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Petition to Jody Wilson-Raybould, Don Morgan

Make Canada's justice system equal for all

The recent failure of our justice system in the Colten Boushie case has led to profound disappointment and anger. Yet it is only the latest example of a long-standing and well documented problem of unequal access to justice for Indigenous people in Canada. Peremptory challenges allow potential jurors to be blocked from serving, without reason or explanation. In the Colten Boushie case, for example, the defence blocked all the jurors who appeared to be Indigenous. We must abolish peremptory challenges to ensure more equal jury representation of Indigenous people and people of colour. This is a simple measure that must be taken to improve the system and begin down the road to regain the faith of all those - Indigenous and non-Indigenous - who want fairness within the law in Canada. I am half-indigenous and half-white, and ALL of my friends are calling for change. And as the daughter of a residential school survivor who knows how easy it is to dehumanize others, I ask that you do what you can in your positions of power to not let the dehumanization of Indigenous people - abetted by the justice system no less - continue under your watch. The Criminal Code is currently under review; our government has the power to amend the Criminal Code to prevent the use of peremptory challenges to discriminate against First Nations people. Action is the way to repair a relationship that has received a terrible blow and set reconciliation efforts back. Please sign and share this petition - we must reform our jury system now.

Lisa Jackson
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Carolynn Bennett, Jody Wilson-Raybould

Put History Right! Chief Poundmaker Was Innocent and Deserves To Have His Name Cleared.

#PARDONPOUNDMAKER In the spirit of reconciliation, the Poundmaker Cree Nation seeks to clear Chief Poundmaker's name and exonerate him from his treason conviction of 1885. Chief Poundmaker was faced with his people’s starvation, the disappearance of their traditional ways of life, and a Canadian Government that refused to honour the spirit and intent of the Treaties, and refused to offer any aid or discussion to the starving Indigenous nations. Chief Poundmaker, along with other Plains leaders and their communities, sought a meeting with the Indian Agent in Battleford to discuss their need for food and aid. Upon arriving at Battleford, the Indian Agent refused to meet them or hear their petitions. The townspeople of Battleford had abandoned their homes, and barricaded themselves within the military fort, in fear of the gathered petitioners. Chief Poundmaker and his people were kept waiting for over two days without food, and without opportunity to discuss their grievances peacefully. Oral history holds that Chief Poundmaker tried to stop any looting from occurring, but as their hunger and frustration grew, some of his people went into the empty town in search of food. The next day, Chief Poundmaker and his people left Battleford. They returned peacefully to their reserve. The Canadian government sent soldiers to Battleford. Upon arriving at Fort Battleford, Colonel Otter disobeyed his orders from General Middleton to hold the fort. He struck out to Poundmaker to attack and punish for the “looting” of the town of Battleford. Otter drew close to Chief Poundmaker’s camp, but chose to wait until dawn to attack, hoping to catch the community undefended. In a collective act of self-defence, the encamped Indigenous community rose up to repel the attackers. Despite being as few as fifty warriors against seven times that number, the Cree warriors were successful in repulsing the attack, in saving their families, and in preventing a massacre. Chief Poundmaker intervened as Otter and his men fled the battle in disarray, preventing the Indigenous warriors from running down the fleeing soldiers and causing high casualties. After weeks of bracing for another attack, Chief Poundmaker returned to Battleford of his own accord, and sought peace. Poundmaker was charged with treason, and sentenced to three years in Stoney Mountain Penitentiary. For over one-hundred years, Chief Poundmaker’s legacy as a peacemaker, leader, and diplomat has been tarnished by his unjust treason conviction. Despite his peaceful intentions, despite his restraint, and despite his insistence on providing for and protecting his people, Chief Poundmaker was branded a traitor. This campaign calls upon the Federal Government to grant Chief Poundmaker a full legal exoneration for his treason conviction to clear his name. This campaign has been launched in partnership with the Chief and Council of Poundmaker Cree Nation, the community which descends from Chief Poundmaker’s people who defended themselves, and on whose territory Lieutenant Colonel Otter ordered the attack. For the people of Poundmaker Cree Nation, and for Indigenous people across Turtle Island, the pardon of Chief Poundmaker is symbolically and culturally significant, as it allows all parties involved to right a historical wrong, and to honour our Chief.

Pardon Poundmaker
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Petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

End the narcissistic targeted abuse of Canadians by government!

Dear Prime Minster Trudeau, It is becoming increasingly clear that narcissistic abuse tactics are being employed by many government agencies and funded organizations.  Indeed the RCMP has become so toxic that RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson and Safety Minster Ralf Goodale have resorted to these tactics to silence and revictimise its own officers. One female officer has already spent $150,000 on legal expenses only to have the state wage an economic war of attrition in an attempt to deny her a voice or justice. This to a background of criminal abuse that is protected and encouraged at all levels of government. This was never a civil case! Where are the criminal charges against those involved? The RCMP and CSIS has built an abuse network based on narcissistic tactics that they have renamed as "disruption tactics"! This criminal abuse network supplies training, electronic harassment weapons, IT support in the form of CPIC (2,200 gaslighting victims) and has been caught framing marginalized people in terror plots. This is psychological abuse and as such the criminal code of Canada calls this torture (269.1).  The family courts system and The Children's Aid Society have also targeted children and families with isolation, slander, invalidation, gaslighting and extortion. All these child abductions done to the background of extreme death rates in the children within the care system. A refusal to report the number of rapes or why upto 50% of the kids died (Ontario) or under reporting deaths by a factor of three (Alberta).   Let me remind you that parental alienation is child abuse! This was never for the safety of the children or the protection of families.  First Nations have suffered this abuse for longer than any other group. They have endured all the abuse mentioned above and more. They have suffered decades of invalidation in the cases of an estimated 4000 missing women and 10,000 men. Presumably abducted and murdered.  This criminal abuse is only effective when it is not visible, or understood by the public. But we are becoming aware now thanks to this damaging game being institutionalized in our basic services. The victims are numerous and the pattern is unmistakable! We are many! We are being targeted for years with no legal protection! The press refuse to write our stories! The authorities invalidate us and direct more abuse our way for speaking up! The abusers are always protected at the expense of the victim who is blamed, shamed and silenced.  We are calling an end to this abuse network and demand that none of these crimes be dismissed or ignored any longer! We demand that the CPIC gaslighting and slander comments are removed and officers investigated! We demand to know how many of the 2,200 CPIC gaslighting victims committed suicide as a result! We demand the immediate return of all children seized by these organizations! We demand a full independent investigation into how many abductions, rapes, tortures, murders and robberies have been done using "disruption tactics"! We demand an immediate end to all disruption activity! We demand a return to law and criminal charges for those who supported this network or helped cover up these crimes.  This sadistic game is over! We will no longer pay our narcissistic supply tax to capricious corrupt officials! The lies, isolation, invalidation, reality warping, flip the script, gaslighting, cognitive dissonance, intimidation, frustration and confusion tactics will not be an acceptable answer. End this narcissistic abuse network operating out of your government now!  

David McDonough
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Carolyn Bennett, Kathleen Wynne, Minister David Zimmer, Jane Philpott

Call to Action: Justin Trudeau face the current realities of Indigenous Youth Suicides.

The suicide epidemic that First Nations Communities face is reflective of the violence that the Canadian Government inflicts through policy and inaction and racist practices. The voters and citizens of this country demand that immediate action be taken to support these communities through this crisis with resources, support, sensitivity, and any other tools that may be necessary. The time to address this is now! Protecting our children must be a priority and it needs an appropriate response that includes respect and a willingness to listen.  This is a Mental health crisis and a genocide that is being perpetrated through inaction and harmful policies and is not reflective of the Truth and Reconciliation Act that this Government promised to implement. Canada's history of violence against Indigenous people is well documented and apologies are not enough.  We submit that this Government has a duty to uphold their promises to the First Nations population and make Truth and Reconciliation a priority through action and not a theory. --------- Please support and share this letter with your networks and forward to the members of Parliment listed.  This petition will be delivered to: Prime Minister of Canada - Justin Trudeau Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs - The Honourable Carolyn Bennett Minister of Indigenous Services - Jane Philpott Minister David Zimmer Premier of Ontario - Kathleen Wynne Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness - Ralph Goodale Minister of Health Ontario - Dr. Eric Hoskins  Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Carolyn Bennett, Premier Kathleen Wynne, your local MPP, etc) I am writing this letter in regards to the suicide crisis that is currently affecting our First Nations youth and their communities across Canada. This situation is appalling and I am absolutely shocked that our elected officials are not taking this matter seriously and that we continue to lose young people at such alarming rates. At last check, this past week the number of youth suicides was 27, however, those numbers have since grown. Those are 27 lost lives too many! I am unsure as to why this has not been deemed a priority by yourself and your colleagues. Can you please explain to me what your plan of action is? What is currently being done to address this epidemic by your office? Why is a strategic meeting been scheduled in September when it is obvious that this is an emergency now! Young people are dying and it is not only a loss of that person’s life but also has a huge impact on families, communities, and this country.  Dr. Cornelia Wieman was quoted as saying “between 2014-2015 1 billion dollars had been spent on healthcare and of those billion dollars, 41% went to Pharma and a meager 1.5% went to mental health.” This is not acceptable and I for my part will not forget how this situation is handled when it comes time for elections. I would like to think that your office would feel a moral, legal and ethical obligation to these communities but so far, I am hugely disappointed. It is no secret that there is a lot of money behind Canada 150 celebrations and yet First Nations youth continue to live in third world conditions.  These First Nations youth deserve your support, compassion and a sense of obligation from you and all other forms of government. I look forward to hearing some answers from you. Suicide is genocide; inaction and disregarding this emergency is a contribution to that genocide. Yours Truly,  

Leslie Fauvelle
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