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Petition to Mayor Marty Walsh, Tim McCarthy, Michele Wu, Daniel Murphy

Refuse development abutting Roslindale Wetlands to protect environment & prevent floods!

(PLEASE ADD YOUR ZIP CODE WHEN SIGNING) Petition Regarding the Future of104-108 Walter Street, Roslindale We the undersigned respectfully request the following: 1. That the City of Boston and its current officials recognize and acknowledge the several environmental, safety, and neighborhood planning reasons why the proposed construction of additional multiple dwellings at 104-108 Walter Street, abutting the Roslindale Wetlands Urban Wild, would be ill-advised and contrary to the interest of the community and the City; and 2. That the City of Boston and its current officials honor and uphold prior commitments made that there would be no construction of additional dwellings at 104-108 Walter Street, and that the City would protect the Roslindale Wetlands in perpetuity; and 3. That the Feeney Brothers and all persons and entities associated therewith (“the developers”) place a hold on a pending development application for 104-108 Walter Street, and that the developers work cooperatively with residents to determine the most effective way that all of 108 Walter Street can be designated a permanent protected conservation area, and 104 Walter Street may remain the site of a single residential dwelling only. Thank YouRoslindale Wetlands Task Force

Roslindale Wetlands Task Force
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Petition to Sellersburg Town Council, Sellersburg Municipal Works, Indiana Department of Transportation

Make Lakesides Estates and Butler Road Safe-- Make Necessary Repairs

Lakeside Estates has a well-known, reported and documented safety issue that is not being resolved. Highway 31 near the entrance of the Lakeside Estates subdivision heavily floods. The flooding is severe and vehicles cannot safely pass to enter or exit the subdivision. The only other possible passage is Butler Road, which connects to Highway 31. However Butler Road is a small, gravel road. It has so many gigantic potholes, it is extremely unsafe. It is now a frequent occurrence that residents cannot safely leave their homes. Residents risk damage to their vehicles and selves. Plans, including traveling to work, are frequently derailed by the flooding. This is not only an inconvenience for the many residents who call Lakeside Estates and the surrounding areas home, it is potentially disastrous. In the event of an emergency, residents cannot quickly leave and emergency vehicles would likely have difficulty entering the area. This is an extremely unsafe situation. We deserve and demand a safe solution. We elected our representatives to listen to our concerns and attempt to resolve them. We pay our taxes and expect safe roads in return. This is a reasonable request. To resolve this issue, please do at least one of these things: Repair the potholes and pave Butler Road Repair the section of Highway 31 to prevent flooding Build a new access road  Either one of these reasonable solutions would resolve this dangerous issue. Please ensure this is resolved. Thank you for your prompt attention to this gravely serious matter.

Farrah Alexander
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States

Hurricane Harvey - Help Houston homeowners that were flooded for the common good.

In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, thousands of Houston homes were flooded due to the release of flood water from the Addicks and Barker dams located in the north-west of the city. The water was released to avoid potential damage to a greater number of homes. This release flooded our neighborhood and thousands of adjacent homes, but saved tens of thousands of homes from more extensive damage. Most of the affected homes were located within an area designated by FEMA as "the 500 years flood plane," where flood insurance is not recommended. Accordingly, most affected homeowners did not carry flood insurance. FEMA law offers a maximum compensation of $34,000 per homeowner, which is unlikely to be sufficient for restoration. Therefore, homeowners whose houses were flooded for the common good need your help.  JOIN THIS PETITION + Contact your HOA and ask them to rally their homeowners behind this petition. Contact your neighbors, friends and relatives, and ask them to join. Statement by the Army Corps of Engineers:  "Posted 8/27/2017 - Release no. 17-030 - GALVESTON, Texas– Because of the extreme nature of the ongoing weather event in the Houston area, Army Corps of Engineers officials have determined that they will likely have to release intermittent amounts of water from both Addicks and Barker reservoirs to reduce the risk to the Houston metropolitan area".

Abel (Moty) Bibliowicz
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