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Petition to English FA

Reinstate England International football to Terrestrial TV

Regardless of situation, income, or privilege everyone should have the right to support and follow their national side.  By signing this petition we can take back control, and allow all to love the game. We only need to cast our minds back to Russia and summer '18, to appreciate the impact following our national team has on the nation, the unity, the pride and togetherness. Truly the first time I have experienced anything like it. For a brief moment the whole nation seemed uplifted and joyful. Football may not of come home, but perhaps a-lot more did. Football is a game designed to unite and inspire, when I was a young boy I remember watching David Beckham score that free kick against Greece in 2002, this was the moment I fell in love with football, I spent the rest of my evening in the garden pretending to be David Beckham. Now I never became the next David Beckham, however I was inspired to become the next David Beckham. Profiteering has now corrupted the very game I grew to love, we were safe in the knowledge that our national side was safe from this until now. In 2016 Sky acquired the rights for some England International games. In the future this is expected to grow as do the profits. This means, millions of loyal fans supporters will no longer be able to follow their own team. As some games are now Pay to View and subscription a luxury many working families can no longer afford, A team that represents for you as a citizen meaning it is truly owned by us, however we are told we now have to pay for the privilege without our consent, it is important to remember the FA, run our team for us. It is the fan who is in charge. Children who are unable to visit sports bars and pubs will no longer have the opportunity to fall in love with the game, or find that inspiration to transform into the next England great.    ITV have the rights to competitive England qualifiers for Euro 2020. But that does not stretch to Nations League games. UEFA agreed a new TV rights deal with ITV and Sky Sports for the years 2018 to 2022. ITV will show England qualifiers for Euro 2020 and World Cup 2022, as well as games from those competitions. They will also show two games from the 2019 and 2021 Nations League Finals. Sky, meanwhile, have the rights to England friendlies and also their Nations League ‘group games’. Money has no place in International football, they may argue that the money will be spent on development for the youth and facilities, what is the use, when there are no inspired kids to develop?

Andrew Preston
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