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Petition to Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez, Vice Mayor Pete Cabrera, Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca, Councilwoman Christi Fraga, Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez, Connie Diaz

City of Doral: Stop Master Plan Amendment to High Density Doral 4200 #backontrack

Traffic in City of Doral can't be worse and the quality of life becomes detrimental with each new high density development. Please help us to stop new high density developments following the Master Plan. On March 22nd 2017, the City Council did not approve the “Doral 4200 Future Land Use Amendment” from Business and Office Residential to High Density Residential. The intention of the developer is to build 250 multifamily units on North of NW 41st Street between NW 107th Av & NW 109th Ave. In other words in the property located back of CVS Pharmacy on 107th Av and 41st St. The traffic in the area is heavy during all times weekdays, just think about how new 250 multifamily residences can increase our current traffic problem. On average each residence will have 2.5 cars, that means aprox 625 new cars in that area! In the meantime, the residents of the City of Doral are waiting for new ideas and proposals from the Councilmembers on how to alleviate the traffic problems we have. Now Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca, recently elected on December 2016, said to the Council:  "formally request your assistance to inform the Mayor and the City Council that I would be reconsidering the  aforementioned item", she also wrote: "I have received numerous communications from residents expressing their understanding and support for the project. The residents have noted that the proposed development program will have a positive impact in the community". If you are an anonymous Doral resident, and you are wasting hours and more hours of your life in the Doral traffic in detriment of quality time with your family or job please sign this petition and express your concerns about the loss of quality of life we are suffering thanks to the excessive ambition of developers who only think about their profits. This is about all of us, the people of the City of Doral not involved with developers interest. Thank you so much to sign and express your support.  Enough is enough!  _________________________________________________________ El trafico en la Ciudad de Doral no puede estar peor, y nuestra calidad de vida empeora con cada desarrollo de Alta Densidad. Por favor ayudenos a parar nuevos desarrollos de Alta Densidad siguiendo el Plan Maestro. El 22 de Marzo de 2017 el Concejo de la Ciudad NO APROBO una solicitud de enmienda para el proyecto Doral 4200, que solicitaba la enmienda de Oficinas y Residencial a Alta Densidad Residencial. La intencion del desarrollador es construir 250 unidades multifamiliares al Norte de la 41 St entre la 107 Av y la 109 Av. En otras palabras en la propiedad ubicada detras de CVS Pharmacy en la 107 Av y 41 St. El trafico en el area es muy intenso a toda hora durante la semana, por favor considere como 250 nuevas casas incrementaran los problemas de trafico. En promedio cada residencia tendra 2.5 vehiculos lo que significa aproximadamente 625 nuevos autos en esa area. Mientras tanto, los residentes de la Ciudad del Doral estan esperando por nuevas ideas y propuestas de parte de los miembros del Concejo acerca de como aliviar los problemas de trafico. Ahora la Edil Claudia Mariaca, recientemente electa en Diciembre de 2016, propone al Concejo de la Ciudad: "formalmente requiere su asistencia para informar al Alcalde y Miembros del Concejo para reconsiderar el mencionado item", ella tambien escribio: "He recibido numerosas comunicaciones de residentes expresando su entendimiento y apoyo al proyecto. Los residentes han notado que el desarrollo propuesto tendra un impacto positivo en la comunidad". Su Ud es un residente anonimo de Doral, y Ud pierde horas y mas horas de su vide en el trafico del Doral en detrimento de su tiempo de calidad con su familia o trabajo por favor firme esta peticion y exprese su preocupacion acerca de la perdida de calidad de vida que estamos sufriendo gracias a la excesiva ambicion de los desarrolladores que solo piensan en sus ganacias. Esto es acerca de todos nosotros, los residentes de la Ciudad de Doral que no estamos involucrados con los intereses de los desarrolladores. Gracias por firmar y expresar su apoyo.   Basta ya!

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Petition to Admin , Governor Rick Scott

Allow Florida Counties the option to have more than 1 school district per county

The Florida Constitution currently limits the number of local school districts to one per county. In many counties, that is just not enough. This creates such a large governmental body, as to lose accountability. It is nearly impossible to digest the multi-billion dollar budgets without a team of CPA's working on it for a year. It has been observed that smaller districts, with more public input, cost less per student, perform better, and have higher performing students. Also, having more than one district in a county sparks competition between the different districts, which enhances education opportunities, while keeping costs lower. Cost savings is realized through less governmental waste and overspending. Also busing would be reduced, which would save a lot of money, and shorten the time kids are on buses from hours, to minutes. I have personally attended meetings of the Greater Florida Consortium of School Boards. This organization is like the UN of Florida school boards. They pass non-binding resolutions which serve no purpose other than to stroke the egos of the members, and train board members to be big government minded. They actually aspire to, and compete to, be the biggest district in the consortium. The bigger the government, the better with these folks. Fiscal responsibility, and quality education are secondary concerns, at best, if at all. Currently, Article IX SECTION 4. School districts; school boards.—(a) Each county shall constitute a school district; provided, two or more contiguous counties, upon vote of the electors of each county pursuant to law, may be combined into one school district. In each school district there shall be a school board composed of five or more members chosen by vote of the electors in a nonpartisan election for appropriately staggered terms of four years, as provided by law. What this amendment would do: Allow the county electorate, in a countywide ballot initiative, to vote to divide their current district into 2 or more districts. What this amendment would NOT do: Divide districts, against the will of the electorate.

Robert Valenta
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