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Petition to François Legault, André Lamontagne

We can end food waste!

French Every week, I work with people who suffer from hunger in our country. These men and women are deprived of an essential human right, which is to have enough food to eat. For three years, I have been collecting unsold but good-to-eat food from twenty-five supermarkets in my neighbourhood. Thanks to the generosity of these socially-engaged business owners, we distribute between two hundred to four hundred free food baskets per month. These baskets include fruits, vegetables, bread, snacks and canned goods. We all know best before dates are part of a marketing strategy. While rats are eating perfectly good food, an estimated 800,000 Canadians rely on food banks every month. These statistics are alarming! In Quebec, there is a food recovery program, which should result in unsold food from supermarkets going to food banks and to the mouths of the people who are hungry. However, it is not yet required for large supermarkets or for medium/small food shops to coordinate food redistribution with organizations.Shopkeepers, grocers and restaurant owners still throw away large quantities of food suitable for consumption. For different reasons including fear of seeing their reputation tarnished, various business owners prefer spoiling good food — some even lock their dumpsters to stop people going through their garbage. These unsold goods allow a large number of people to feed themselves. They also provide a sharing and redistribution opportunities for people in need and contribute to creating solidarity networks in our communities. Because hunger never dies unlike the hungry; because we all need food regardless of our social rank; because in 2019, everyone knows that food waste is a crime against humanity: we demand our decision-makers take action. We are asking the Government of Quebec to make it illegal to deliberately destroy unsold food products. We are also asking them to implement an effective recovery program for unsold food, so that supermarkets develop partnerships with food redistribution organizations. Similar laws already exist in European countries, including in France since 2016 and now Italy and Finland as well. While Europe is leading the fight to end food waste, what is currently being done in North America? Our federal government is currently considering national measures to prevent food waste: why not lead the way for other Canadian provinces in Quebec? Mr. Legault: we know you can be a leader in the fight against food waste and hunger in Quebec. Please sign and share this petition today to support those who are hungry in Canada. #WhyWasteFood? #PourquoiGaspiller?

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Petition to Ruth Ellen Brosseau, Marie-Claude Bibeau

End food waste in Canada!

French | English Every year, $31 billion of food ends up in a landfill in Canada alone. This isn't just stale bread and mouldy produce. This is good to eat food of all sorts. Produce, dairy, grain, protein, and everything outside of those. Yet, nearly one million Canadians rely on food banks each month, and about four million Canadians are "food insecure", of which 1.5 million are children. In 2015, the French government passed a law forbidding supermarkets from wasting and deliberately destroying food that can still be eaten. Instead, supermarkets have since been required to donate all unsold food products to charity such as food banks. A similar anti-food waste law can and should be implemented in Canada, nationwide. As it is, Quebec has a programme to recuperate unsold food from supermarkets, although it is not yet required for big surface stores to establish partnerships with organizations for redistribution. Having a programme on a federal scale that takes this program a step further is not inconceivable. It is doable, and it is already being done in communities worldwide. In addition to the people who would be positively affected, food waste contributes greatly to climate change. Reducing food waste would benefit our environment. This petition urges the Government of Canada through the Hon. Marie Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture, to create a federal program to combat food waste. The program will: Bar supermarkets from intentionally destroying and wasting unsold, still edible food Require Canadian supermarkets to give unsold, still edible food to Canadian food banks Require Canadian supermarkets to give wrongfully packaged or damaged, still edible food to Canadian food banks The law passed in France began with a simple petition not much different from this, on this very website. That petition received over 200,000 signatures. Our goal is to obtain 100,000 and to gain national attention to this very real issue. With your support, we can make a difference, and we can show our government what matters to us.  We need you. We need your voice. We need your support. Please sign and share this petition to bring change and to bring this law into Canada! Use the #WhyWasteFood and #FoodDeservesBetter when sharing or discussing this campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! -- Learn more: A $31B problem: How Canada sucks at reducing food waste Man who forced French supermarkets to donate food wants to take law global Help the environment, reduce food waste

Justin Kulik
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Petition to John Tory, Energy and Environment Division City of Toronto, Lori Stahlbrand

Encourage Locally Grown Food in Toronto and Combat Climate Change

The global food system is currently responsible for 30% of all of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. Greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 emissions are contributing to the greater problem our environment is facing: global warming. Carbon emissions from imported food impacts our environment significantly – by inducing severe weather changes, rising sea levels and flooding, and more directly, people.  Consumers in Toronto are buying many imported products that generate hundreds of kilograms of CO2 emissions across the globe through transportation. A local box of strawberries in season in Ontario saves around 3,263g from buying a non-local strawberry from California. Eating seasonal and local foods can reduce pollution, preserve the environment, and slow global warming. By eating local and seasonal foods in Toronto, we can reduce our footprints by up to 10%. So, what we are proposing is to redirect consumers in Toronto so that we can all reduce our carbon footprints by buying and consuming more local and seasonal produce items. As it is, consumers are not able to clearly see which products are local and seasonal in grocery stores. This petition urges the Municipal Government of Toronto to create a program for all grocery stores in the City to combat food transportation emissions and climate change. This idea aims to: o   Use clear signs for local and seasonal products in grocery stores, providing information about the distance travelled and carbon emissions you save from buying a local product as opposed to a non-local product o   Requires supermarkets to label as well non-local products that are not in season, providing information on the distance the product has travelled and how much carbon emissions it has generated through transportation and importation This idea could start with a simple petition, if we can present this to the Municipal Government, we could reduce our carbon footprints by 10% by buying local produce that is in season. Our goal is to obtain at least 100,000 signatures – with your support, we could make a difference and combat climate change together. Please sign this petition so we can make an important change in Toronto. Thank you.

Emma Helman
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