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Petition to United Nations, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United States Supreme Court, United Nations Development Program, ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, Facebook, FOX News, NBC, New York Times, Twitter, President of the United States

Ban Combat Zone Profiteering

We, a collective of combat zone mercenary firefighters, oppose any efforts of private companies to occupy Iraq, and strongly urge oil and gas companies, and the corporations and banks that fund them, not to initiate or engage in any transactions that come from occupying Iraq or any other combat zone. We are gravely concerned about the operating procedures of private companies and the damaging effects of their misconduct. Kellogg Brown & Root, Sallyport Global, and their associate Triple Canopy not only short sell military by providing subpar services, but heartlessly abandoned 1700 Iraqi recruits they collectively gathered and greatly profited off of in solidarity with a failing and corrupt Iraq government. The Iraqi F-16 program was marketed and promoted as a project that would liberate the Iraqi people from terrorist regimes. Stuart Bradie: Chief Executive Officer of Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) Victor Esposito: President & Chief Executive Officer of Sallyport Global Ignacio "Iggy" Balderas: Chief Executive Officer of Triple Canopy How do you explain your logistical decision making as you abandon the UNARMED recruits of the Iraqi F-16 program to ISIS? Peter Hancock & Brian Duperreault: Former & Current Chief Executive Officers of American International Group (AIG) How do you consciously back these maniacal companies? As ISIS enclosed leadership relocated only the mercenaries of the F-16 project from Tikrit (Camp Speicher) to Balad (Camp Anaconda) and left behind our friends and associates, the brave young men of Iraq who were coaxed to stand and fight for their land, families, and freedom. They were wrongfully misdirected, defenseless, and disavowed into the hands of ISIS. June 2014, 1700 cadets were executed. Warning Graphic Content: With no acknowledgement or responsibility for their role in the Camp Speicher Massacre, the private companies returned to crooked operations and made these headlines: These companies knowingly expose firefighters to deadly conditions then cut ties as soon as the contract ends with no remorse. We have lost too many Chiefs, Crew Chiefs, and Firefighters from work environment exposures. Billions have gone into the Iraqi F-16 project at the tax payers' expense. Please do your own due diligence on these companies. The Camp Speicher Massacre is a clear example of why private companies should be banned from conflict zones. We risked everything for the dream you sold and we believed it only to be mislead. In remembrance of the 1700 & FD crew members that have passed on, I ask that you support discontinuing private companies operating in combat zones who use conflict as vail for profit. Sincerely,  Tikrit & Balad Firefighters of 2013 - 2014 IG: knudsen360

Adam Knudsen
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Petition to Bill de Blasio, Charles Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Lanza, James Oddo, Deborah Rose, New York City Department of Transportation, Corey Johnson

Name a S.I. Ferry after Firefighter and hero John G. Chipura (USMC, FDNY, NYPD, BSA).

We recommend that one of the future Staten Island Ferries in the Michael Ollis Class be named after Firefighter John G. Chipura, a Staten Islander who sacrificed his life in response to the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. We are blessed that we have a multitude of heroes in this great city who serve with distinction and honor. On 9/11 alone, we lost 343 members of the FDNY, 23 members of NYPD and 37 members of the Port Authority Police department - many of them from Staten Island. Any of these heroes deserves the honor of having a Ferry named after them, so what makes John G. Chipura uniquely deserving? John was a Staten Islander who lived a life of service and died a hero of this city, of this state and of this great nation.  In his name, John’s life of service continues after his death. John started his service at a very young age by joining the Boy Scouts of America - Troop 21.  John had a lifelong commitment to the Scouts, eventually became an Eagle Scout and Assistant Scout Master.                              John joined the United States Marine Corps. and was on active duty in Beirut, Lebanon when the Marine Corps. barracks was bombed on October 23, 1983.  Although knocked unconscious from the blast, John survived. John lost 241 "brothers" in that terrorist attack and remained steadfast in his duty and service to his country. The United States Marine Corps. Facebook page features a quote from John, "We Marines are truly blessed. We get to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom because we know its price." John was a proud member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Iwo Jima Association and the Beirut Veterans Memorial Association. He served two tours in this war-torn area before receiving an honorable discharge in 1984 and returned to Staten Island with a hardened resolve and an even stronger will to help people. John then joined the honored ranks of the New York City Police Department and proudly served as one of the "Finest". With great courage and distinction, John was highly decorated and rose to the rank of Detective in Brooklyn's 72nd Precinct, Brooklyn South Narcotics. Transferring to the New York City Fire Department,  John followed in the footsteps of his father Anthony Chipura, and his brother Capt. Gerard Chipura/ E164, as a member of the "Bravest." John continued his tradition of honor, service, and sacrifice as a firefighter with Engine 219/ Ladder 105 in Brooklyn. On 9/11/01, John answered the call and sacrificed his own life so that others might live. While John's life is over, his legacy continues through his foundation Through fundraising by the John G. Chipura Foundation, he still (posthumously) supports Scouts, Veterans, Firefighters and Police Officers in need.  Throughout the year, members of these groups and civilians from all walks of life, gather to honor John's memory and support the foundation in his name. This keeps the memory of John alive, as well as his duty of service to others. Additionally, an annual blood drive in John's name has saved the lives of countless New Yorkers over the past 14 years by collecting over 1,000 units of blood for the NY Blood Center. John Chipura's amazing life story represents the distinguished honor and dedication to this country that every member of service strives to achieve. Naming the Ferry in his honor will remind people from all over the world of the heroism John Chipura embodied in all walks of his service. From the Scouts, to the Marines, to the NYPD and the FDNY, John lived his life in service of his city, his state, and his country. It's hard to find a more fitting role model to bestow this honor on.  Thank you for signing.

John G. Chipura Foundation
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Petition to Indiana State House

Firefighters need your help

Indiana House Bill 1208 and signed into law on March 27, 2002 by Governor Frank O'Bannon, also known as the Indiana Blue Light Law allows volunteer firefighters to use blue emergency lights on our vehicles when responding to an emergency call but we are prevented from operating a siren or exceeding posted speed limits. When these lights are in operation we are simply asking other motorists to move over for us although they have no legal obligation to do so. This current law is common among many states however there are states out there that allow for red lights and sirens and have had great success. The current law is antiquated and provides no safety for first responders or the citizens that need us to arrival quickly, 69% of firefighters nationwide are volunteer and the only difference between paid and volunteer is a salary and paid firefighters are always at the fire station working shifts, the training is exactly the same as required by the state and the National Fire Protection Association. Volunteer Firefighters do not get paid and when the calls come in we are likely to be home, grocery shopping, at work or any other normal activity in life, but when the pager goes off we have to stop what we are doing, drive to the station and get in our gear and get in the fire trucks, naturally this takes more time to get to the scene of the call. With advances in fire protection systems and design less than 10% off our calls are fire related while the majority are medical and accident related in which seconds matter with lives in the balance. The majority of citizens do not even know what the blue lights mean and many just don't pull over because they know they do not have to and lives have been lost because of it. We ask that lawmakers help us do our jobs by making sure we can get where people need us in a timely manner, modify the law to include sirens and exceeding posted speed limits with due regard, after all we are the very same people driving the fire trucks with sirens once we get to the station, you can afford us the respect and compassion to make sure we get to the station in time.

Brent Gordon
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Petition to Governor Rick Scott, Jeff Atwater, Pam Bondi

Improve Veterans benefits for Florida Retirement System

After 16 years of military service, 6 combat deployments, and various overseas training tours, I was blessed to have been hired by a local South Florida Fire Department.  When my supervisors and senior firemen found out about my military career, they recommended that I work quickly to buy credit towards my pension. With a career change at 35 years of age, every action had no time to waste.  Unfortunately when I contacted the Florida Retirement advisors, they recommended against this because my years in the military were considered low risk. At present time, members of the Florida Retirement System are able to buy back 5 years of military service towards credit to their retirement plan.  This is at a low risk rate class, and cannot be upgraded to a high risk class that many in law enforcement, fire rescue, and other high risk careers are currently earning.  There is no available option to recognize the years of combat service as high risk.  The fire service, police departments, highway patrol, and various state and local government offices actively recruit current and former military members.  Take a moment to imagine the thousands of veterans that have endured mortar attacks, hostile fire, austere deployments that now work for your local communities.  The Florida Retirement System and it's administration is classifying this service low risk and gives no opportunities for these members to recognize the high risk nature of the military.  We are looking for the option to be able to upgrade from the standard rate to high risk.  Please contact and petition Gov. Rick Scott, CFO Jeff Atwater, and A.G. Pam Bondi to allow military veterans working in a high risk career to be able to buy credit towards their time at a high risk rate.

Carlos Lewin
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