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Petition to Derby City Council, ParkourUK , ParkourEarth , Natural Sports, Freemove

Build an outdoor Parkour, Calisthenics, and Fitness facility in Derby city

There are vast numbers of young people and adults who need to channel their energy in a positive way throughout Derbyshire, yet have very little facilities relevant to their needs in Derby. Derby city Council have been asked numerous times by different groups to begin the process of construction of an outdoor training facility that is used for Parkour/Freerunning, Calisthenics workouts, and general fitness, and every time these requests have been ignored or refused. Derby city has a great history of Parkour, being the home to former world champion freerunner, Tim Shieff. Derby also is home to the professional Parkour team Street Media, who also run Parkour coaching sessions twice weekly, but have to travel outside of Derby for both of these sessions as the closest facilities are located in Burton on Trent or Nottingham. Children, Parents and Athletes alike are in great need of a Derby city based outdoor facility, as this would allow everyone involved to flourish and grow within Parkour and related sports, leading to a healthy body and mind, positive attitudes, and all while giving Derby its rightful name as leading developers in the world of Parkour. Please help us get this facility created, for the athletes, coaches, young people, parents and new learners in Derbyshire!

Noah Harwood
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Petition to Bournemouth Borough Council

Build a Calisthenics park in Bournemouth

Calisthenics or steet workout is a form of exercise where participants use their bodyweight as a resistance, often working on horizontal and vertical bars.  The sport has experienced an enormous surg in popularity all over the world with approx. 45 million regular participants; however the provision of regular training facilities in the UK is relatively low. Calisthenics appeals to those of all levels of fitness as there are few barriers to participation. Calisthenics is more inclusive, anti-competitive and rule bound than most sports but still allows room for risks. As a result, this is an effective means of engaging those communities that are traditionally excluded from mainstream sport and physical education provision.  Locally, there are large numbers of people who practise and train on a regular basis. They do so wherever they can often using playground equipment or construction equipment in their own gardens. The installation of a specialist calisthenics training facility in a public space represents a very cost-effective means of promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle. A facility would require minimal space and maintenance yet appeal to a large number of local users.  This petition is to kindly ask Bournemouth Borough Council to provide the space within a park or public area, and the fund for the installation of calisthenics equipment. Please sign this petition and share this on your social media for your friends to sign it too - thank you. 

Ryan Jaszek
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Please allow Beginner, Novice & Intermediate dancers to compete at Skye's Highland Games

A little more than four weeks ago, the Skye Highland games took place, once again drawing an international crowd of competitors and spectators. Games day creates a buzz like no other in the village of Portree, and is so exciting for all involved. Unfortunately another year has passed with Skye's own dancers unable to compete at their local games. The Skye Games Committee have refused, in spite of many attempts by local Highland dance group Dannsairean an Eilein Sgitheanaich, to move with the times. While almost every other Highland Games runs a registered dance competition, the Skye Games Committee continue to insist on running an Open only competition. For those unfamiliar with Highland dancing rules and terminology, this means that dancers working through the rankings, competing to attain stamps and sitting exams to attain grades, are unable to take part while dancers who have never earned a stamp, as well as those who are through the rankings of Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate, are free to take to the stage. In practical terms, this means that over 40 of our Skye-based dancers, as well as countless from elsewhere, who travel far and wide to compete, are excluded from the Skye Games. Of course, we understand that the Skye Games do attract world-class Highland dancers, and indeed Champions, and while this is wonderful, no dancer ever became a champion without first going through the ranks! It is so disheartening that some members of the committee appear to have no interest in developing talent, disregarding the young up-and-coming dancers so eager to tread the boards in the most iconic of locations. We annually visit the games in both South and North Uist and are welcomed with open arms to their Official Board Registered Competitions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to offer the same hospitality in return? This is not, however, just a local issue. There are dancers the world over who would dearly love to compete in Skye, in fact, one school travelled all the way from Canada to enter, only to be bitterly disappointed when not one of their pre-premier dancers was able to take part. Lee Vossler from Diamond V Highland Dance said: “I had the great pleasure of bringing my dance school to Scotland during the summer of 2016. Being Canadian, we were all very excited, and of course used the experience to also see the beautiful country and sites. We decided that Skye would be one stop during our trip, and that we would dance at the Highland games. We were blown away by the number of competitors and tourists the community could bring in with their games. It was truly spectacular and so great for the village of Portree. It was with much disappointment that we realized this was an unsanctioned event, therefore the pre-premier dancers were unable to dance; a real disappointment for the little ones who just wanted to dance, and didn't really understand that the "rules" say they can't. We did have a wonderful time at the games, and it would have certainly been nice for everyone to dance, as this was the main purpose of our trip. I hope to bring my dancers back in a couple of years and would love for this to be another destination point for us as it was so beautiful, and very welcoming.” D.A.E.S. are most appreciative of ongoing support and investment received from the local community thus far. Interest in Highland Dancing continues to grow and the dedication and enthusiasm of teacher, parents, and pupils are evident. This school which started off with 12 pupils when established on a formal basis in 2009 now has 75 dancers, ranging in age from 3 to 21, attending weekly classes at present. We would like to ask the people of Skye whom we are proud to represent, as well as Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate dancers from all over the world, their teachers and families, to support us in our request to the Isle of Skye Games Committee : Please Hold a Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing Registered Competition.

Dannsairean an Eilein Sgitheanaich
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