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Kroger and Albertsons: Get toxic BPA out of canned food

Did you know that eating canned soup or cooking with canned tomatoes could expose your family to the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA)? A recent report released by the Mind the Store Campaign and other NGOs found this hormone-disrupting chemical in the majority of canned foods tested on store shelves. Tell Kroger and Albertsons to get it off their shelves and switch to a safe substitute! BPA has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, infertility, and diabetes.  It’s been removed from baby products and many reusable water bottles but it’s still in the plastic lining of lots of cans. It has no place in our food. Study after study has shown that BPA leaches from packaging into food and gets into our bodies. It’s especially harmful to the most vulnerable among us—young children and babies in the womb. Studies have linked kids’ BPA exposure to obesity, asthma and ADHD. Kroger and Albertsons, the biggest grocery chains in the U.S., have the power and a moral responsibility to get this toxic chemical off their shelves.  Together, they own over 5,000 stores across the country, including subsidiaries like Safeway, Fred Meyer, Acme, Shaw's and Harris Teeter. Kroger pledged to stop using BPA in food cans in 2011 but five years later, it's still in use. Albertsons has also made commitments to act on BPA, but it’s still in their cans. According to the report BPA Buyer Beware, 62 percent of Kroger "generic" cans tested contained BPA and 50 percent of Albertsons and Safeway brand cans analyzed tested positive. Meanwhile, some other leading brands like Amy’s and Con Agra Foods have already completely eliminated BPA from their can linings.  Even small doses of BPA have been found to affect health - it doesn’t belong in the food our kids eat. Tell Kroger and Albertsons to get it off their shelves and switch to a safe substitute! Together we can get big grocery retailers to safeguard our health and get unnecessary toxic chemicals like BPA out of the food supply.

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Petition to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Scott Ricio, Mary Jane Marchisotto

Please help parents of children with corn allergies. Add corn to food allergen labeling.

I’m a parent, and one of my children was recently diagnosed with a corn allergy. The first bit of advice our doctor gave us was -- avoid foods with corn or corn derivative. The task seemed simple enough -- until we learned that corn was lurking, unlabeled, in nearly every processed food product in the grocery store. Baking powder, semolina, vanilla extract, citric acid -- did you know each of these ingredients contains a corn derivative? Neither did we! And now we are tasked with memorizing a laundry list of ingredients you’d never associate with corn in order to keep our kid safe. All because manufacturers aren’t required to notify consumers of the presence of corn or corn derivatives in their food or product. Bottom line: unlabeled corn allergens in food (and medicines!) threaten the health and safety of children and adults across the country. By excluding corn from the Food Allergen Labeling act, our government is putting its citizens at risk. Keeping a child safe from food allergens shouldn’t be a daily game of chance. Parents shouldn’t have to gamble with their child’s health and well-being to keep them fed and nourished. If you agree with me, please sign this petition. It’s time for food products containing corn and corn-derivatives to be CLEARLY LABELED -- like any other common food allergen. Tell the FDA to add CORN to the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act today.

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