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Petition to Western Carolina University Students

Save the UC Food Court!

The UC Food Court was closed after the 2017-2018 school year. Within the UC Food Court, there was a pizza by the slice Papa Johns, grab & go Chick-fi-la, Sushi, yogurt station, drink machines, and a POD store. This area was always full of students studying, eating a quick lunch, grabbing food quickly, and to their classes. Typically, the students could grab their food and be out within five minutes. This was great for the students that had classes in Coulter, Killian, Forsyth, and McKee because it was close to their class, and it was quick.  Now students have to wait in long lines, especially in the morning, to get something to eat. In the mornings, there are not places that you can just grab and go. For breakfast, students have to wait in long lines at Starbucks or Chick-fi-la, hoping that they are not late to their class. Typically, these lines will last 15-30 minutes, and it would take more time to get your food. For lunch and dinner, if you are lucky, you will wait in line for 30 minutes at Moes or Panda Express. Lately, the line for Moes and Panda has been all the way to Which Wich or longer. Which Wich has so many sandwiches to make that it will take a long time before they have yours ready. Therefore, there is no way to just grab food and hurry off to class. There is only waiting for 15 to 30 minutes (minimum), and then waiting for your food for an equal amount of time, if not more.  All of this is because the school decided to close it down, and are planning to turn it into offices for Student Government, Last Minute Productions, and Campus Activities. These groups already have nice offices on the third floor of the UC. They do not have plans to do anything with the offices that they have now. Therefore, there will still be empty, unused space in the UC.  If Western thought about their students, they would actually make that space into something for the students, not for themselves. If anything, they could re-open that space as a study area for students. However, if they had more restaurants on campus, the lines would be shorter because the students eating would be spread out amongst Courtyard, Brown, and UC.  Thus, if you sign this petition that means that you are for shorter lines, quicker and more food, and happier students.

For The Students
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