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Petition to Mark Rothbart, Dominique Crisden, David Collingnon

Blink Fitness, Make Your Lockers Safe for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Members

Transgender and gender non-conforming people have been target of continuous attacks on their rights to use gender segregated bathrooms and lockers. These limitations not only affect students and the youth but extends to adulthood and beyond the school environment. Many transgender and gender non-conforming people consider spaces such as gyms to be vital for their development and health. Yet, the simple task of walking into the "women's" or "men's" lockers can be panicking, especially when those spaces don't provide safety and protection. The simple task of undressing becomes stressful and forces us to either hide in a corner or in the stall in order to avoid being harassed or physically assaulted.  Blink Fitness claims to be for everyone, this is why we are asking them to put that mission into practice. How Can Blink Fitness Be for Everyone? 1. Create All-Gender Inclusive Signs. Many companies already understand that gender must be inclusive and are taking real actions to support transgender and gender non-conforming employees. By putting these signs up, people will be aware that the space they share welcomes different gender expressions and identities and that harassment will not be tolerated. 2. Create a Gender Neutral Locker. Not everyone identifies as male or female and they shouldn't be forced to use a space that puts them in those confinements. Many trans and gender non-conforming people who may identify with male or female would simply prefer a gender neutral space to avoid harassment. 3. Train Your Crew on Gender Inclusivity. The Blink Crew needs to be trained on gender inclusivity and be a crew that is there to support us. My experience talking to Blink employees, experiencing that blank stare, and being in communication with management shows me that Blink has no gender inclusivity policy and training. Blink Fitness' goal should be to turn their beautiful mission into action.Blink Fitness, be for everyone! Blink will set the precedent for all other gyms to follow what a gender-inclusive space really looks like!

Raffi Ciavatta
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Petition to Charlottesville City School Board

Stop weigh-ins and taking away recess at Charlottesville city public schools!

Did you know that if your child is a student at Charlottesville city public schools, they are weighed every year during gym class? Did you know that recess is sometimes taken away from children for misbehaving in class – or even just forgetting their homework? Weighing children one day and taking away their recess the next is not an approach that makes sense. Why are our children being weighed? At Jackson-Via, parents are not notified that this will be happening nor are they provided with the results afterwards. Additionally, weight has some correlation to health, but more and more research is coming out that indicates healthy individuals can have significantly different weights. Additionally, a 2011 study found that by age six, children – especially girls – start to express concern about their weight or body shape (Smolak 2011). Weighing children at this age, in front of their peers, should be done with serious sensitivity to body issues that children may already be developing. Without a compelling reason, it shouldn't be done. And never should it happen without parental notification and follow-up. Similarly, Recess Academy is not an evidence-based practice. A 2013 report by the Institute of Medicine of the US National Academy of Sciences stated: "Children who are more active show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed, and perform better on standardized academic tests than children who are less active.” It also said, "Consistent engagement in recess can help students refine social skills." Susan Cluett, the Program Director for the UVA Children's Fitness Clinic right here in Charlottesville said last year, "Recess should be part of a normal school day, and it should never be withheld. The kids who disrupt class are the kids who need exercise the most." I don't blame most teachers for using Recess Academy. It is incredibly difficult to manage the behavior of an entire class when there are so many factors playing into how students behave. Do our teachers need training in alternative methods? Are our schools understaffed? I want our teachers to have the resources they need. I want to help them get that. Please join me in asking the Charlottesville City School Board to review the policies of weighing students and of Recess Academy and provide us with further information about them: 1) What federal, state, or local statutes mandate these policies?2) Are the policies regularly reviewed, with consideration for updating them to reflect evolving research regarding physical and academic fitness?3) If Recess Academy is not a legally mandated policy but rather a practice, why is it being practiced and where did it originate? Additionally, if these policies can be changed at our city level, we then ask for the school board's help in changing them. Read the full text of my presentation to the school board:

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Petition to Joanne Amagrande, Eric Goetz, Daniel Dromm, Bill de Blasio, Melinda Katz, Julissa Ferreras, Nancy Barthold, Pia Rivera, Margaret Nelson, Vincent Cirrito, Therese Braddick, Laura Prussin, Shawn James, Nathalia Peralta, Chris Davis, Jacqueline Langsam, Dorothy Lewandowski, Mitchell J. Silver

Outdoor Calisthenics Fitness Area in Elmhurst Park

          We all know that staying active and exercising is a must in order to have a healthier body and mind. The problem is that not many people know where to begin. Most of the time they think that for one to be healthy, they need to sign up for a gym membership. While doing so is a good start, not many people can or want to purchase a gym membership, not many people like the idea of being in a cluster-phobic gym, not many people have the time. Furthermore, new ones may feel overwhelmed by all the weights and machines around them. The solution to this?           An Outdoor Calisthenics Bar-Setup.           Calisthenics is defined as using one's own body weight in order to tone and build a healthier body. Some calisthenics exercises include pull-ups, push-ups, dips, crunches, running, squats, jumping etc. This type of training is fun, natural and effective. Schools, professional sports teams, and the military even include calisthenics in their fitness regime because it works! Countless of people have lost weight and build muscle just by doing calisthenics exercises. I, a calisthenics athlete and enthusiast, can also support that fact. After 2 years of doing just bodyweight exercises, I developed a strong, fit and lean body. I know friends who can relate and I believe more will if a calisthenics facility is built in Elmhurst Park.           This idea is not new since parks such as Juniper Valley, Moore, Frank D O.' Connor, Maurice, Big Bush all have an area dedicated for a calisthenics facility. Right now the calisthenics area in Juniper Valley is being renovated by the request of many people. They believe the importance of an area where people from the community can gather together, inspire and work towards a healthy version of themselves. This is a growing lifestyle and a new way for people to become healthy. No gym is needed, no unneeded money is used, no one would be stuck indoors and there won't be any excuses in achieving a healthy body. All Elmhurst need now is an area in Elmhurst Park for a calisthenics facility. It will be used many people, not just now but for years to come.     

Calisthenics - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
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