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Farmer: "You take care of the farm and the farm will take care of you." Preserve 100%!

Patterson Farm has been continuously farmed for 333 years. The historic farm is one of the few remaining vegetable farms that border Interstate 95 along the NY-to-DC corridor. This important farm deserves the protection of an agricultural deed restriction that will allow future generations to continue to farm the land. Your signature supports the preservation of 100% of Patterson Farm.  Owned by Lower Makefield Township in Bucks County, PA, Patterson Farms is comprised of PA's BEST farm soils. Its' land is currently rented to a family of experienced farmers who grow award-winning vegetables and are mentoring the next generation of farmers.  But development pressure in the Northeast is high.  Please join the members of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc., a volunteer group of concerned citizens, in asking our elected officials to follow through on that protection and support our plan to restore and protect the farm. History: Farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had REFUSED ALL OFFERS from developers. They wanted to preserve their beloved farm. Lower Makefield Township officials used Eminent Domain to obtain the farm, paying the elderly landowners only a fraction of its worth. ELECTED OFFICIALS PROMISED PRESERVATION BUT HAVE NEVER DEED RESTRICTED THE MAJORITY OF THE FARM. Instead, former officials have engaged in demolition by neglect, allowing the condition of the farm structures to decline, while collecting income from the farm. But concerned citizens are rallying to preserve the farm. Before her death, Alice Patterson expressed her fears that elected officials would "ruin the farm."  The volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. want to make sure that does not happen. We are ready with a hands-on restoration plan. The growing of crops in the good earth should continue in perpetuity for the benefit of present and future generations, as farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had wished. Patterson Farms historic homes and barns should not be "repurposed" for uses other than agriculture, or demolished. They should be restored, as they are essential for continued farming. The farms open spaces and agricultural use co-exist peacefully with neighbors, and with the native wildlife that inhabit its lush woodlands and serene wetlands. Please join the volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. in encouraging elected officials to preserve 100% of Patterson Farm NOW! #LocalFarmsMatter  #SaveTheFarm #ThisPlaceMatters #LocallyGrown    

Patterson Farm Preservation Group
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Petition to Board of Supervisors

Remove PRDs from Zoning for Rural Adams Township

On Monday, July 11th, 2017 the Adams Township Supervisors unanimously declared a 180-day moratorium on approval of any new Planned Residential Developments (PRDs) in the Rural Conservation (RC) and Residential Agricultural, Low-Density (RAL) zoning districts. These districts represent roughly the Northern half of the township and the majority of remaining scenic and pristine farmland that the Saving Rural Adams group wants to save. In its declaration, the township supervisors stated that the 2009 zoning amendment adding PRDs to the rural portion of the township had failed to meet its intended goal of encouraging conservation and clustered development on these sensitive lands. The moratorium was issued under MPC Section 609.2, Procedure for Municipal Curative Amendments, which allows the board to declare a portion of the zoning ordinance substantively invalid and set in motion a process to amend it. The board directed township staff and appointed officials to prepare a change to the ordinance by November 13th of this year (the first meeting after Election Day). The most effective and logical approach is for the township to permanently reverse the 2009 PRD amendment -- allowing PRDs in targeted residential growth areas and while excluding PRDs from rural conservation areas. The MPC does NOT require townships permit PRDs in all of their zoning districts. Developers have demonstrated their craftiness with the subjective PRD requirements laid out by the MPC.  For them, the PRD is a convenient way to propose developments which net more homes at greater profit margins than the underlying zoning would allow, without having to address the negative impacts these developments are having on the surrounding residents. No amount of fiddling with the wording of zoning provisions will addresses the fundamental disconnect between this profit motive and the township's stated goal of preserving the agricultural legacy and scenic views for future generations. Saving Rural Adams is collecting signatures on this petition to remove PRDs from the rural areas of Adams Township (the RC and RAL zoning districts).  Your signatures (and your votes in November) will help decide whether Adams Township retains its special feel or becomes another victim of suburban sprawl. Please:1. Sign this petition and share it with others2. Donate to the cause through Crowdrise (link below).  It costs the members of Saving Rural Adams approximately $1000/mo in legal and professional fees to sustain our appeals in Butler County Court.  Visit the group's Facebook page and join the group -- numbers matter!

Saving Rural Adams
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Petition to Duquense Light Company, West Deer Duquesne Light Company, Richard Riazzi, Jessica Rock

RESPECTAgZone: Say NO to DLC high voltage towers

We all need reliable energy. But not when high voltage transmission lines threaten our homes, our parks, our businesses, our animals, and our community. There are other paths to get us what we need with less of an impact. In June 2017, Duquesne Light Company proposed to run high voltage lines on huge towers through our agricultural zone in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This agricultural zone is one-of-a-kind treasure near Pittsburgh with clean and green-conserved properties preserved by long-standing efforts in Indiana Township. Our community includes precious few remaining woodlands and farms for all to enjoy. The 138-kv lines from Pine Creek to West Deer, proposed by Duquesne Light Company, not only disturbs the Rachel Carson Trail, land conserved by the Allegheny Land Trust, but also Hartwood Acres, two FAA landing strips, Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy, as well as many others! Alternative routes are clearly available. Duquesne Light Company must abandon their proposed routes through our agricultural zone and we need your help. Join us at RESPECTAgZone in calling on Duquesne Light Company to abandon any attempt to ravage the Agricultural Zone in Indiana Township with their high voltage towers. Choose another route! Please visit for more details! Find us on Facebook and Twitter @respectagzone #Dont_Zap_Our_Zone #Dont_Fry_Our_Farms  

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