​, AIFF’s spokesperson & Director of Media, a male football player earns Rs. 70 lakh annually, whereas female players only earn between Rs. 5-10 lakh. Consequently, the female footballers face financial insecurity​ and are forced to take up second jobs. IF​ a policy is implemented that mandates equal compensation for male and female footballers by the AIFF, ​THEN​ pursuing a career in football will be encouraged for females and help alleviate the financial uncertainty women face with respect to a career in football. By signing this petition, you're spreading awareness of this issue, highlighting the discriminatory nature of Indian football and creating pressure on the authorities to take effective steps in bringing equality to the sport.  Praful Patel, President of AIFF, acknowledges that the women's national team (WNT) has a greater chance of qualifying for 2027 FIFA World Cup than the men's team has for their respective World Cup (Read here). Despite their performance and growing viewership of football in the country, the players of the WNT struggle to make ends meet, and are provided lesser income, facilities and marketing than the MNT.  You can grow the movement not only by sharing this petition but also by popularising the hashtags #HerGameToo, #KickThePatriarchy & #EqualPayForEqualPlay. Come out with your own experiences of professional inequality to support the movement!

Akhil Bhardwaj
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