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Petition to Joshua Cooper Ramo

Shutdown FedEx USA for incompetence of delivering packages

FedEx in the past year has had a growing problem with delivering packages to residential addresses on time.  Their drivers are not correctly updating statuses, causing delays, keeping customers money, and making the correction of these issues are nearly impossible with poor customer service and lack of caring.   I have had a business FedEx account for years, faithful customer, spending thousands of dollars per year.  The past 3 months every single over night delivery package has been late or the driver has incorrectly updated my status, which is a complete Lie on why they could not deliver the package.   The most common Delivery exception FedEx will give is "Customer not available or Business closed Door tag will provide the time and address of the FedEx location where you may pick up your shipment, and also indicate if another delivery attempt will be made" Many of you have seen this exact message even though you are sitting there waiting for your package.  Many of you have called FedEx support, asking for the driver to return only for the driver to re-update the status with the exact same message. FedEx' technology is outdated, Their drivers are untrained, and the higher ups are being paid Top Dollar to provide subpar services.  I only see one clear choice to fix these problems: Shutdown FedEx USA for incompetence of delivering packages Americans as consumers hold the power to shaping corporations who earn millions/billions/trillions in profits, and only we will decide who stays in business or who's doors must closed. I see FedEx' doors closing, I see new delivery companies rising from others failures.  If you have had a terrible experience with FedEx, please share this petition so FedEx will shut down and a new delivery service will rise from the ashes! 

Jason West
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Petition to Devin Wenig

Ebay, Drop FedEx until they stop shipping live cetaceans & sharkfins

Fedex ships live cetaceans for the captive entertainment industry and most recently assisted Dolphinaris Arizona in transporting live dolphins to their facility for a life of captivity, swim-with-the-dolphin programs and to be groped and pawed at by the public. Captivity for cetaceans is inherently cruel. They have evolved to be far ranging and deep diving, they have superior intelligence, self-awareness and are capable of empathy and compassion. Dolphins have not evolved to live in a tank void of anything natural. Even if they were born in captivity, a tank can never adequately provide for their needs. Fedex is also a willing participant in the shark finning industry, the cruel and barbaric and many times, illegal practice of catching sharks, slicing off their fins while they still live and discarding the body to sink to the bottom of sea and suffocate slowly or be eaten. An estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year Fedex cannot tell if the fins they transport are legal, if the fins are from endangered or protected species but they transport them thereby contribute to this cruel practice. Just because captivity and in some case, shark finning is legal, doesn't mean it is morally right or that we should do it. We are asking that Ebay, the largest online auction world wide stop offering Federal Express as a shipping option until they stop shipping live cetaceans for entertainment purposes and shark fins.

Haze Sommer
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