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Petition to Rob Loughery, Charles Martin, Diane Ellis Marseglia, Jeff Benedetto, Kristin Tyler, Judi Reiss, John Lewis, David Fritchey, Lynn T. Bush, Richard Harvey

Farmer: "You take care of the farm and the farm will take care of you." Preserve 100%!

Patterson Farm has been continuously farmed for 333 years. The historic farm is one of the few remaining vegetable farms that border Interstate 95 along the NY-to-DC corridor. This important farm deserves the protection of an agricultural deed restriction that will allow future generations to continue to farm the land. Your signature supports the preservation of 100% of Patterson Farm.  Owned by Lower Makefield Township in Bucks County, PA, Patterson Farms is comprised of PA's BEST farm soils. Its' land is currently rented to a family of experienced farmers who grow award-winning vegetables and are mentoring the next generation of farmers.  But development pressure in the Northeast is high.  Please join the members of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc., a volunteer group of concerned citizens, in asking our elected officials to follow through on that protection and support our plan to restore and protect the farm. History: Farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had REFUSED ALL OFFERS from developers. They wanted to preserve their beloved farm. Lower Makefield Township officials used Eminent Domain to obtain the farm, paying the elderly landowners only a fraction of its worth. ELECTED OFFICIALS PROMISED PRESERVATION BUT HAVE NEVER DEED RESTRICTED THE MAJORITY OF THE FARM. Instead, former officials have engaged in demolition by neglect, allowing the condition of the farm structures to decline, while collecting income from the farm. But concerned citizens are rallying to preserve the farm. Before her death, Alice Patterson expressed her fears that elected officials would "ruin the farm."  The volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. want to make sure that does not happen. We are ready with a hands-on restoration plan. The growing of crops in the good earth should continue in perpetuity for the benefit of present and future generations, as farmers Thomas and Alice Patterson had wished. Patterson Farms historic homes and barns should not be "repurposed" for uses other than agriculture, or demolished. They should be restored, as they are essential for continued farming. The farms open spaces and agricultural use co-exist peacefully with neighbors, and with the native wildlife that inhabit its lush woodlands and serene wetlands. Please join the volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. in encouraging elected officials to preserve 100% of Patterson Farm NOW! #LocalFarmsMatter  #SaveTheFarm #ThisPlaceMatters #LocallyGrown    

Patterson Farm Preservation Group
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Petition to Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, Apple

An iPhone burned down our home and put us out of business. Demand Apple do the right thing

Apple have missed the self-imposed deadline to "do the right thing" and remediate the devastation caused by their iPhone burning down our home in October 2016. The cause of the fire is not in question. We have a fire report stating that. We started communicating with Apple by letter dated February 28, 2017. We finally got to speak to someone after chasing them in July. Since then, we have asked them to look at the uninsured loss following the fire. By January 2018 the matter appeared to have been forgotten, AGAIN. We chased them once more and their new lawyer said it would be resolved within 5 weeks. Well that's come and gone. Not only have we heard nothing from them but our email notifying them that we could no longer hold onto our farm business as a direct result of the financial strain the fire had created for us was ignored. Enough. Now I'm angry at being treated like an insignificant nobody. We lost our home, everything we owned, our emotional well-being and now our business because of them. The way they have treated us is, at best, neglectful and at worst cruel. We are releasing every phone call, letter and email that has gone between us and Apple. There will be complete transparency. It's ugly. There's phone calls where you just hear us cry and eventually hang up. It's extremely personal, embarrassing to share and not fun to listen to. But here's the thing, Apple have created desperate people with nothing left to lose, so it's time everyone new the true values of this big corporation, how they treat their customers & the potential risks associated with owning an Apple product. We are leaning on family, friends & community for one last time to share and spread the word and go public - it's time to demand that Apple do the right thing -- help us rebuild our farm business and enable us to stay on our land. To be clear, we have closed the farm business for now and borrowed enough money for us to finish rebuilding and stay here for one year. After that we have no option but to sell and leave if they do not help us. It is not ok that while they celebrate their tax breaks allowing them to bring in billions of dollars, we are losing everything. In the meantime, here is a link to all our correspondance: To find out if you think our farm is worth saving, please visit us @lauricafarm on Facebook and Instagram to learn about our values. Thanks in advance. 

Cathy Finley
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Petition to New Orleans City Council

Growing Green in New Orleans - Amend the New Orleans CZO to Help Urban Farmers

Help New Orleans Grow Greener! Neighborhoods in New Orleans are literally growing greener every day – with urban farms developing on blighted properties, empty side lots and even rooftops. People are interested and excited about urban farming to provide new jobs, more access to fresh food and green spaces in the city. However, in New Orleans, it is difficult for urban farmers to find space for long term use, and recent changes in city code are unintentionally preventing farms from being built and expanding. It should be easy for urban farmers to provide their services to our community, but some local laws stand in the way. Will YOU Support Urban Farms?? Stand up for our farms and farmers by asking your city council representative to amend the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, so we can help farmers provide the goods and services that this city needs! These are some of the benefits urban farms provide us: ·      Public Health – More Access to Healthy Fresh Food o   Millions of Americans and nearly 100,000 New Orleanians struggle to have enough to eat. Urban farms can be a great resource for those who lack access to fresh healthy food. ·      Economy – Generation of Local Revenue o  Urban farms generate job and volunteer opportunities through the creation of small businesses. Farmers sell their locally grown products to their community members, which develops a new cycle of local revenue. As people spend more money locally, this results in economic growth. ·      Environment – Improving Our World: o   The cultivation of more plants in a city could improve air quality by nearly 40 percent. o  Buying local produce can lower the use of fuel to refrigerate and transport food to our city. This also helps us reduce our packaging as the food has a short commute to our plates.    ·      Community – A Community that Grows Together: o   Blighted property has been known to act as a magnet for crime. Putting abandoned and vacant lots to use and involving community members with the upkeep of those sites has been shown to decrease crime. o  Neighbors that get involved with urban agriculture have reported that tensions are down and a feeling of connectivity is up.   Sign our petition today to let the New Orleans City Council know we need our urban farms and farmers for fresh local food, more green spaces and a stronger local economy!

Asti Davis
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Petition to Virginia delegate D.Bulova, Virginia delegate J.Campbell, Virginia delegate B.Carr, Virginia State Senate, Virginia delegate M. Levine, Virginia delegate M.James, Virginia delegate T.Kilgore, Tyson Foods, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Ban factory farming in Virginia!

Factory farming is a practice that might be profitable in the short term, but in the long term, it's really bad for the animals and for the environment. First off, the animals can barely even move because of the fact that they are put in extremely tiny spaces (that's what happens for pigs) or because of the just as bad notion that some animals can't move because there are thousands of their kind all in a barn that would only be able to comfortably fit about 20 animals at a time (chickens,Sheep and turkey). Also the impact to the environment is that the meat industries are making more runoff pollution than even oil companies do, which is causing lots of "dead zones" to form all over the Atlantic coast as fertilizer and animal waste gets strewn into rivers and gets into the ocean. A good solution to prevent all of this from happening is for virginia to transition from normal meat to lab grown meat, which is meat made without using animals (as the name implies). But the only way to guide this transition would be for the virginia government to invest in lab grown meat, and for the virginia government to slowly bring in laws to phase out factory farming and probably even the farming of animals in general. So that these animals wouldn't have to be culled, a 250 acre sanctuary would be built for these animals in a location somewhere in either Loudon or Fauquier County (would be made for turkeys,sheep,pigs,cows and chickens). To operate this sort of sanctuary, it would be given to a nonprofit organization and it would be open to the public, meaning that there would be trails in this park that would be the only designated places for people, as the animals would be able to roam as they please (to gain money to operate it)  (also, no trees besides ones in the way of the separations between animals would be cut down, so that these animals could hide and adapt to their environments). For more information on this plan to get rid of factory farming, here is a google document detailing my full and complete plan for this petition: A link showing what I mean by "synthetic meat": Please join us in showing empathy and compassion for the animals in factory farms, something that they haven't received for a very long time and something that they will never get if this proposal fails.

Vlad K
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