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Build a Fish Ladder over the Alouette Dam

Since the construction of the Alouette River Dam in 1925, there has been no natural access for fish into or out of the Alouette Reservoir without human assistance. All five species of salmon (Coho, Chum, Chinook, Pink, and Sockeye) and Cuthroat trout were in abundance before the dam was built, but became either detrimentally affected or extirpated due to low river flows coupled with the reservoir obstruction by the dam. Unfortunately at the time of construction, there were no provisions for fish bypassing the dam, resulting in a complete obstruction to upstream migration for all native salmon species – which still remains to date.  Sockeye salmon, who required lake access during the first year after dam construction, were the first salmon species to become extirpated in the Alouette Watershed. Alouette Chinook have never since naturally returned, as any Chinook in the Alouette Watershed are hatchery-reared from stock in the nearby Chilliwack River.  However, there is still hope for restoring lost species in the Alouette Watershed. Sockeye salmon are now returning in small numbers to the Alouette River, but cannot continue their life cycle in the reservoir unless people trap and truck them above the dam. This is where YOUR signature can help! A fish ladder will change how fish are able to move through the Alouette Watershed. With free flowing access for fish between the reservoir and Lower Alouette River, salmon will be able to migrate according to their natural rhythms, have access to more spawning and rearing grounds, and will not endure the trauma from being trapped and trucked over the dam.   Add your name to our petition to call on the BC Government and BC Hydro to build a fish ladder to help return native Alouette salmon to the Upper Alouette Watershed. It will be a wonderful legacy for everyone in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows communities. A fish ladder will also be a great tourist attraction and boost to the local economy in Maple Ridge. Support our cause by signing our petition and speak up for salmon! If you have any questions, please e-mail the Alouette River Management Society at or call 604 - 467 - 6401

Alouette River Management Society
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Petition to Joanna Kerr, Filomena Tassi, David Christopherson

To protect our Waters and Aquatic life

Our water is Our most precious resource and needs to be protected. Unfortunately, due to outdated technology and the resistance to change. Our waters and aquatic life are paying the price. Together we can change this!!! We can drastically reduce the constant harmful vibrations emitted by cargo ships, by implementing enforced speed limits and technologies that reduce the noise pollution in our waters so aquatic life may thrive. Oil companies using sonar for mapping and underwater blasting, Navys' using super sonic sonar. Using these methods cause such noise pollution in our waters, that It causes brain bleeds and organ hemmoraging  in Whales, Dolphins, other mammals, species of Fish and other aquatic life having a vast impact in our waters and in our lives as well. Our water and aquatic life directly effect us and our planet. We need to come together and raise the consciousness of what is happening. Implement speed limits of ships that are traveling in our waters which will reduce the impact of the noise pollution. Setting mandates to implement technology that is readily  available to reduce the impact we have in our waters. Starting to hold people and corporations responsible for exploiting our beloved waters. Love your waters, love yourself as we are mainly made of water it just makes sense we are all in this together. Please help we can do this together!!!

Cameron Irving
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