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Petition to Virginia Governor, Mark Warner, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Ban factory farming in Virginia!

Factory farming is a practice that might be profitable in the short term, but in the long term, it's really bad for the animals and for the environment. First off, the animals can barely even move because of the fact that they are put in extremely tiny spaces (that's what happens for pigs) or because of the just as bad notion that some animals can't move because there are thousands of their kind all in a barn that would only be able to comfortably fit about 20 animals at a time (chickens,Sheep and turkey). Also the impact to the environment is that the meat industries are making more runoff pollution than even oil companies do, which is causing lots of "dead zones" to form all over the Atlantic coast as fertilizer and animal waste gets strewn into rivers and gets into the ocean. A good solution to prevent all of this from happening is for virginia to transition from normal meat to lab grown meat, which is meat made without using animals (as the name implies). But the only way to guide this transition would be for the virginia government to invest in lab grown meat, and for the virginia government to slowly bring in laws to phase out factory farming and probably even the farming of animals in general. So that these animals wouldn't have to be culled, a 250 acre sanctuary would be built for these animals in a location somewhere in either Loudon or Fauquier County (would be made for turkeys,sheep,pigs,cows and chickens). To operate this sort of sanctuary, it would be given to a nonprofit organization and it would be open to the public, meaning that there would be trails in this park that would be the only designated places for people, as the animals would be able to roam as they please (to gain money to operate it) (leaflets would be given out on how to stay safe if a cow is in your vicinity) (also, no trees besides ones in the way of the separations between animals would be cut down, so that these animals could hide and adapt to their environments). A link showing what I mean by "synthetic meat": Please join us in showing empathy and compassion for the animals in factory farms, something that they haven't received for a very long time and something that they will never get if this proposal fails.

Vlad K
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Petition to Oneonta Common Council, Gary Herzig, Melissa Nicosia, David Rissberger, Michelle Osterhoudt, Dana Marie Levinson, Russ Southard, John Rafter, Joseph Ficano

Legalize beekeeping in the City of Oneonta, NY

Oneonta, NY is one of a very small number of municipalities (Ithaca and Geneva) in New York State that outright bans beekeeping within city limits. With a rising popularity in backyard beekeeping at a time when pollinators are under threat from disease and habitat loss, now is more important than ever to enable citizens to do their part to encourage local pollinator populations, which benefit home gardeners as well as small farms within a 5-mile radius of a hive. A common sense amendment to City Code § 68-1 to allow beekeeping within the city is a reasonable provision for a rural urban center in the middle of the farming communities of Central NY, in the Northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains.A recent 2015 amendment to the same provision allowing keeping of chickens passed after much debate, and a 1-year sunset provision has been removed in 2017, as no issues have arisen from allowing the practice in the city. The same logical conclusion can be applied to the practice of beekeeping. In 2010, the City of New York legalized beekeeping with great success. In NYC there is no fee to register as a beekeeper and there are no limits on the number of hives permitted. An annual form from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene gathers basic information and requires registering the hives with the state Department of Agriculture and Markets via the Honey Bee Health Information Form.If New York City can safely and smartly allow beekeeping in one of the largest cities in the world, there is no reason why beekeeping should be prohibited in Oneonta, or anywhere else.

Oneonta City Beekeepers Legislative Action Group
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