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Create A Food Resource at Adler Hall

Adler Hall is a bustling building, holding 100's of students at a time with no reliable food source. The students who spend countless hours in this hall are reliant on two vending machines, one for drinks and another for snacks. The snack machine is usually, either broken or empty with chips and honey buns to fuel us for the entire day. These machines are also located in a confusing and distant area of the hall, which most students and faculty never find without help, myself included. All of the students have limited access to the dinning halls, which are scattered across downtown Savannah. While most of the students do not have cars, they must rely on the bus systems to take them around the city. These students must race to a dining hall within serving hours to get a decent meal, and then hope they're not hungry by the time they finish an 8hr long project at Adler Hall. The circumstances are, unjust and require reform.   Adler Hall has a decent sized common area that is quiet bare most hours and un-used. If this area were converted into a real food vendor that rapidly dispensed actual food to the faculty and students, productivity for everyone would increase tremendously. Having the ability to eat where you're spending most of your day, is truly a necessity. Given that any money spent at this food vendor would go right back into SCAD (Savannah College fo Art and Design), it is a profitable business choice and an ethical one, on behalf of every student that is enrolled and spends their entire day at Adler Hall. Another option, would be a food truck, that stays near Adler Hall and readily cooks food for the students and faculty. This would, in return, feed the hall next to Adler as well.  Being a senior at SCAD I have dappled in my fair share of late nights, and tackled the vending machine debacles. Even now, most of my days and nights are spent there. Needless to say it is time for a change, for the students and faculty alike. Real food in Adler Hall is a necessity, that everyone needs access to.   

Co'Meh Shaw
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