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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Designated places for Aboriginal people in B.C. to have Burnings off Indian Reserves

In 1880 Canada imposed laws, the Indian Act, to assimilate Aboriginal people into European Culture. First Nations were not allowed to practice traditional sacred ceremonies; the potlatch and other cultural ceremonies were declared illegal. My name is Ugh’de’wil’gal’um, I’m Gitxsan, FireWeed tribe, from the House of Woo’Sim’lax’ha’, crest is two baby white owls. To this day I have not been able to freely practice our traditional burnings in Vancouver BC off Indian Reserves, without being threatened to be charged and having VPD stomp out my fire. I am now forced to get “event insurance”, VFD and VPB permits to practice my Gitxsan spirituality off Indian Reserve. Aboriginal people should not  have to pay insurance, and permits to practice traditional burnings, nor should we need to buy mandatory metal fire pits on unceded Coast Salish; Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-waututh territory; or any Aboriginal territory off Indian Reserves in Canada. Canada fails to consider our Aboriginal traditions and culture that are presently protected under the  constitution. Canada must provide places for Aboriginal people to pray off Indian Reserves. The Gitxsan have burnings which consists of a small fire and a food offering for the spirits. Most cities ban fires and natives continue to be charged for practicing traditional spirituality off Indian Reserves on traditional unceded territory. Canada needs to make things right for the genocide committed to Aboriginal people, and as part of justice and reconciliation treat Aboriginal people as human beings with dignity and respect. Canada needs to organize designated areas in B.C. where Aboriginal people can have a safe place to pray across Canada like everyone else.

Stephanie Morgan
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Petition to Michael Binder

Support Saugeen Ojibway Nation's right to prior consent on a major nuclear project

First Nations have the right to free, prior and informed consent to developments on our lands and waters. As members of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON), the collective of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation and the Chippewas of Saugeen First Nation, we request that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission recognize our indigenous nation’s right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) on Bruce Power’s proposed Major Component Replacement (MCR) Project. We look to you, members, leaders and allies to show your support for this cause. Bruce Power’s proposed multi-billion dollar MCR Project extends the life of Units 3-8, which means the facility will be able to operate on our Territory for another 30-35 years. They have included this major project in their license renewal application for Crown consideration and approval this spring so that they are able to begin construction in 2020. This project will have serious impacts on the water in Lake Huron, on the land, and will produce an immense amount of nuclear waste at the site. Our rights as Indigenous peoples must be respected. Our People have been here since time immemorial, governing and caring for our lands and waters in a way that respects our relationships and interconnectedness with all of Creation. We never gave up our right to these relationships within our territory. Our right to govern, care for and benefit from our territory is deeply connected to the survival of our People. The values and actions of our ancestors considered us and we must consider those yet to come. A community-driven free, prior and informed consent-based process will mean that our nation will have the time to carefully consider the impacts and discuss and dialogue with one another on what this project will mean for our people and our territory, now and into the future. Our nation was never consulted when the nuclear facility, now known as Bruce Power, was built in our territory. It is time to correct this wrong-doing. The MCR Project will have harmful impacts that we have yet to fully understand. We have not been given the time, space and resources as required to do the work we need to. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the Government of Canada must recognize that the MCR Project cannot happen without the Free, Prior and Informed Consent of our nation. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to which Canada is now signatory, provides that the State shall, “obtain [Indigenous] free, prior and informed consent prior to the approval of any project affecting [Indigenous] lands or territories and other resources”. Our rights as Indigenous peoples cannot be overlooked as we try to find a path toward Indigenous-Crown reconciliation. Join us in asking our nation’s right to FPIC be respected on this major project, that will impact our people, lands and waters for generations to come.

Biidaabinokwe and Waasekom
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Petition to Lenny Hann, John Finn, Debbie Brake-Patten, Heather Randell

Save the Aucoin Family Farm, Kippens Newfoundland

Gerard Aucoin, born and raised in Kippens, Newfoundland, Canada is a recognized member of Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation. He is a long time resident of Kippens, NL and has maintained a small farm for personal use for the last twenty (20) years. The land on which he lives and works, has been utilized for agricultural and farming by his family for over 150 years and prior to the establishment of the Town of Kippens.  In 2012,  the Town of Kippens implemented a town plan for future development in which non-conforming properties were permitted to continue their existence. In March 2018, The Town of Kippens issued three (3) “Stop Work and Removal Orders” in which Mr. Aucoin was ordered to remove all livestock (animals), fencing (including longers, signs and advertising), and two sheds from his property by April 20, 2018. Food sovereignty is a major issue in Canada and particularly for indigenous people. The actions by the Town of Kippens has caused undue hardship, anguish and harm to the Aucoin family. Further, it is a threat to Mr. Aucoin’s existence, survival as a farmer, and to his animals. Together we can make change, and preserve the Aucoin family farm which has been a long standing integral part of the local community. If you support Gerard in his effort to have the orders rescinded please make your support known to the Town of Kippens, Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment, Farm Industry Review Board and the local MHA by signing this petition.

Shana O'Quinn
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Petition to Jody Wilson-Raybould, Don Morgan

Make Canada's justice system equal for all

The recent failure of our justice system in the Colten Boushie case has led to profound disappointment and anger. Yet it is only the latest example of a long-standing and well documented problem of unequal access to justice for Indigenous people in Canada. Peremptory challenges allow potential jurors to be blocked from serving, without reason or explanation. In the Colten Boushie case, for example, the defence blocked all the jurors who appeared to be Indigenous. We must abolish peremptory challenges to ensure more equal jury representation of Indigenous people and people of colour. This is a simple measure that must be taken to improve the system and begin down the road to regain the faith of all those - Indigenous and non-Indigenous - who want fairness within the law in Canada. I am half-indigenous and half-white, and ALL of my friends are calling for change. And as the daughter of a residential school survivor who knows how easy it is to dehumanize others, I ask that you do what you can in your positions of power to not let the dehumanization of Indigenous people - abetted by the justice system no less - continue under your watch. The Criminal Code is currently under review; our government has the power to amend the Criminal Code to prevent the use of peremptory challenges to discriminate against First Nations people. Action is the way to repair a relationship that has received a terrible blow and set reconciliation efforts back. Please sign and share this petition - we must reform our jury system now.

Lisa Jackson
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