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Petition to USC School of Cinematic Arts, Dean Elizabeth Daley, Vice Dean Akira Lippit, Cinema and Media Studies Chair Anikó Imre

Remove Bryan Singer's Name from the USC School of Cinematic Arts

We, the students of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, are formally requesting that Bryan Singer’s name be removed from our Division of Cinema and Media Studies. It is completely unacceptable that this prestigious department within our school still carries the name of Bryan Singer, a man accused multiple times of sexual harassment, assault, and pedophilia. Despite Singer’s philanthropic work for SCA, having his name attached to a division of the School of Cinematic Arts gives the impression that we, both as an institution and as members of the entertainment industry, value his financial contributions over the safety, respect and future of students. It sets a precedent of lenience for sexual criminals and further undermines the visibility and respect that victims of harassment and assault deserve. Sexual harassment and assault are prevalent issues in Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and the American workplace as a whole, and they require action to catalyze change, little by little. By continuing to associate Mr. Singer’s name with our university, USC is openly supporting a man who has been publicly accused of reprehensible sexual misconduct. As USC students and alumni, we hold ourselves to a standard of respect, and the SCA administration’s actions are not representative of that standard. We applaud USC and SCA for refusing Harvey Weinstein’s donation; however, this division name change is overdue, and it is a gross administrative error that it has been allowed to remain. It is only consistent with our institutional morality to make this change.   As students of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, we implore Dean Elizabeth Daley and the appropriate administration to change the name of the Bryan Singer Division of Cinema & Media Studies to simply the SCA Division of Cinema & Media Studies. Our university should promote education, respect, and consent, as well as prepare its students to be model members of the USC and entertainment communities, and this continued relationship with Mr. Singer publicly negates those values. With all due respect, The Students of the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.     Adrian Vega-Albela Osorio, Division of Film and Television Production Emily Halaka, Division of Animation and Digital Arts           Ben Montez, Division of Cinema and Media Studies Jennifer Smart, Division of Cinema and Media Studies Tara Shivkumar, Division of Writing for Screen and Television Carolyn DiLoreto, Division of Media Arts + Practice Bartow Weiss, Division of Interactive Media and Games  

Emily Halaka
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Started 3 weeks ago

Petition to Time Warner, Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Brothers, DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, DC films, Jon Berg

Remove Joss Whedon From The DCEU

Joss Whedon used to be a great filmmaker and writer who gave us amazing work like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and The Avengers. However, as of late he has proven to be a more problematic figure than necessary. He is someone who overly tweaked and distorted the theatrical cut of the Justice League which resulted in largely negative critical reception as well as unprofessionally cut most of Zack Snyder's scenes from the film. Joss Whedon is someone that Warner Brothers has entrusted to direct the Batgirl film which is alarming to any fan who believes in a strong female lead film. To those who do not know this but Joss Whedon did write a Wonder Woman script in the early 2000's that was supremely sexist. It undermined her to the point she was more of a supporting character while Steve Trevor was in a leading role. Is this really the right person to lead the charge for a Batgirl film? No. Let us not forget that he is someone who is known for unprofessional Twitter rants that involved threatening US government officials like Paul Ryan with a rhinoceros running over him. Something that is technically illegal. Let us not forget his wife exposed him for betraying his "feminist values" and cheating on his wife as well as being involved in sexual assault. He also liked a Tweet criticizing the Justice League film which shows he is not a man who supports the franchise, with zero confidence in what work he does, and it's a clear sign of unreliability.   Trust me, WB. You do not want this man anywhere near your DC properties or working with you. He is a public relations and creative liability. You do not want anymore negative coverage from the press, fans, or critics by keeping him around because that is all he can bring. He will hurt the franchise which you claim to want to have to please fans as well as generate money. I strongly insist you fire him!

DC Fans For The DCEU
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to HBO

Sex and The City 3

I am huge Sex and The City fan, and there is nothing I want more than to see the girls one last time! The second film was NOT a proper goodbye to such a ground breaking series. We as fans were left hanging and confused. I believe we deserve a final film to properly end this incredible franchise, in the fashion it began. There has been numerous reports that third and final installment has been cancelled due to Kim Cattrall's decision to not be apart of the film. The other actresses however, have expressed that they would love to do a final film to conclude the series properly. I believe that this film can still be made and still be a perfect conclusion. HOW? My idea: Kill Samantha. I know that's crazy. Samantha is my FAVORITE character and that's the LAST thing I'd want to see, but it would be perfect for the final installment. WHY? First off, Samantha does have cancer and it would be the perfect story line for the girls to start the show reminiscing on her life and how she impacted and influenced them all. Carrie may have been the star, but Samantha was the glue that kept all the girls together and on their toes. Not only is it a good idea, but it also respects Cattrall's wishes of not being apart of the film.  I know it's tough seeing one of our favorite NYC gals die, but this franchise came into the game, fierce and fearless, and we need it to be ended the same way. There is a still one last story to be told, and we need to hear it.

Gregory Samuel
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