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Petition to CMHS School District

Change the CMHS Dress Code Policy

Crete-Monee High school has a pretty strict dress code. Skirts and dresses have to be finger length and tank tops need to be 3 finger width. Jeans can’t have rips above your fingertips. These are some of the rules they have set up in place however it isn’t fair. The dress code is targeted to those who are mainly  on the “thicker” size or those who wouldn’t be considered as skinny. Also the dress code doesn’t work for every body type. There are individuals who have longer arms therefore causing them to have to wear longer skirts or dresses. There are people who are shorter and may have shorter arms which gives them more lead way on what they can and can’t wear. This again is not fair.  The clothes we wear at school is a form of expression, and it’s being taken away. The staff at school seem to be more focused on what females or those assigned female at birth are wearing. If we are not abiding by their dress code we get sent to ISS or home to change, taking time out of our day that is used for learning. We as a school want to come together and fight the dress code. It takes away our freedom to express ourselves and the treatment isn’t equal for each individual. It takes time out of our day that could be spent learning because staff are so focused on what we wear. Dress code stemmed from the rape culture saying that women were raped because of what they wore. So now when something like that happens the first question that is asked is what were you wearing. This ideology does more damage than good. Guys at this school walk around all the time sagging yet the main focus seems to be on the females. There is never a time where you hear a student complain about what someone else is wearing and claiming it to be distracting, so why do the administrators find it so distracting? 

Gabby Nelson
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Petition to Wayne High School

Change the Sexist Dress Code

Schools are supposed to create a safe and positive environment. The dress code has the opposite of that. The dress code does nothing but sexualize young girls, allows victim blaming, promotes rape culture, and tells girls that we should have to hide our body to “protect” ourselves. They are instilled by schools enforcing a standard of modesty contributing to the objectification of women. My thighs, boobs, shoulders and stomach should not be sexualized in a place where i’m suppose to feel safe and comfortable at. We are tired. We are tired of being painted as objects. We are tired of being pulled to the side of class and asked to change because our stomach is showing. Why can’t my shoulders, stomach or thighs be out? Why are they considered sexual ?  How come we have to cover up to make a “distraction free area” for boys, instead of teaching them to respect us? Or instead of teaching boys that women aren’t sexual objects? By having a sexist dress code your allowing boys that they aren’t responsible for their actions and behaviors. They believe they are protecting us from sexual harassment and assault.. When in reality it doesn’t matter what you wear. You can be wearing anything and it can still happen. Making us cover up is just allowing their behavior. Your allowing victim blaming. The dress code not only can ruin mental health but can ruin young girls self esteem. It shows that our body is dangerous and sexual. The dress code is targeted at girls. Everyone should be allowed to feel comfortable in what they wear at school. 

aly g
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Petition to Prince William County Public Schools

Fix The Sexist Dress Code Of Prince William County

There are so many restrictions against clothing in the school systems, not only that, but for women we can’t wear a lot of things. The dress codes are also more en-forced for people with different body types. My shoulders are distracting give me a break. My chest isn’t out on purpose, it’s just my body. I’m not showing too much leg, my legs are just longer/shorter than others. My stomach isn’t showing to much, no one cares. The fact that They’re are so many things women are degraded about by our own TEACHERS Is insane. Just because you wouldn’t wear this when you were my age doesn’t mean I can’t. Times are changing and so should the dress code. But one thing about the Men dress code that makes me mad is the fact that they can’t wear headbands? Men can have longer hair too what if they want it pushed back? Men could like wearing headbands, so why can’t they? I would like to point out that men aren’t supposed to wear tank tops either but the teachers just don’t care. Not only have I seen multiple men walk around school and campus with a tank top on, I’ve seen them wearing the ones that go very low on the sides. So for a women to wear a tank top or even a SHIRT and show a small amount of their chest they’re shamed by ADULTS. As a girl with a bigger chest it is very hard to find clothes that are “in style” that don’t show at least a small amount of chest. If a girl wears a tank top and shorts on a hot day she’s told that it’s “too revealing” but we seen guys walk around in see through jerseys all the time. Why is it so hard for a teacher to understand that OUR bodies don’t affect them. I’ve been told that male teachers don’t like dress coded because the female would say “It was weird for you to look there in the first place.” BECAUSE THEY ARE RIGHT! If you don’t want me to act out against the dress code then change it, because i’m not changing the way I feel comfortable for you. Also can we talk about how I’ve also had males sign this petition, they boys aren’t distracted, so stop using that excuse.

Ayla anne06
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Petition to Wilson High School, Lauderdale Board of Education

change the dress codes for Lauderdale county schools!!!!!!!

For decades, high schools all over the world are teaching girls to cover up and to “not be a distraction.” Taking away our learning time to make us put duct tape over our legs because “oh no theres a hole above you’re knee!”.(i would say that’s more of a distraction that a tear in jeans) We have been through so much with covid and going hybrid and changing schedules, and even the students mental health issues. You would think dress code shouldn’t be the schools top priority. Teaching girls that if a boy is looking at your jean rips or your shoulders it’s classified as her fault and she should cover up. Us girls should not be told to cover up for the same things boys have. Why are we being told to cover up for something we cannot control? That is unacceptable. Instead of teaching girls to cover up, teach boys to keep their hands and eyes to themselves. I understand we still need a dress code in place. I’m not saying that we need to completely get rid of it, I’m saying that we need to make it less directed towards us girls. I mean I thought we were supposed to be confident and comfortable in our bodies, but how can we when are always told that we’re either showing too much, and sometimes that we’re not showing enough. And that we’re a distraction because our shoulders and legs are distracting. Self confidence is already something girls struggle with through high school, but the dress code in place doesn’t help. So, this is a petition to change the school dress code. Not drastically but just a few changes.  1) Holes in jeans.                                                     Any girl you ask it Wilson will tell you that the dress code about rips in jeans is not fair. Almost all jeans have holes in them now and over 50% of those jeans have rips above the knee. Some kids can’t go out and buy special clothes for school and I understand if it’s showing the whole thigh, but a small rip above the knee should be acceptable. 2.) Midriff.                                                                          If you cannot see the bellybutton of whoever is wearing the shirt then i don’t see why a shorter shirt would not be acceptable. From the length of your pants to shirt if it’s under 2 inches it should be allowed. I understand if the shirt is all the way up to our “chest” but our stomach should also not be a distraction. 3.) Brassiere Straps                                                    We cannot help it if our bra strap is showing through our shirt or you can see it on our shoulder. I understand to dress code if is the shirt that the student is wearing is see-through and you can see the bra completely through it. That is understandable, but it is not right to send a girl home or dress code her for something she cannot control. 4.) Leggings                                                                  I can say that every girl i know has a pair of leggings, and we can’t help it if we don’t have a huge shirt to cover our bottom half. Please just understand that we are not trying to purposely break the dress code. We just want to be comfortable at school and if our shirt pulls up a bit we cannot help that.  5.) Spaghetti straps Once again our shoulders should not be classified as a distraction. Everybody has shoulders so why are we being told ours are distracting.I see boys everyday wearing tank tops that don’t cover their full shoulder but why haven’t they got told to cover up?  We are being told almost every day at school that we are a distraction and it’s not okay. I hear at-least three stories a day about a girl getting dress coded for something they cannot help. It is not our fault if our shirt rides up, it is not our fault if our shoulders are distracting but why would they be? Everybody has them.I hope that you will understand that this is truly a issue that we deal with every day. We cannot help that young men sexualize us. I understand that this is a learning environment but we should be able to express ourselves. Being told to cover up almost everyday can take a toll on somebody, a lot of girls I know struggle with self confidence and hearing “you’re  being a distraction, you need to cover up” makes it 10x worse. Please don’t think this is us trying to “disobey” because that’s what you all tend to think anytime we try to express ourselves. We only want to change the sexism in the dress code.Thank you for reading this, the girls of WHS. 

natalie chidoni
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