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Petition to Lucia Athens, City of Austin, Texas, Amy Petri

Save Springdale Farms!

Springdale Farms is a 5-acre urban farm nestled in the ever-changing, ever-growing 78702 neighborhood of Austin, TX. It is one of the last few precious gems of the neighborhood. The long time owners and farmers of the land had to sell the property due to failing health and an investment company bought it. For now, the investment company is allowing the on-site restaurant/food truck, Eden East, care for the farm and run the day-to-day business. But as we all know, it is only a matter of time before the farm will be destroyed to make way for a new condo, apartment, or hotel. Thus, I want to call upon our friends at the Austin Department of Sustainability to help save the farm before it's too late! If you've never been to Springdale Farms, I highly encourage you to go for a visit. Not only are the people who care for the land wonderful, the farm and land itself are magical. Huge trees, thriving plants, bountiful vegetables, buzzing bees, clucking chickens...The best part is that the farm is open to the public and in fact, encourages Austinites to come wander around the farm, visit the chickens, talk to the plants, share in Mother Earth's bounty, and even partake in a community meal. It is a hidden oasis in the midst of a growing metropolitan. As Austin continues to grow and change, it is so important to preserve Austin's personality and uniqueness. Springdale Farms embodies everything that is amazing about Austin's soul. If we don't do something to help save it, Springdale Farms will fall victim to the results of growth, greed, and gentrification like the hundreds of other longstanding Austin businesses and properties. My hope in starting this petition is to call upon the City of Austin and the Department of Sustainability to save and preserve the magic of Springdale Farms. As a passionate local, I'm willing to do all I can to help save it. Not only does the Farm mean so much to the local community, but it also personally means a lot to me. Not only am I a frequent visitor of the farm, but I also recently got engaged there. Thus, it holds a special place in my heart. I can't imagine the future of Austin without the farm in it, and I would always regret it if I didn't do all I could to help save this amazing farm. Lets all come together to show how much we love Springdale Farms and all the other urban farms around the country!

Sara Steinbeck
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Petition to Detroit Parks & Recreation, Detroit - District 3 Residents


Liberated Farms has been established in Hunt Park (District 3, Detroit) since April 2016. Prior to our urban agricultural efforts the park and surrounded area were grossly neglected for over a decade, as the city was unable to maintain this park with funding cuts. We took the initiative to clean & beautify the area as well as engage the neighbors to help us do the same.  In two years we have hosted multiple clean up efforts, book bag giveaways, free agricultural workshops to the youth of Detroit, Michigan and boarded up multiple homes with the assistance of Erin Harris, District Manager. Now the farm risks being shut down.  Liberated Farms is a community outreach effort created by a third generation member of the community. As a resident whose family is well known in the community, he has fond memories of Hunt Park, growing up and watching his family maintain the land for the children to have a safe place to play and watching its fall from grace has been heartbreaking. After leaving prison his passion became empowering the people through agricultural and youth development and he vowed then and there, starting with this park and work outwards, to clean up his neighborhood and reopen Hunt Park.  This neighborhood is one of the many poverty stricken neighborhoods of Detroit, MI labeled as a "food desert" according to the Detroit Food Metrics Report, which also states that...      **30,000 people do not have access to a full-line grocer / 48 percent of households are food insecure / 19 percent of Detroit children are enrolled in WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) meaning 1 in 5 children are fed through the government assistance program / 48 percent of WIC stores are liquor stores SIGN THIS PETITION AND HELP US CONTINUE EFFORTS TO BRING FOOD SECURITY TO DISTRICT THREE! SIGN THIS PETITION AND HELP US SAVE LIBERATED FARMS! REFERENCE: (  

Liberated Farms
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Petition to Rob Loughery, Charles Martin, Diane Ellis Marseglia, Jeff Benedetto, Kristin Tyler, Judi Reiss, John Lewis, David Fritchey, Lynn T. Bush, Richard Harvey

Farmer: "You take care of the farm and the farm will take care of you." Preserve 100%!

Patterson Farm has been continuously farmed for 333 years. The historic farm is one of the few remaining vegetable farms that border Interstate 95 along the NY-to-DC corridor. This important farm deserves the protection of an agricultural deed restriction that will allow future generations to continue to farm the land. Your signature supports the preservation of 100% of Patterson Farm.  Owned by Lower Makefield Township in Bucks County, PA, Patterson Farms is comprised of PA's BEST farm soils. Its' land is currently rented to a family of experienced farmers who grow award-winning vegetables and are mentoring the next generation of farmers.  But development pressure in the Northeast is high.  Please join the members of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc., a volunteer group of concerned citizens, in asking our elected officials to follow through on that protection and support our plan to restore and protect the farm. History: Farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had REFUSED ALL OFFERS from developers. They wanted to preserve their beloved farm. Lower Makefield Township officials used Eminent Domain to obtain the farm, paying the elderly landowners only a fraction of its worth. ELECTED OFFICIALS PROMISED PRESERVATION BUT HAVE NEVER DEED RESTRICTED THE MAJORITY OF THE FARM. Instead, former officials have engaged in demolition by neglect, allowing the condition of the farm structures to decline, while collecting income from the farm. But concerned citizens are rallying to preserve the farm. Before her death, Alice Patterson expressed her fears that elected officials would "ruin the farm."  The volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. want to make sure that does not happen. We are ready with a hands-on restoration plan. The growing of crops in the good earth should continue in perpetuity for the benefit of present and future generations, as farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had wished. Patterson Farms historic homes and barns should not be "repurposed" for uses other than agriculture, or demolished. They should be restored, as they are essential for continued farming. The farms open spaces and agricultural use co-exist peacefully with neighbors, and with the native wildlife that inhabit its lush woodlands and serene wetlands. Please join the volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. in encouraging elected officials to preserve 100% of Patterson Farm NOW! #LocalFarmsMatter  #SaveTheFarm #ThisPlaceMatters #LocallyGrown    

Patterson Farm Preservation Group
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Petition to Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, Apple

An iPhone burned down our home and put us out of business. Demand Apple do the right thing

Apple have missed the self-imposed deadline to "do the right thing" and remediate the devastation caused by their iPhone burning down our home in October 2016. The cause of the fire is not in question. We have a fire report stating that. We started communicating with Apple by letter dated February 28, 2017. We finally got to speak to someone after chasing them in July. Since then, we have asked them to look at the uninsured loss following the fire. By January 2018 the matter appeared to have been forgotten, AGAIN. We chased them once more and their new lawyer said it would be resolved within 5 weeks. Well that's come and gone. Not only have we heard nothing from them but our email notifying them that we could no longer hold onto our farm business as a direct result of the financial strain the fire had created for us was ignored. Enough. Now I'm angry at being treated like an insignificant nobody. We lost our home, everything we owned, our emotional well-being and now our business because of them. The way they have treated us is, at best, neglectful and at worst cruel. We are releasing every phone call, letter and email that has gone between us and Apple. There will be complete transparency. It's ugly. There's phone calls where you just hear us cry and eventually hang up. It's extremely personal, embarrassing to share and not fun to listen to. But here's the thing, Apple have created desperate people with nothing left to lose, so it's time everyone new the true values of this big corporation, how they treat their customers & the potential risks associated with owning an Apple product. We are leaning on family, friends & community for one last time to share and spread the word and go public - it's time to demand that Apple do the right thing -- help us rebuild our farm business and enable us to stay on our land. To be clear, we have closed the farm business for now and borrowed enough money for us to finish rebuilding and stay here for one year. After that we have no option but to sell and leave if they do not help us. It is not ok that while they celebrate their tax breaks allowing them to bring in billions of dollars, we are losing everything. In the meantime, here is a link to all our correspondance: To find out if you think our farm is worth saving, please visit us @lauricafarm on Facebook and Instagram to learn about our values. Thanks in advance. 

Cathy Finley
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