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Petition to Mary L. Berger, Hal R. Valeche, Paulette Burdick, Shelley Vana, Steven L. Abrams, Melissa McKinlay, Priscilla A. Taylor, Verdenia C. Baker

Reclassify Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue EMT/Lifeguards under the FRS Special Risk Class

Under Fla State Statutes 121.0515 Special Risk Class. (4) PROCEDURE FOR DESIGNATING.—(a) Any member of the Florida Retirement System employed by a county, municipality, or special district who feels that his or her position meets the criteria set forth in this section for membership in the Special Risk Class may request that his or her employer submit an application to the department requesting that the department designate him or her as a Special Risk member. If the employer agrees that the member meets the requirements for Special Risk Class membership, the employer shall submit an application to the department on behalf of the employee containing a certification that the member meets the criteria for Special Risk Class membership set forth in this section and such other supporting documentation as may be required by administrative rule. On 9/13/2016 six people spoke in support for Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue to be reclassified into the Special Risk Classification at the Palm Beach County commission meeting. They explained why lifeguards are deserving of special risk retirement benefits (The same benefits as Firefighters, EMT's & Law Enforcement Officers). They urged the commission to sign the form authorizing the state to give special risk retirement benefits for Palm Beach County lifeguards. The county attorney and county administrator urged the commission not to sign the form. This page is to help bring the public to recognize & support Open H20 Lifeguard/EMT's in getting the same Special Risk Status as Firefighters, EMT's & LEO.  

Special Risk Status for Open Water Lifeguard/EMT's
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Petition to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Protect the only nearshore coral reef in the continental United States

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning a major dredging project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to deepen the Port Everglades channel to make way for ever-larger ships due to the expanded Panama Canal. However, the Corps’ initial plan didn’t include necessary protections to save nearby corals. Earthjustice filed litigation, and as a result, the Corps has agreed to conduct new environmental studies and complete new reviews and analysis before starting the dredging project. But, we need your help to ensure the Corps keeps its promises. The Corps is now accepting public comments for the proposed Port Everglades dredging project as part of this revised environmental study. Sign today and urge the Corps to protect Florida’s coral reefs. A similar Army Corps dredging operation at Port Miami proved disastrous for the delicate corals there. Dredging stirred up fine-grained sediment, which smothered tens of thousands of coral colonies and more than 250 acres of reef designated as critical habitat for threatened staghorn corals. The National Marine Fisheries Service later surveyed the wrecked reef and concluded that 95 percent of the reef it assessed is no longer suitable habitat for corals. The service reported that some of the damaged reef may never recover naturally. We cannot let this happen again. The Army Corps must learn from its mistakes and ensure that corals will be protected before further taxpayer dollars are spent on this potentially devastating project. Sign the petition today!

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