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Big Dairy: Got Confusion? Call it “Cow Milk”

Sales of almond, soy, coconut, and other plant-based milks are soaring, on track to reach $20 billion by 2020. Meanwhile, consumer demand for dairy is tanking as Americans become aware of just how cruel the dairy industry is to cows, how it has cheated consumers, and the havoc that dairy milk can wreak on our bodies (got lactose intolerance?). As each generation consumes less milk than the one before it, Big Dairy is panicking. The industry is left crying over spilled milk—literally, dumping millions of gallons of unwanted milk down the drain. Big Dairy is desperate, and it’s turning to the FDA to help squash the rise of plant-based milks. In 2010, the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) urged the federal government to block the use of words like “milk” and “cheese” on the labels of dairy-free products. Six years later, that hasn’t worked, so the NMPF is back at it, this time by whipping up members of Congress to write to the Food and Drug Administration about how such labeling is “misleading and illegal.” Truly misleading, however, are current dairy product labels, which do not state what’s really inside: bovine mammary secretions, produced by cows and comprising just the right mix of proteins and hormones for their calves to grow hundreds of pounds in mere months. If it is in NMPF’s own interest in ensuring that labels “clearly identify the true nature of the food,” as noted in its 2010 petition, why not clearly identify dairy as “cow milk?” (*this language was updated from an earlier version). The NMPF claims that it’s worried about confusing consumers. That’s exactly why the NMPF should label its own products as “cow milk,” “cow cheese,” and “cow ice cream.” That way, consumers will understand what they're really buying. After all, cow milk is produced by cows (for cows and their calves), so why not just say it?! Many consumers are no longer swallowing the industry’s lies about happy cows and healthy bones. More and more people are choosing nutritious and delicious plant-based milks over cruelty- and cholesterol-filled cow milk. Join us in calling on the NMPF to make it easier on shoppers to know the “true nature of the food” they’re buying by clearly labeling its products as Cow Milk.

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We need "Secondary" ingredients labeling, NOW! Let's know our food!

Secondary ingredients are the ingredients of the primary ingredients: these go, shockingly, unlabeled and unregulated in the United States. It is our RIGHT to know what our food is comprised of, regardless of how many times the original ingredient is processed into refined compounds. The GMO Corn, Wheat and Soy industries and Special Interest Groups lobby to keep the food industry unregulated. They do not want to see this put to work, because they make massive profit by using low-cost, governmentally-subsidized ingredients. Corn, wheat and soy ingredients are almost all genetically modified. Genetically modified foods are not inherently bad, in fact, they can be incredibly helpful in solving complex world-hunger related problems. HOWEVER, the way that these corporations put this technology and the corresponding legislation into practice puts independent farmers out of business, adversely affects the bee population, and allows them to spray inhumane amounts of pesticide on their crops (a.k.a Roundup) which feed the masses.  If you think this isn't an issue, take "Ascorbic Acid" as an example. "Ascorbic  Acid" or Vitamin C to the laymen, is added to many canned goods, as well as juices and other products. It MAY be derived from Corn or Wheat. The manufacturer isn't required to specify which whatsoever, so some allergic individuals may consume a "totally safe" canned food, and suffer a severe reaction. For those allergic to corn, wheat or soy it is very difficult to determine what is safe. Eating any processed and mass-produced food product is a gamble even if you have a less common food allergy. For example: a list of corn derivatives/allergens is available here.  Stand up to big business.  Sign for transparency. Americans NEED to know what is in their food. This is simply a matter of common sense.  If you would like to learn more, here are some resources from liberal and conservative news and research outlets too help you understand the gravity of this issue: Harvard: Nothing to Sneeze at: the Allergenicity of GMOsNPR: A Pesticide, A Pigweed And A Farmer's MurderFOX: Science panel urges rewrite of food allergy warning labelsPBS: Are pesticides to blame for the massive bee die-off?Scientific American: Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human CellsBrietBart: California to list main compound in Monsanto’s Roundup as carcinogenicNBC: Honey, It’s Only Pure if There’s No Added Sugar or Corn Syrup (FDA guidelines do not mandate that Corn Syrup in Honey must be labeled!!) 

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