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Petition to Midland County

First Responder

This change would create a faster response time for Midland county. The average response time for a county Medical Call and Motor Vehicle Accidents is 15- 25 Minutes.  First Responder status for Northeast Midland County Volunteer Fire/ EMS, would put trained EMS personnel and Certified Extrication Techs on scene    in half the time. Our goal is for our community  is to help improve the outcome of life in a Emergent situation. The difference in time is the difference between life and death!                          With your signature we can make a difference For anyone who has questions about our petition here is what you need to know. We are not wanting to take over first responder responsibilities from the City Department. We are not trying to take their place. We are wanting to work in conjunction with the city to help out our community. When there is a medical emergency or maybe a wreck in our Designated Response Area, we would like to be called out at the same time as the city to be able to help. If we could get arrive on scene before the city and start to stabilize the patient or stabilize a vehicle for extrication at a crash site that would be very beneficial to the people involved. Our EMS personnel have the same training and certifications as the City Department. There is a misconception that volunteers do not have the same training and certifications that City Departments have. All EMS certifications are earned the same way. The Class room, skills and testing are all the same. This also applies to Fire Fighter Certifications. Right now we are focusing on becoming first responders for our response area. East of Fairgrounds and north of 307 all the way to the county line. We have a good size population as well as Highway 80, Interstate 20 and Parts of Loop 250. We are just wanting to help our community and the city. We will be sending a group of our volunteers with a hard copy of the petition door to door in our response area to try and get signatures as well as answer any questions the citizens have. If you have any questions or concerns about our petition or about our department in general, you can always message us or give us a call and we would be glad to help!

Northeast Midland County Volunteer Fire Department
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Petition to Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Eric Swalwell, Jerry Brown, Mark DeSaulnier, Kamala Harris

National Benefits for Disabled First Responders

After serving the public for 10 years in California as a paramedic/firefighter, I was injured on the job ending the career I loved. I also suffered from PTSD when it was "just a veterans issue." I never received a disability retirement because my time was split between two retirement systems, didn't dare fight for a PTSD claim in workers comp court because they make it hell to get an award not worth much, went on COBRA to pay my medical bills - and racked up more bills because workers comp wouldn't cover non-pharmacological/alternative treatment for pain control, took on loads of student loan debt to earn a BS & MBA to get hired in corporate, and lost my home when I was in severe pain fighting two cities who weren't paying me while the lawyers stalled my case for 7 years blaming each side for my injury and missing court dates. Worse, a firefighter I knew killed himself, another addicted to pain meds, one dead from cancer in his 40's, and another dead on Thanksgiving day from stress. Are you still with me? I'm alive for a reason. I am advocating for people like myself, for my friends who are dead, and for every family member of a first responder watching their loved one suffer as the system fails them state by state. Thank you for your service is not enough. We need action, now, supporting our disabled first responders in the same way as our veterans.  The politics continue, the data silo furthers it state by state, as lives are lost - heroes to zeroes.  MY ASK OF OUR NATION'S CITIZENS & LAW MAKERS I propose, at minimum, there be a national solution in addressing the needs of disabled first responders so they and their families can move forward in the face of disability. ISSUES & WAYS TO MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR DISABLED FIRST RESPONDERS & THEIR FAMILIES 1. Veterans have access to quality care for life. First responders who are disabled, but who do not meet social security's stringent disability guidelines, should receive Medicare benefits across all 50 states.  2. Veterans receive a GI Bill assisting their transition to minimize student loan debt in exchange for their service. First responders who are disabled, should receive 100% tuition assistance for first time bachelors degree in-line with veterans. This can be funded by each state's public university system. 3. Veterans have special home loans. First responders who are disabled, should have a system in place, whereby, if they are enrolled in a bachelors degree program, they are able to extend their home loan without losing their home during their transition. Banks need to step up and take care of our heroes.  4. Employers of veterans receive a tax credit. First responders, who are disabled, are seen as a risk because there is no transactional benefit to corporations. Congress can execute legislation giving employers of disabled first responders the same tax advantage as veterans.  5. Veterans receive universal care for PTSD and disability compensation. First responders must prove their injury was "job related." 50 states have 50 different workers compensation systems - most do not cover firefighters, cops, and EMTs for PTSD. Suicide rates are rising, depression/anxiety is rising, time off work for stress, and co-morbid illness is costly. Each union is trying to solve this. It is time for a national resolution to solve this unifying police, fire, EMS, just like each branch of the military does under the word veteran.  Friends of first responders: there are only 2 million first responders out there. A lot make it through their 30 year careers, and others like myself don't. Service shouldn't come with the cost of losing homes and lives. I am asking for your signature to drive this petition forward to our Congress and White House. It's time we end the politics to get our firefighters, cops, and ambulance workers close to the same benefits as our veterans. Both groups are vital to our society, and one is sorely underrepresented. I know the facts. I've lived it. I've survived it. I'm asking for YOUR help. Please sign this now and share this on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other source you have to drive action on this timely and important issue hidden behind the image of bravery.  Link: One of the few articles that articulates this crisis and personal stories beyond my own.

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Petition to Texas State Senate, Texas State House, Joan Huffman, Don Huffines, Lois Kolkhorst, Mike Schofield, Dwayne Bohac, Joe Straus, Larry Phillips, Texas Governor, Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, John Cornyn, Michael McCaul


Fire and EMS first responders routinely respond to the same violent incidents that police officers do. While they typically endeavor to await the arrival of law enforcement prior to entering a known dangerous scene, they operate in an extremely dynamic field and even the most innocuous sounding "sick call" can rapidly turn into a violent incident. Evidence of this can be found in two studies (McGuire et al, 2009)* which showed that pre-hospital emergency medical services providers are 7 times more likely to be murdered on duty than all other healthcare providers. It also showed that Fire and EMS first responders are 22 times more likely, than the working public at large, to sustain injuries in a violent assault that leave them unable to return to work for their next shift. There are many other studies that support these findings, as well. I do not see this as only a problem for EMS providers around the nation, it is also a very real problem for me personally. While responding to a night club shooting where law enforcement was inaccurately reported to be on scene, my crew walked into an incident that turned violent in seconds. We were lead to believe that the scene was secure, yet suddenly I found myself face to face with an armed man who stood behind the kneeling members of my crew and individually held a pistol to the back of each of their heads. Had he decided to kill us, we would have had no recourse except to await our turn to be shot. These scenes have played out hundreds of times around the both Texas and the country. Every day that our first responders lives are placed in the hands of agencies who yield to political correctness and financial liability over their right to defend themselves, quite literally brings us one day closer to the next severely injured first responder. Or even worse, the next flag draped coffin. Currently The great State of Texas allows first responders to carry on duty but it also allows for an employer to restrict or prohibit their employees from exercising their right to carry. Most employing agencies prohibit their employees from carrying on the job for fear of liability. This concern is addressed in the language of the proposed bill. A simplified explanation is included below** as well as a link to an informational YouTube video***.   *McGuire et al. "Occupational Fatalities in EMS: A Hidden Crisis." & "The Epidemiology of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Among EMS Personnel"   **On Duty Concealed Handgun License (ODCHL) Proposal I. I would like to propose that on duty first responders (FRs) be permitted to exercise their right to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. A. Currently Texas law grants FRs the right to carry but their employers can restrict or prohibit them from exercising that right. II. I propose increased training requirements, at the candidate’s expense. This curriculum would include the prerequisite of obtaining a standard Texas license to carry and then additional training in the following subjects (est. 40 hrs), to be permitted to carry on duty: A. De-escalation techniques B. Cover and concealment of both person and weapon (tactical thinking) C. Consequences of improper use D. Small arms training: i. Instinctive shooting ii. Tactical shooting iii. Shooting & moving iv. Low light shooting v. Shoot/don't shoot drills "Hogan's Alley" III. Current Texas laws prohibit the carrying of a concealed weapon in several specific locations. A. These exceptions to CHL rights should not be affected by the ODCHL endorsement if the card carrier is off duty. B. While on duty, and functioning under exigent circumstances, the ODCHL endorsement should supersede location restrictions. i. The Supreme Court ruling in 'US vs. Lopez' showed that the states have the right to set where, and by whom, those restrictions can be set or abandoned ii. The exceptions to that rule would be federal installations where 'US vs. Lopez' is not applicable iii. For these rare possibilities, as well as for fire incidents, a secure location should be provided for storage of a firearm. (Approx. $40 per unit retail) iv. The on duty exception for First Responders with an ODCHL would be similar in Tex30.06 to the FR exemption provided in Tex30.05 IV. Agency indemnification/Municipal limitations of liability A. Language should grant first responder employing agencies immunity from civil liability B. Exceptions to this rule include: Negligently failing to reasonably provide for first responder protection. Examples include: i. Failure to send law enforcement on a known dangerous situation ii. Failure to send law enforcement assistance in a timely manner when on scene units request help iii. Failure to provide accurate available information to responding units (ie. Dispatching a fire/EMS unit to a known shooting but sending it as a "Medical Problem".   ***Informational YouTube Video:

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