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Petition to University Of Maryland, UMD President Wallace Loh

University of Maryland: Remove Athletic Director Damon Evans

Months after 19-year-old Jordan McNair died due to a heatstroke he suffered during football practice at the University of Maryland, Head Coach DJ Durkin has finally been fired. But the athletic director — who is responsible for overseeing the entire athletic department and the toxic coaching environment “based on fear and intimidation” — still has his job.  In late May, Jordan McNair was at practice when he began experiencing symptoms of heatstroke. It was more than an hour after Jordan began experiencing symptoms before school officials called 911, and another half an hour before he arrived at the hospital. Standard treatments and protocol that are typically used for heat strokes were not used. Jordan never recovered, and he died on June 13th. Following Jordan’s death, ESPN released an explosive report detailing a toxic culture at Maryland football. Some of the details the report included: Weights being thrown at players, an extreme pervasiveness of verbal abuse (including one player who was verbally abused after passing out during practice), and coaches endorsing unhealthy eating habits - these among many other discoveries. This isn’t right. The University of Maryland needs to do more than the bare minimum. Fire Athletic Director Damon Evans, the man specifically responsible for overseeing this department when a football player, a student, and a 19-year-old died.  

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