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Petition to Federal Communications Commission, (FCC), Ajit Pai

Require All TV Channels To Provide Video Description Services

As a blind person, I rely on videoo description to listen to TV shows, such as Celebrity Family Feud on ABC, NCIS on CBS, etc. According to the FCC, video description is defined as the insertion of narrated audio into key visual elements of a program.   TV stations, such as the local ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC affiliates, provide video description services for the blind for some TV shows, but not all of them. It can be accessed via the Secondary Audio Programming, or SAP channel for short.   Most channels, such as A&E, Game Show Network, TruTV, etc., do not have a SAP channel where the video-described track of a show is streamed, meaning that blind people can’t enjoy the same programing as the sighted community, and they have to rely on a sighted person to tell them what is going on. For example, if I watch LivePD on A&E, and if I want to know what’s going on in the program, I will have to know what’s going on via sound, like the cops putting on handcuffs on someone.   The top five non-broadcasting channels, such as the History Channel, HGTV, TBS, Discovery, and the USA Network, have TV shows that provide audio description services.   According to the FCC, current FCC rules state that subscription TV systems, offered by cable, Satellite, or over the telephone network with more than 50,000 subscribers,must provide 87.5 hours per calendar quarter, (7-hours per week) of video described programming for the top five non-broadcasting channels. TV providers, such as YouTube TV, are not required to carry video description, and channels are not obligated to carry it as well.   I believe that this is not enough, and I believe that the rules for video description should be updated to require all channels, such as A&E, TruTV, HBO, etc. to have video description in all programming. That way, blind people can enjoy the same programming as the sighted community.   If you agree with me, please add your name to this petition and spread the word.   If you like, you can also chip in after you sign the petition so this petition can reach other supporters as well.

The Blind Advocate Network
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Petition to United States Federal Communications Commission, Donald J. Trump, United States Congress

Ban Access To U.S. VOIP Phone Numbers Without U.S. Residence or Incorporation Verification

SOLUTIONS DO NOT ALWAYS NEED TO BE COMPLICATED In today's world anyone - literally, anyone anywhere in the world can obtain a FREE United States phone number for any purpose without any real identity verification. This makes it easy for transnational cybercriminals (or anyone else) to engage in scams, cybercrimes, or other unlawful activities. Scammers from around the world use this available pool of phone numbers to execute criminal schemes freely and without any cost. If a phone number is reported and lost, they just obtain another one from any of dozens of services that provide these, including Google. The tech companies that provide these services are (pending legal opinion to the contrary) immune from liability, so they have no incentive to change this situation. We ask for something very simple. To obtain a U.S. Phone Number they must: Be a United States Resident or Registered Corporation Have their personal identity verified All use of the phone number or calls made from it must originate from within the United States, except where the verified person travels temporarily beyond the borders of the United States, and all other use would be prohibited Make it a Federal Crime to obtain a phone number under false pretenses All real persons applying for a U.S. phone number must explicitly agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding its use. Issuing services or providers must provide a publically accessible means to report improper use of the United States phone number and are obligated to investigate reports Issuing services or providers of such services or who provide access to United States phone numbers will have full liability if they fail to verify the identity of the registrant of the phone number or fail to investigate and resolve reports of misuse. This would apply to all use of a United States phone number, including for account registration purposes such as for online services (including SKYPE, WHATSAPP, and others) If we can enact something this simple it would eliminate 99% of all phone scams, and use of United States phone numbers in transnational fraud, scams, and cybercrime. We are petitioning the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, The United  States Congress, and President Donald J. Trump for action on this matter. THIS PETITION WAS CREATED AND IS AUTHORIZED BY THE SOCIETY OF CITIZENS AGAINST RELATIONSHIP SCAMS INC. A REGISTERED INCORPORATED NONPROFIT NONGOVERNMENTAL CRIME VICTIMS ASSISTANCE ORGANIZATION. VISIT WWW.AGAINSTSCAMS.ORG FOR MORE INFORMATION

Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.
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Petition to Gene Dodaro

FCC comply with the GAO

At the request of the U.S. Congress, in 2012 the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO) conducted an investigation and issued a report, "Exposure and Testing Requirements for Mobile Phones Should Be Reassessed" (GAO 12-771). The report made two recommendations to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency in the Department of Commerce responsible for ensuring cell phone safety:  (1) formally reassess the exposure limit for radio frequency radiation and change the limit if appropriate; and  (2) reassess the adequacy of cell phone testing requirements, particularly when phones are held next to the body, and update testing requirements as appropriate. Since 2012, the GAO routinely contacted the FCC to determine whether the FCC implemented the GAO's recommendations. Since the FCC has provided no specific plans to comply, in 2019 the GAO closed out the investigation reporting that the FCC failed to implement the GAO's recommendations regarding cell phone exposure limits and testing requirements. The FCC's exposure limits and testing procedures adopted in 1996 are considered inadequate to protect human health by most scientists who publish research on the effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on biology and health. We, the citizens of the United States of America, demand that the FCC comply with the GAO. We also demand that the GAO continue to bring the FCC to task and ask them to comply. 

Citizens for 5G Awareness
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Petition to Josh Gottheimer

RESTORE Net Neutrality- Tell your rep -sign the discharge petition & support the CRA today.

Dear Representative Gottheimer, Over 711 businesses in your area have signed the open letter to Congress in support of net neutrality, and I and two other constituents delivered those to your Newton office last spring. Nearly 2100 people have called you this month. AT&T and Verizon have started throttling video for wireless users. Enforceable net neutrality rules have protected consumers from profit-driven internet service providers. If the House doesn’t act, internet providers will slow down service to websites that can’t afford to compete with big corporations, and they'll nickel and dime consumers. That’s bad for small businesses and bad for NJ5 families. We are saddened to see you received $72,380 from ISPs, and 'we are hopeful that you will represent our best interests and address our concerns, these early actions raise our concerns about your support'. Sincerely, Wendy Goetz It. NJ5 and signed Constituents We want Net Neutrality. Tell your rep to sign the discharge petition and support the CRA today. We already won in the Senate. Now we must win in the House We’re committed to fighting for the urgent interventions needed to undo the damage of the last two years. But we need your help: Tell Congress to take action to restore Net Neutrality, rein in big media companies, invest in local journalism and hold online platforms accountable. Net Neutrality means that broadband providers can’t block, edit or discriminate against the information we share and access online, like the sites we visit or the applications we use. It ensures that the companies carrying our internet traffic can’t step in and interfere with our communications.Net Neutrality isn’t a new concept. This principle paved the way for the internet and its many innovations. As Sir Tim Berners-Lee put it, “When I invented the web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission.” We deserve communication tools that are open, just, affordable, democratic and safe for everyone. This new Congress must work to restore the protections the Trump administration destroyed and fight for the media and technology all people need. It’s time to take action to restore Net Neutrality, break up big media companies, invest in local journalism and hold online platforms accountable. Why is this moment so critical?In the wake of the 2017 FCC order repealing Net Neutrality, the best way to protect a free and open internet is for Congress to pass a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution that would restore the Title II rules. Congress has the authority to review agency decisions — and the responsibility to reject harmful decisions like this one. In May 2018, the Senate passed its version of the CRA. Now the fight moves to the House, where we need to get 218 representatives on board in less than THIRTEEN DAYS!!!!  This fight is so vital because, at its core, saving Title II Net Neutrality is about preserving civil rights online. The open internet is a place where movements are born, where communities often ignored or stereotyped by mainstream media can tell their own stories, and where families, friends and people who might have never before connected can build community.Make the call right now to remind your representatives that they work for the people, not power-hungry telecoms. CONGRESSMAN GOTTHEIMER- "It's not enough to win elections. We need lawmakers who will fight for the people who put them in office. We need elected officials who will do more than campaign against Trump — and instead actively work to shut down his administration’s attacks. Winning is great. But it isn’t enough. Now we need ACTION!Sign the discharge petition and support the CRA today.It’s time for policymakers to become changemakers. It’s time for disruption, not the status quo. We need investigations. Hearings. Powerful legislation introduced. We need a House that won't let this administration or the Senate push through a single harmful bill in some phony spirit of compromise or incrementalism." We need Net Neutrality. Why EVERYONE SHOULD CALL EVERY HOUR FOR THE NEXT DAYS! Free & Open InternetThe free and open internet is a powerful tool for everyone fighting for social change and racial justice. But companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon — and their government allies — want to destroy it.·      Future of JournalismWhen giant out-of-touch corporations own the news, the stories of people of color and other communities go untold. We fight to hold these companies accountable, defend press freedom, strengthen local journalism and protect public and community media.·      Media ControlPowerful corporations want to decide what you're able to watch, listen to, read and share. And runaway media consolidation among news organizations has squashed diverse, local and independent voices, leaving us in the dark about important developments in our communities.·      Privacy & SurveillanceTechnology lets us communicate to the world, connect to our loved ones and organize for change. But the government and corporations can exploit these same tools to spy on innocent people, silence dissenting voices, criminalize communities of color and violate everyone’s privacy. Net neutrality is popular among voters of all political stripes when they understand how it works. Voters also tend to have little trust in ISPs, which suffer from chronically low rates of consumer satisfaction. This has not been lost on some Democrats, who became net neutrality champions under Trump. Earlier this year, Senate Democrats found just enough GOP votes to pass a resolution that would undo the FCC’s repeal, but Republicans blocked the effort in the House. Of the 176 current House Democrats who backed the resolution, 160 will be returning next yearunder a Democratic majority, according to analysis by the digital rights group Free Press. The other 16 are either retiring or ran for a different office.  A recent Morning Consult poll found nearly 60 percent of Democratic voters said a candidate’s position on net neutrality was an important factor as they went to the polls this week, even though the issue was not central to many Democratic campaigns. Free Press CEO Craig Aaron said that while many issues shaped the election results, it’s clear that politicians who listen to the demands of internet users did well in the midterms. Once considered a wonky tech concern, net neutrality has become a grassroots phenomenon. Aaron said net neutrality and has also enjoyed a “pop culture breakthrough” via celebrity endorsements and coverage on late night TV, and some Democrats did use the issue to attack Republican opponents.“Net neutrality was definitely talked about more in this campaign than any other campaign before,” Aaron said in an interview with Truthout. “We went from nothing in years past to all these candidates having very clear positions.”Under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress faces a deadline in a few weeks to vote on the resolution to reverse the FCC net neutrality repeal, which means the incoming Democratic majority won’t have a chance to restore net neutrality with that legislative method. Nonetheless, activists are making one final push for a CRA reversal before the House adjourns in December.  

Wendie Goetz
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