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Petition to Wicklow County Council, Ireland's Minister for Finance, Ireland's Minister for Housing Planning & Local Government, Ireland's Junior Minister for the OPW & Flood Relief

Save Our Floodplain - before it's too late

We live alongside the River Dargle in Bray Co Wicklow. And many of us have survived several major floods here. Flood defences, thankfully, are now in place – but flood defences can fail, as they did here twice last year. The photo above was taken in August last. In the foreground is the Dargle River: behind the flood defences is the flooded floodplain on the lowlands of the former Bray golf links. It lies between us and the sea…   In 2010 Pizarro Developments were granted a 10 year planning permission to build a new Town Centre there. This was despite An Bord Pleanala’s Inspector recommending refusal, the appalling floods of 2009, and Pizarro’s debts having by then been taken over by NAMA. That permission still stands till 2020, although Pizarro has now gone into Receivership without building on the lowland. If the site is sold to another developer, however, our floodplain will be destroyed forever, and any future flooding will have nowhere to go from our homes.   We are not opposed to development, but we believe that it makes economic, as well as moral, sense for the State to purchase this 8.6 acres of floodplain, and retain it as a public linear park. Otherwise, money reimbursed to the State from its sale (NAMA is Pizarro’s biggest creditor) will simply go towards restoring our entire neighbourhood when the next big flood comes along. The rest of the 41 acre site, along with Pizarro’s other extensive properties, can be safely sold for development at a profit.   But first our 32 elected representatives on Wicklow County Council must return the floodplain to its original Open Space zoning. We are a particularly vulnerable community, with a high percentage of elderly and disabled residents - and this may be our last chance to protect this safety valve for flooding from our homes.   Please give our small community a big voice by asking Wicklow County Council and the Ministers for Finance, for Planning & Local Government, and for the OPW and Flood Relief to #SaveOurFloodplain.   Our website is:  and please follow us on FaceBook at: SaveOurFloodplain/

SWAP (Safety with Alternative Plan
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Petition to Dumfries & Galloway Council, Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Save Newtonairds Hostas & Garden from abandonment due to repeated flooding

Newtonairds Hostas & Garden has been developed over the last 12 years into a beautiful, inspiring and interesting plantsman's garden, now visited by hundreds of people from all over the world each year.  Of particular interest is the fact it contains a National Plant Collection of fragrant flowered Hostas (Hosta plantaginea cultivars and hybrids).  We (James and Carol Coutts) have created a very special and atmospheric space for visitors to enjoy, as has been documented in the media and many thankyou letters over the years. However, since 2009 the property has suffered unprecedented and catastrophic flooding from the adjacent river Cairn. After 4  floods in 6 years we are seriously contemplating abandoning the Lodge and precious garden which would cost us both our business and our home. However, We really cannot continue to suffer the extreme trauma of recent years and the attendant pressure on our deteriorating health. We would therefore ask the  responsible statutory authorities, Dumfries & Galloway Council and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), to urgently investigate  the availability of a technical solution to the flooding problem that provides us with sufficient confidence to stay in our home over next winter and beyond. We want to regain our previous ‘quality of life’, to feel safe in our own home, and to be able to sleep at night without need for constant 'river and rain watch' during the months of October through to April. And, of course, to maintain our lovely garden for the enjoyment of ourselves and others as can be seen on our website

Newtonairds Hostas & Garden
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Petition to Portsmouth City Council, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership

Give residents a better choice of flood defence proposals for Southsea seafront

UPDATE FOR ALL SIGNATORIES LIVING IN POSTCODES PO1 TO PO6: please forward your full address to; this is required by the City Council in order to present a valid petition as per the requirements detailed here: Southsea needs new sea defences to protect us from storms and rising sea levels - without a doubt!  We've all seen what they can do to the seafront.Portsmouth City Council's current proposals are to create a stepped concrete rampart, up to 3.8m high, mostly replacing the beach, from the Hot Walls to Eastney.They have now confirmed that all future public 'consultation' will only offer us one choice: their 'strategic approach' - which does not take account of the damage losing the beach will do to local businesses and local residents' and tourists' enjoyment of the seafront.The government will fund new sea defences, but they recommend that different approaches are developed, fully considered and consulted on before funding is paid out.   There is an alternative soft engineering design for Southsea based on extensive research, and on experience from Holland, which you can see on the website HERE. This 'soft' approach has many advantages. Instead of just the concrete wall or ramp, there would be three lines of defence: the beach, mounding and a dyke, with car parking and other amenities constructed underneath the mound - which need not be made of sand.  We will have new sea views, and current parking areas can be greened over.This design has not been considered by the city council. Yet it has real advantages - as we have the space on Southsea Common to consider other options - thanks to the Ministry of Defence stopping houses being built right up to the shoreline. We believe the current hard engineering solution, using concrete to create flood defences like the hard steps to the seafront at Cleveleys in Blackpool, will do serious damage to the future prosperity of Portsmouth and Southsea.  As an island city Portsmouth's sea defences could lead the country in excellence of design and function. For comparability, we ask Portsmouth City Council to give equal weight to soft engineered solutions for our sea defences, so that at the 'Consultation' stage we have genuine alternatives to consider. Please sign the petition.  

Portsmouth Resident
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