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Petition to Chris Hipkins

End the war on boys

As a student in New Zealand's school system, the war on boys can still be seen in my school. I have seen "microsexism" occur and that has even affected me, my friends and all boys in school. If you haven't figure it out yet, yes, I am a boy. I believe that every boy in any school system would have experienced this even without knowing it. (To parents that have son(s))Your son could be experiencing it. But on the other hand girls are now benefitting, why can't boys also get the same treatment? Any boy would have felt that teachers and other adults target their behaviour. An example of this sexism is how typical things boys do such as: paper dart throwing etc. which in the early 20th century would have been classified as boyishness, now that behaviour is no longer allowed and the behaviour of girls are the golden standard(basically meaning that being quiet and doing what you are supposed to do as girls are better at that then boys). Basically there is not much encouragement for them to do what teachers tell boys to do. There is not many situations where students learn through being very engaged in a subject, eg. Science experiment, sport to learn math by using scales etc. What is the solution? By changing our school system to tilt a bit away from always reading and sitting on the desk. Instead teach by including something to get involved in, especially physically, by using sports boys can get the learn quicker, faster and more efficiently. This is a situation where the educational system is indoctrinating "boys mind to become a girls mind"  If the ministry listens to our cries for change and take action, the future generations (especially boys) will not have to suffer our faith.   Take part in a survey :

Lynda Ling
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Petition to The Hon. Tony Smith MP, The Hon. Scott Ryan

Stop Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at Parliament House!

Dear Mr Speaker and Mr President, We the people of the Commonwealth of Australia, hereby request that Milo Yiannopoulos be prohibited from speaking at Parliament House; and barred from addressing any members of Parliament in any venue endorsed or supported by a member of the House. Though it can be acknowledged that Yiannopoulos has the right to express himself, it is the unanimous belief of The People that the views and opinions of Yiannopoulos do not belong in Parliament or any venue endorsed by the Australian Government. To allow Yiannopoulos an opportunity to express his opinions at Parliament House is a sign to The People that the Australian Government is tolerant of people who express views which undermine the fairness, diversity and equality of Australian culture. By allowing people such as Yiannopoulos a platform to address the Members of Parliament, the Australian Government fails in its responsibility to The People, and its commitment to the UN Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action 1995.  This commitment is dedicated to building a political and social environment which promotes equality. A commitment which Yiannopoulos plays no role in, nor shows any support for. We urge you to listen to The Australian People and review the decision to allow Parliament House to be used as a platform for promoting Yiannopoulos' views which violate Australian principles.   Yours Faithfully, The Australian People    

Laura Fox
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