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Petition to David Abney, UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, UPS Corporate office: 404-828-6000, Frederick W. Smith CEO FEDEX, FedEx Corporation 942 South Shady Grove Road Memphis, TN 38120 USA (FEDEX), 1.901.369.3600. Fedex corp number.

Tell UPS/FEDEX to start shipping again to areas affected by hurricane Maria and Irma.

Hundreds of thousand, if not Millions of families are starving in Puerto Rico because families cannot get supplies to their love ones. Families are being forced to only take out $20.00 a day from ATM's. (You are also on-line for 6-8 hours to pull out $20.00 from your account. The branches are not open, despite what their US branches say. You then have to decide between gas (standing in line can take up to 12 hours) and food (6-8 hours), because to look for food and necessities you must drive around for hours, looking for food, medical supplies and most importantly (Water) mind you it’s in the 90's most of the time. But there are millions of families all over the world that want to help!! I have two shipments with emergency food just sitting in Carolina, PR, Puerto Rico at the UPS, and my Mom with 4 kids, my niece and husband are starving, with only 4-5 bottles of water left. Other families are less fortunate. If Walmart and other carries can receive there supplies, why not the people that are fighting to live... Below is a picture of a town in Humacao, PR, they wrote SOS/we need water and food, please answer the call. If safety is an issue please contact the president and tell him, help us help them, send the national guard...PLEASE WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL???? TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!! PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND ASK THEM TO SIGN AND DO THE SAME BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.....

rubina santiago
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