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Petition to Essex County College Board of Trustees, Calvin Souder, Jeweline Grimes, Anthony Munroe, Jeff Lee, Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr.


#ReinstateProfessorLisaDurden to her position as adjunct professor at Essex County College IMMEDIATELY! ABOUT THE CASELisa Durden, producer, filmmaker, media commentator and professor, appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson on June 6th. Carlson insulted her repeatedly (“demented, separatist, Nazi”) for defending the Black Lives Matter movement’s right to have Black only safe space event for Memorial Day. Professor Durden succinctly and cogently defended her principled position and exposed Tucker’s white male fragility for what it was -- a childish tantrum. Less than 48 hours later, Professor Lisa Durden was summarily suspended by Essex County College (ECC), where she teaches media and effective speech.  Without union representation at the meeting, ECC administrators told her that she was suspended because of her appearance on Fox News. She was told to leave the building and not return. Instead of defending Professor Durden’s right to free speech and congratulating her on standing up to racism and sexism, the administration at the Predominantly Black Institution chose to effectively fire this accomplished media professional and educator. Professor Lisa Durden is a lifelong Newark, NJ resident who has given her time and expertise generously to the youth of the city. She has provided highly competitive internships in New York media for Essex County College students for a decade. She was recently honored by the City of Newark for her outstanding work in media with women and young people. Professor Durden has braved racist death threats from the alt right movement to speak truth to power on national television. Why is Essex County College firing a beloved professor for exercising her First Amendment right? In Trump’s America are Black Women professors not allowed the right to free speech? We demand that Professor Lisa Durden be reinstated to her position and given her full course load (12 credits per semester teaching Mass Communications and Effective Speech classes) that she was assigned for the full 2017/2018 academic year. We demand equality for adjunct, contingent and junior faculty in pay and treatment. Nationwide, higher education administrations have created an apartheid system, paying themselves grandiose salaries of $200,000+ while junior, contingent and adjunct faculty are paid peanuts. Adjunct faculty are often forced to sleep in their cars and go on food stamps because they cannot survive the poverty wages and insecure, short term, “at will” employment that colleges force on them. Administrators pit adjunct and full time faculty against each other and use their disgusting treatment of adjunct labor to scare full time faculty into submission. This diminishes the quality of education for students, even as their tuition skyrockets. We demand full equality in pay and treatment among adjunct, contract and full-time, tenured faculty!

Educators & Students United to Reinstate Professor Lisa Durden
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Petition to NFL Team Owners

Stand Up for Colin Kaepernick and Social Justice

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a brave, principled stand by refusing to stand for the national anthem before games last year as a means of protesting and bringing attention to the social injustice of police brutality and unnecessary, unjustified killings of mostly African Americans at the hands of police. Many NFL teams, either due to the owners' personal feelings on Kaepernick's actions or their fear of fan backlash, have now blacklisted him and refuse to sign him. At least one team owner has publicly said he decided not to sign Kaepernick after his team received a large amount of angry phone calls and emails from people saying they would boycott the team if they signed him. Sports fans who believe that players should be able to use their first amendment rights to protest what they -- as well as tens of millions of their fellow Americans -- believe to be injustice, without reprisal from team owners, need to make sure that the teams hear from us that we support Kaepernick and very much want to see him signed now so he can play this season. So if you consider yourself to be one of these fans, please sign this petition and then share it with as many like-minded sports fans as you know. I will send this petition to all 32 NFL teams. And if you are willing to do so, please also personally contact your city's/state's NFL team (or if your city/state doesn't have a team, then whichever team you follow) and let them know you would greatly support them signing Kaepernick. Thank you.

Gregory Jaspan
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