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Petition to Paula Bennett, Jonathan Coleman, Steven Joyce, Bill English, Judith Collins

GST removed from female sanitary products

In New Zealand a large issue affecting the financial status of women and those who experience menstruation nationwide is the 15% GST on sanitary products such as tampons and pads as well as reusable options including the DivaCup menstrual cup. New research carried out by NZ Herald showed that the average kiwi household spend a monthly estimated cost of $35.43 on sanitary products. This came to an estimated $16,000 that each kiwi family will spend on sanitary products in their lifetime. Meaning the amount of GST put on sanitary products in a woman's lifetime is $2,400. This petition aims to influence this taxation to be removed from sanitary products as they are a necessity, not a luxury. It is unfair for women to be taxed over a natural bodily function, something they have no control over. This is an issue because many women are unable to afford sanitary products due to the ridiculous pricing. Pads and tampons are essential healthcare items although are taxed as if they are a luxury item. Because of the cost young women are staying home from school and work for a week every month causing them to fall behind. It is wrong that because of a natural body function some feel forced to let it affect their education and financial work income rather than risking the embarrassment. Not only is the cost affecting their education but it is also affecting their physical health as some girls are resorting to reusing their sanitary products which enables the dangerous risk of toxic shock syndrome which in worse cases is known to result in loss of limbs and even death. With this petition, it is our goal to gain 100,000 signatures within 30 days as this is the required amount to be considered in the New Zealand Parliament. By signing this petition you will be taking a stand with us for this basic human right. The change starts with you, as a society lets come together and fight for our mothers, sisters, aunts and females alike.   Once this petition has been completed and used for its intended purpose of data to be shown in letters to, The Minister of Health, Minister for Women, Minister of finance and also the prime minister Bill English. The petition will be deleted for your privacy. This petition was created by Melanie Wilcock and Rebecca Jacobs. Copyrights - We do not take ownership over the media attached to this petition. The video is from

Melanie Wilcock
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Petition to Annastacia Palaszczuk, Jackie Trad, Yvette D'Ath

Make abortion legal in Queensland in 2017.

Make abortion legal in 2017. Abortion is still a crime in Queensland, even though 80% of people support a woman's right to decide. Queensland parliament recently failed to pass legislation to decriminalise and regulate abortion. Instead, the premier, deputy-premier and attorney-general promised to refer the issue to the Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) and enact legislation based on the QLRC's report, in the next term of government. So far this referral hasn't been made, and there's every possibility it will report back too late for legislation to be introduced this year. Join us to call for the referral to be made to the QLRC now, for it to report quickly, and for a public commitment that legislation to decriminalise abortion will be introduced in this term of parliament, this year. Having abortion on the criminal code gives weight to anti-abortion stigma, takes away the legitimacy of women deciding for themselves whether or when to have children, and puts that decision-making power in the hands of doctors who must make a judgement about the physical and mental health impact of continuing or terminating the pregnancy. It empowers anti-abortion forces – most importantly in hospitals, where access to abortion is severely restricted. It means that most people requiring abortion must pay more and travel further, to access abortion in one of the free-standing private clinics. This situation is unjust, and out of keeping with the values of the majority of Queenslanders. It is not good enough to push it off into the never-never. No-one knows what the composition of the next parliament will be or who will be in a position to put any abortion-related bills forward. However, since this is the path that has been promised, we want the QLRC referral to be made now. We want to ensure that it reports quickly. And we want this parliament, this term, under this government, to legislate to decriminalise abortion. The parliamentary health committee has already twice conducted extensive hearings into the legislation, receiving submissions from psychological, medical, legal and ethical experts, women, women's rights and health care consumer advocates, abortion providers and numerous others. The 2002 Report of the Taskforce on Women and the Criminal Code advocated decriminalisation of abortion. While the QLRC will need to conduct its own research, it will have these reports, along with reports of the Victorian Law Reform Commission and those prepared for the Tasmanian parliament all available to it. Those who made submissions to the parliamentary health committee would be well placed to make submissions to the QLRC within a short timeframe. The QLRC has a staff of 4, with only one other report currently underway. So a timeframe of 6 months for the report, which would potentially allow the matter to be dealt with in the term of the current parliament, would be quite reasonable. We therefore request Premier Palaszczuk, Deputy-Premier Trad and Attorney-General D'Ath to ensure the immediate referral of this issue to the QLRC, with a timeframe for reporting of no more than six months, and to make a public commitment to introduce legislation to decriminalise abortion within the current term of government. Anything else is just transparent delaying tactics. We want reproductive justice and we want it now.

Kamala Emanuel
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