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Save Net Neutrality

     Net neutrality preserves the right to communicate freely on the internet. Net neutrality requires internet service providers (ISPs) to give everyone equal access to everything you use on the internet-- email, watching videos, reading news articles, and listening to music. It prohibits ISPs from slowing down, speeding up, or blocking content on the internet. It is how the internet has always worked. Unfortunately, this is being threatened by the FCC- the Federal Communications Commission.     If the FCC ends net neutrality, then how we’ve used the internet changes completely. ISPs will be able to block content, slow down internet access, and favor websites over others. It will also end the Title II of the Communications Act, which charges ISPs for blocking content or slowing down internet and creating “fast lanes.” “Fast lanes” would allow certain internet service providers to give internet access faster than any other service providers. Ending net neutrality could have global impacts and change the way the world shares information and changes how information is processed.     As high school seniors about to enter into the real world, we cannot imagine what life would be like if we did not have net neutrality. Net neutrality allows us to use our freedom of speech on a platform that is like no other. I can go on the internet and research something without the fear that an ISP has favored a certain website that is completely biased one way or blocked certain websites.     If you believe we should have free access to the internet, sign this petition to show your support. This issue is time sensitive and must be addressed. Support free and open internet! Thank you for your support, Katie Lemon and Virginia Rowlett    

Katie Lemon
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  This petition is aimed at the multiple representatives, and one senator in the state of Florida, who voted to open the door for ISPs to sell customer data in a recent election. Consumer awareness is on the rise, especially as the vote for Net Neutrality draws near (within the next month.) As many know, the state of Florida holds one of the strongest voices in congress, and the votes of the representatives in our 27 districts are not taken lightly. 15 of our 27 Representatives voted in favor of an act similar to the repeal of Net Neutrality, which arguably infringed upon the personal rights of consumers. We can predict, both from their voting patterns, and the hearty compensation they receive from the telecom industry, that the Representatives this petition hopes to appeal to will vote in favor of the repeal of Net Neutrality as instated by Chairman Pai. If Net Neutrality were to be repealed, "ISPs would have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, split the Internet into "fast lanes" for companies that pay and "slow lanes" for the rest, (and could) force (you) to buy special "tiers" to access the sites and services (you) choose." (Cred) For a full disclosure of what exactly your congressmen are voting for, read the entire repeal here. This being said, I urge you, as citizens of Florida to both write to the representatives of your district, and to write to Sen. Marco Rubio, and make sure they're taking the ethical stance on Net Neutrality. Thank you for your time, and support. 

Rachel Chumley
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Keep Net Neutrality [Title II] we have until August 16, 2017 to speak our minds

    As of May, 18, 2017 they started the vote to retract Title II. As of now, we are in the 90 day period where we can tell the FCC our minds of why we should keep the neutrality or why we should not keep it. I am here to tell you guys why we should keep net neutrality and explain why it benefits everyone.     Title II (Net Neutrality) was passed in 2015 so users can have freedom and not worry about their providers throttling or even block connections to certain websites. As a consumer of any internet provider, we won't agree with this. There are many opinions out there of why they want their freedom and everything. If you want my opinion, I say keep Net Neutrality so providers don't just make us all in debt. A lot of us surf the web a lot and go to numerous sites that could easily tally up to an extra $300. Also, we all should have a freedom of whatever we search anyways. Why should we even pay just to access another website or even make our connections slower just because of it? It's like having Wal-Mart charge you extra for going to another competitor's store.     On the hand of dealing with data throttling, I absolutely despise it. I feel like they are being stingy and lying about their "Unlimited" idea. Sure, they aren't lying, but when you get unlimited you expect unlimited of whatever speed you got. Companies do this tactic a lot at the moment anyways, not naming any, and they get away with it. But, when you even have unlimited data and haven't even reached the cap for it to slow down and it's slow, then you have a problem. It results in the customer having an annoyance with the company by having a slow connection. Even if Title II is reversed customers won't buy from you unless if your company is Title II-like. Annual Reports Comcast Centurylink Verizon AT&T Dish Comcast: As we can see here, 2012 was their worst year in this chart. But, that was 3 years before Title II Centurylink: Title II might of affected them. I personally never had any good with Centurylink they were overall slow no matter how much MBPS they gave me. But, in this report 2012 and 2014 was their best years from 2012-2016. After 2015 they started going downhill. Verizon: In Verizon's 2016 report they show a graph of their stock performance from 2011 all the way to 2016. AT&T: If you update their graph to 10 years showing. You will see 2015 didn't affect them at all, if anything they were going back up.  Dish: As you can see from their report, they too have not been affected by the Title II. You can see they are doing perfectly fine without losing any money from it. Just like AT&T, if anything, they went up ever since 2015.     I didn't add Time-Warner since they didn't put up their 2016 annual report on their website. I could go to NASDAQ, but I want to see what these companies actually have to show. I also only shown one of the biggest internet providers that's out there.     After seeing all of this, there's not enough evidence showing how the companies have done worse ever since Title II. You would have to wait til' the end of 2018 to even determine it. So, why are we bringing it up now? We as consumers should not have to pay just to go to different websites. It's already bad enough paying for channels on cable or even buying unlimited data that has a speed cap on it that doesn't even last that long after 30 minutes of video streaming.      Everyone who signs this petition is saying "We want Title II to stay" if we get enough people to sign this petition, the FCC and the voters will most likely hear us out as a community and vote to keep the Title II. Ever since Title II has came around, I've had so much enjoyment with the internet without worrying about going to a site that might be blocked, or even my data being throttled just because they want to put me behind someone else that's paying more for internet. After, doing research on their earnings and stocks I have come to a conclusion that they just want more money when Title II gets retracted.

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