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Fair Trade for British Farmers

Scrap UK farm subsidies, which support an army of civil servants, quangos and hangers on. Instead simply regulate market prices paid for agricultural produce. Most British farmers earn far less than the minimum wage for the hours they work, 365 days of the year in all weathers. Give farmers their due. Fair Trade for British Farmers. The average age of a British Farmer is 57. Farming desperately needs to attract more young people to enter the industry. Despite farm subsidies, which are commonly misunderstood, farms across the country have been struggling to make ends meet, quietly and stoically, for decades. Farms are under-staffed because they don’t make enough money for the hands they need. Farms that used to employ half a dozen people after WW2 are now run by a single farmer, single handed, often while doing other jobs. Agricultural producers are paid a fraction of the retail price of their produce. And yet they do all the work, carry all the risks and losses in producing it. Tax payers' hard earned money is being spent inefficiently on thousands of civil servants, associated organisations and intermediaries to run the farm subsidy system. And most taxpayers are completely unaware at the check-out of a supermarket that they’ve already paid part of the cost of the British produce they are buying. I’m a hill farmer with 700 sheep. I work hard everyday of the year. I don’t take holidays. When I’m sick there’s no sick pay, there’s no one to step in and take over. After a knee operation I Iambed 350 ewes in a leg brace. It was laughable. Farmers are self-sufficient and independent. They don’t want sympathy, charity, or subsidy. Just like everyone else in the world, all farmers want and need is a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. Thanks for reading this petition. Your signature would be very much appreciated.

Nick Russell-Pavier
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