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Petition to Stephen for Bernie - Bernie for Everyone - #WEfeeltheBERN

Ask Hillary Clinton to Drop-Out Because of Bernie Sander's Growing Support of the People.

Dear Secretary Clinton, Liberals, Progressives, and Democratic supporters appreciate your efforts to bring the left agenda to the Presidential election, but in light of the votes, endorsements, groundswell of individual contributions, record breaking crowds eclipsing all other candidates put-together, the yuge numbers of volunteers already signed up to participate, the national polls,  and the upcoming individual state polling showing strong support for Bernie Sanders, and, especially the head to head polling showing Bernie beating all other Republican candidates by greater margins, and in light of pending concerns and investigations from your past we request that you drop out of the race gracefully at this juncture. We need to MAKE AMERICA UNITED now and we need to be focused to fight against the hateful ill conceived agenda of Donald Trump. By staying in the race at this point and continuing to attack Bernie, you are doing the bidding of the talking points of the Republicans and you are also enabling the spin of the mainstream media who seek dramatics to boost their ratings. We believe you would be best suited to support MAKING AMERICA UNITED and WORKING FAMILIES PARTY by working from your retirement position from this point on to support President Obama for the rest of his term and then to help Bernie preserve all we have fought for. With your support for progressive concerns, we would appreciate that you support Bernie now to help so WE can make the changes that we need. We know that you have been in line with a lot of the concerns of Progressive Democrats and Democratic Socialists and you have pointed out many times that do feel strongly about the issues Bernie stands for. If you were outside of the campaign circumstances we know you would be most effective now working from your retirement position to fight for the issues Democrats and Liberal Independents need your support for. By dropping out now rather than later you would be doing the right thing for the country and the world. Secretary Clinton, you can be proud of the energy you created but the democratic voters need you to do the right thing by ending the 2016 Democratic Primary and to start immediately encouraging your supporters to UNITE with the focus on supporting Bernie in the general election to defeat Donald Trump, and or any other candidate who might emerge should Donald faulted in his efforts to secure the nomination.

stephen rosenberg
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