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Petition to Holly Springs High School, Wake County Public Schools, NCSHAA

Justice for the Holly Springs Football Team

The Holly Springs High School football team has been removed from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, or the NCHSAA, championship bracket due to an ineligible player. This ineligible player played in two games, not including the game that allowed the HSHS football team to receive the title of SWAC Champions, but two games that game them the record breaking school record of 10-1. These two games also went towards the record that allowed HSHS to participate in the NCHSAA Conference games for the North Carolina State championship.  It doesn't matter who this player is, but it does matter that the other 47 players that played their hearts out are now unable to receive closure and the title of champions that they deserve. These players, many of them being seniors, have now been robbed of the ability to say goodbye to the game, the field, and their team that they have been with for the majority of their life. Some of these players have played alongside each other since 7th grade, and won't even be able to say goodbye. Some of these players are unable to play in college, and now they are are robbed of the chance to say goodbye to the game. Football in Holly Springs has given the small town the opportunity to grow the community, under Friday night lights relationships have been formed, rivalries have developed, and the student body of Holly Springs High School has grown. Now, Friday nights will never be the same. The team that has supported the growth is now unable to continue, the team that has broken records, bridged gaps, and has been a catalyst for the town is broken. The school will never look at the game the same, the community will never be able to focus on the players without the thought that it might all be taken away in the back of their mind. I call for action, and I hope you do too. I call for someone to take responsibility for their negligence. I call for HSHS and Wake County Public Schools to launch an investigation to find the person responsible and ensure that this never happens again. I call for this person to apologize, especially to the seniors who have been robbed of their ability to play their last game together, to say goodbye, and to hold their record breaking titles. I want there to be job action, just like in any other job when you make a dire mistake of negligence. I understand this is self-reported, so I also call for grace to be shown. Let the HSHS football team keep the SWAC Champions title that they deserve, let them keep their record 10-1. And lastly I call for there to be a last game. I want another high school team to step forward and allow our seniors to be able to have a last game, to be able to put on the shoulder pads one more time and play their hearts out alongside their brothers. I want all of Holly Springs to show up and support these boys, the game, and the heart behind it all. Please help me make this happen. 

Logan Honeycutt
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