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Prosecute FBI agents in the Parkland FL shooting

We, the people, deserve better from our Federal Law Enforcement agents, the FBI It is known that the FBI is inept in its duties to the public.    It was admitted, by an agent, that the FBI could not trace a comment posted on YouTube channel of Ben Bennight that was reported on September 24, 2017 where Nikolas Cruz posted that he was “Going to be a professional School shooter”.   The agents admitted the bureau is inept in its duties as they could have easily traced the posting.  On January 5, 2018 a phone tip was made to the FBI with clear indications of the threat posed to the school, staff, students and general public.   The FBI admittedly neglected their duties to protect the citizens of our nation by not passing along the information to the Miami field office.  I am petitioning that the agents that recieved the reports, and failed to act upon the reports,  be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as they failed Nikolas Cruz, the 17 victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the victims families, and the general population of our country.  The agents involved should face the same fate as Mr Cruz  Our great nation deserves better than the ineptitude of these agents of the FBI.   Their dereliction of duty resulted in the tragedy. This tragedy, that took so many young lives, could have been prevented had the FBI performed their job they swore to do.  

Ron Lehner
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