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Petition to President Donald Trump

Change America's national anthem to the Space Jam theme song

No matter where you stand (or kneel) on current political issues, we can all certainly agree that America's national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner" and how individuals react upon hearing it has become a divisive topic. We now must choose between letting this issue divide us further, or using this as an opportunity to select another song that will inspire such widespread pride in our country that we will ALL be unable to resist standing as it plays.  Faced with the latter option, the theme song from beloved 1996 live-action/animated sports comedy film Space Jam starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny is the logical choice. Ya'll wanna know why? Cuz it's a slam jam. Additionally as many of you may remember, in the movie Michael Jordan was a stranger in Looney Tunes Land unlike all the other inhabitants. Yet, as an outsider he was the only one who could assist Bugs Bunny and his friends in defeating those whom wished to imprison them. That spirit of team work and strength found in diversity truly represents the ideals that we as Americans aspire to achieve.  If this becomes the new national anthem the time for kneeling would be over and we as a nation can begin to heal. Everybody will get up because they know the time to slam would be now, we'd have a real jam goin' down. Welcoming people of all colors and creeds to the Space Jam. Here's our chance, do our dance at the Space Jam. Alright. Hey you, whatcha gonna do?Hey you, whatcha gonna do?Hey you, whatcha gonna do?Hey you, whatcha gonna do?  You're gonna join me in exercising your First Amendment right to sign this petition to tell President Trump we are ready to make the theme song from Space Jam our official national anthem. 

Sheridan Bucket
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Petition to Judge in Lucy's Case, Prosecutor, Humane Investigator, Twin Peaks Sheriffs

Justice for Lucy German Shepherd Poisoned by Neighbor

  September 2017 UPDATE: Please Scroll to bottom of petition for update on situation. No action was ever taken by law enforcement on the suspect. Due to an ongoing conflict between neighbors, Lucy the sweet German Shepherd was poisoned to death on May 20, 2017 and suffered for 8-9 hours before dying at 5:45 am on Sunday May 21, 2017.  Ms. Monroe, the Guardian of Lucy, the German Shepherd who provided Depression Therapy to the Monroe family, sent her neighbor Ms. [NAME TEMPORARILY HIDDEN] a text asking that the conflict end, on Saturday morning May 20, 2017. Twenty-five hours later, Lucy died from ingesting Rat Poison. The poison was [allegedly] given to Lucy by the neighbor Ms. [NAME TEMPORARILY HIDDEN], who has a known history of using said poison; and this neighbor was only a few feet away from Lucy where she was leashed and poisoned. * The case is pending an investigation by HSSBV and toxicology is pending. Circumstantial evidence suggests Ms. [NAME TEMPORARILY HIDDEN] [allegedly] poisoned Lucy to death to somehow get even with Ms.Monroe for sending the text. Animal Cruelty causing suffering and subsequently death, in the state of California, is a FELONY and carries penalties of up to five years in prison. We the undersigned ask for full Felony charges and NO plea deals to let the dog killer out of prison early. Updates will be posted here as they become available. #JusticeForLucy 5.28.17 The alleged dog killer is complaining that Ms. Monroe is defaming her by exercising her right to petition. Please see:PROTECTING THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO PETITION: IMMUNITY FOR DEFENDANTS IN DEFAMATION ACTIONS  Next court date is June 12, 2017.   UPDATE: August 2017The system has failed Lucy. The killer has gotten away with murder. The Twin Peaks Sheriff's office never properly interviewed the suspect. The HSSBV handed over the investigation to the Twin Peaks Sheriffs office who failed to aggressively investigate the case. There is a $500+ CA$H REWARD to anyone who may have information that would lead to the arrest of the individual who poisoned Lucy. Get your Cash Reward Fundraiser T-Shirt - limited edition. Must order by September 21. SEP 7, 2017 — No action was ever taken. The neighbor woman is now threatening Ms. Monroe's cats in the exact same manner she threatened Lucy before she was killed.  The neighbor continues to trespass on the property claiming it's not Ms. Monroe's property, (Its all one compound) therefore if the cats sit on the woodpile or walk across her driveway, they still have a right to do so without being threatened, kicked, abused or poisoned. The cats have always been outdoor/indoor cats. Keeping them inside at all times is crueL and then creates unwanted behavior like urinating inside the house. They are allowed outside during daylight hours approximately 2-4 hours per day. The neighbor continues to slander Ms. Monroe in the community and workplace; has also made life-threats to Ms. Monroe and has meddled in finances, relationships with government agencies and the county.; and has gone so far as to try and get the Monroe's children's medical insurance cancelled. All based on frivolous claims and for no reason other than retaliation of this very petition.  As Lucy's grieving family, we now ask the Twin Peaks Sheriff's office to take these matters more seriously. It has been nearly four months since our beloved Lucy has passed and still have chronic trauma from the event and the loss. Still no justice in sight. There is a need for a solution to prosecute in pet poisonings. The SB Mountains community could use its own Humane Investigator who specializes in poisonings, since the community  has a serial problem with dog poisonings. A humane investigator with a salary of $35,000. What steps could be taken for our community to hire such or offer other solutions. Thank you for reading this petition.   * Apologies for the Update Email. It went out in error.  

K Monroe
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