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Petition to Nanaimo City Council

Nanaimo Women Deserve Better

Women of Nanaimo, elected officials or no, must be treated with respect regardless of their political views. Commenting on gender, appearance, perceived ability or lack thereof because of gender, sex characteristics, and dismissal based upon these ideas will not be tolerated.  On November 21st, 2016, in a recorded City Council meeting, Councillor Jim Kipp released a verbal tirade upon Councillor Wendy Pratt, who has since resigned. "You're pretty. You're such an aesthetically pleasing person. You turned your back when Bill was talking. The man's harmed and you don't give a shit woman. You are the biggest bully I've ever met, under a little sheep's clothing. What is it? It's an attack on you (Pratt), just like it says in here (the mayor's letter)."In a news article that followed, Coun. Pratt stated that "this isn't the first time, far from the first time" and indicated that "there have been other situations just like the one on Nov. 21st." It is essential that elected officials critically engage with their own sexism and oppressive behaviour as well as that of their colleagues. There must be support for those affected by sexism as much as there must be a shared responsibility for officials to be a part of a zero tolerance space for sexism. This council has failed to be accountable, both individually and as a united body.  We, the citizens of Nanaimo, call upon Councillor Kipp to publicly apologize immediately to the women of Nanaimo or to resign immediately. His behaviour is part of a culture at Nanaimo City Hall that is both openly and quietly hostile to women, and we will no longer by represented by such aggressive and misogynistic behaviour.   We expect that apology at the May 15th* Council meeting.   *date changed to accommodate provincial election  

Women Watching Nanaimo
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Petition to,

Stay the adoption of Bill C-16

Version française Stay the adoption of Bill C-16 The notion of gender encompasses a set of stereotypes assigned to women and men by society. Legalizing this definition of “gender” is to give up on fighting stereotypes and to hinder the progression for women’s equality. “The idea that gender is something internal, innate, or chosen — expressed through superficial and stereotypical means like hairstyles, clothing, or body language — is deeply regressive.”  (Meghan Murphy, National Observer, 25 October 2016) Protections for women are at risk due to these proposed changes. It is the Government’s responsibility to safeguard these rights and protections. This is why we are asking the Government of Canada and the House of Commons to stay the study and adoption of Bill C-16. WHEREAS : •     The House of Commons is studying Bill C-16, an Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, •     The Government intends to insert the notion of “gender identity" and "gender expression" into the Criminal Code, •     The Act  will add a new identifiable group to the Criminal Code, described as “distinguished by gender identity or expression”, •     There is no definition of  either "gender expression" or "gender identity," •     The words “gender” and “sex” are conflated, •     It is impossible to verify a gender identity, as it is considered simply a feeling, •     Feminist research has demonstrated that gender is a social construct founded on stereotypes of what it means to be a girl, a boy, a woman, or a man, •     There have been no sex-differentiated studies of the  consequences of adopting this concept of gender identity, •     The recognition of gender identity dissolves all recognition of rights and protections put in place on the basis of sex and sex-based discrimination, such as battered women’s shelters, prisons and other detention facilities, and programs encouraging fair access to sport teams and equipment.  CONSIDERING THAT •     this law will have further negative impacts on freedom of speech, as Canadians do not fully understand the distinction between gender identity and gender expression and biological sex, and have not engaged in a productive or thorough debate, •     many feminists and progressives have already been censored and seen a loss of freedom of speech, •     the government was previously committed to protecting women’s rights, in matters of equality and security, based on the understanding that women are discriminated against due to their biological sex, not their gender identity or expression, •     there are different consequences for both sexes in recognizing and legislating around gender identity, We the undersigned ask that the Government of Canada and the House of Commons, in accordance with these institutions’ commitments to this matter, stay the readings and adoption of this Act until Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) studies have assessed the impacts of such legislative changes.

Question TRANS
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Petition to Nobel Foundation

Nobel Peace Prize for Malala

UPDATE: We did it! On November 21, Prime Minister Stephen Harper came out in support of the petition joining every single Canadian federal party leader who have all nominated Malala for the Nobel Peace Prize.It is very important you continue to sign and share the petition with your friends: 1. More signatures will push more world leaders to also nominate Malala. 2. Ultimately, we need to push the Nobel Foundation to award Malala the prize. On October 9, 2012, 15-year old Malala Yusufzai was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in response to her campaign against the destruction of girls schools in Pakistan. In the face of terror, Malala risked her life to speak out for the rights of girls everywhere. Malala's bravery has sparked a global movement and we believe the Nobel Foundation should give her the Nobel Peace Prize. (To see the petition in different languages/countries see the links below)The first step in this process is to get Malala nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Only certain people, like a Member of Parliament, are allowed put forward nominations. For example, in Canada, to make a major statement and to show that Canadians believe in Malala's work, we needed all Canadian federal party leaders to unanimously nominate Malala for the Nobel Peace Prize. A Nobel Peace Prize for Malala will send a clear message that the world is watching and will support those who stand up for gender equality and universal human rights that includes the right of education for girls. Worldwide support  I live in Canada and I started the first 'Nobel Prize for Malala' petition. Now people around the world are setting up this same petition in their own country asking for their political leaders to come together to nominate Malala for the Nobel Prize. The counter on this petition reflects the cumulative efforts of these petitions from around the world. If you don’t have a petition in your country yet and you would like to start one, send me a note at with your country in the subject line. Nominators and endorsers so far:Canada: Prime Minister Stephen Harper - Leader of the Conservative PartyHon. Thomas Mulcair - Leader of the Offiical Opposition / NDPHon. Bob Rae - Leader of the Liberal PartyHon. Elizabeth May - Leader of the Green PartyHon. Daniel Paille - Leader of the Bloc QuébécoisJian Ghomeshi, Host of Q on CBC Rob Ford, Mayor of TorontoJason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Conservative MP from CalgaryPaul Dewar, NDP Foreign Affairs Critic & MP from OttawaSalma Ataullahjan, Conservative Senator, TorontoJohn Carmichael, Conservative Member of Parliament, DonValleyWest, TorontoRathika Sitsabaiesan, NDP Member of Parliament, ScarboroughPeter Shurman, Conservative MPP in OntarioCheri DiNova, NDP MPP in OntarioJohn Parker, Councillor, City of TorontoPaula Fletcher, Councillor, City of TorontoDoug Ford, Councillor, City of TorontoJeremy D Williams, Councillor, Town of Orangville International:Prof. Richard DawkinsShashi Tharoor, IndiaKhaled Almaeena, Saudi ArabiaDario Fo, ItalyTaslima Nasreen, Bangladesh Singapore Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Petition: Twitter Hashtag: #Nobel4Malala

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