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Petition to Jackie Tapp, Mayor Taso Christopher, Stummon-Button , M Macdonald, N Carter

Make it easier to distinguish & support local products at The Belleville Farmers Market

The city of Belleville has had an operating Farmers Market for nearly two Centuries. In that time it has grown, adapted and changed. It is time for it to change again. We want to make it easier to support our local producers.   We request that the word local be clearly defined in the rule handbook for the Belleville Farmers Market, as items produced within the Bay of Quinte region. Currently in Ontario the word local applies to all produce grown in the province. We request that any products from outside the Bay of Quinte region and/or being resold in this market should clearly state where they were produced. This will allow consumers to have a clear choice to support products grown and produced in this immediate area and facilitate in supporting and encouraging local farms. We request a review by the city to ensure that ALL vendors are complying with the current rule that reselling is to be limited to 35% of the sellers product line. We request that the market be opened to other locally produced products to diversify the offerings available such as local craft beverages. Which are now allowed to be sold at Ontario farmers markets as of Feb. 18, 2016. We request that the Belleville Farmers Market slowly reduce the amount of reselling of items and replace these items or vendors with products produced within the Bay of Quinte region. City of Belleville Farmers Market Handbook CBC Market Place Investigation on Farmers Markets

Eden Oterholm
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Petition to Peterborough Saturday Market Board & City of Peterborough

#NoPinkSlips - Stop Farmers from being kicked out of the PTBO Saturday Farmers' Market

*After many concerned customers asking how to donate to help keep farmers in the Peterborough Saturday Farmers Market, an official GoFundMe page has now been set up to help cover legal costs as the seven vendors have been advised they may have to take legal action, which is expensive and time consuming. That can be found here: Please do not donate on this website to help with those costs. Any funds donated on this page will go to promote the petition, not directly to the vendors. Donations to support legal costs should be made on GoFundMe. Any funds raised that are not needed for legal support will be donated to community organizations who support local farmers and local food* Seven farmers and food producers have been given Pink Slips at the Peterborough Saturday Farmers' Market just before Christmas. These producers include: McLean Berry Farm, Circle Organic, Otonabee Apiary, Ashburnham Farms Gaelic Garlic, Finest Gourmet Fudge, Chef Marshal and Necessitea Elixir.  Their families, farms, livelihoods and the future of local agriculture in Peterborough are at stake.  These vendors have asked for openness, transparency, honesty and fairness in the market and as a result, a vote has been called for Janurary 8th, by the Board of Directors, to remove all seven of these vendors from the Peterborough Saturday Farmers' Market.  Like others already removed from the market, the allegations against them are vague, unfounded and unproven. Why the double standard? Food fraud by others was proven decisively by the media and no action was taken against those vendors. Yet now these local 7 farmers and producers are being illegally kicked out for voicing their concerns. Say NO PINK SLIPS for local food. Tell the Farmers' Market Board and the City of Peterborough that you support local food and local farmers and you don't want to see these local farmers removed from the market. Sign the petition now, share this to help protect local food and learn more soon at  #NoPinkSlips

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Petition to John Tory, Energy and Environment Division City of Toronto, Lori Stahlbrand

Encourage Locally Grown Food in Toronto and Combat Climate Change

The global food system is currently responsible for 30% of all of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. Greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 emissions are contributing to the greater problem our environment is facing: global warming. Carbon emissions from imported food impacts our environment significantly – by inducing severe weather changes, rising sea levels and flooding, and more directly, people.  Consumers in Toronto are buying many imported products that generate hundreds of kilograms of CO2 emissions across the globe through transportation. A local box of strawberries in season in Ontario saves around 3,263g from buying a non-local strawberry from California. Eating seasonal and local foods can reduce pollution, preserve the environment, and slow global warming. By eating local and seasonal foods in Toronto, we can reduce our footprints by up to 10%. So, what we are proposing is to redirect consumers in Toronto so that we can all reduce our carbon footprints by buying and consuming more local and seasonal produce items. As it is, consumers are not able to clearly see which products are local and seasonal in grocery stores. This petition urges the Municipal Government of Toronto to create a program for all grocery stores in the City to combat food transportation emissions and climate change. This idea aims to: o   Use clear signs for local and seasonal products in grocery stores, providing information about the distance travelled and carbon emissions you save from buying a local product as opposed to a non-local product o   Requires supermarkets to label as well non-local products that are not in season, providing information on the distance the product has travelled and how much carbon emissions it has generated through transportation and importation This idea could start with a simple petition, if we can present this to the Municipal Government, we could reduce our carbon footprints by 10% by buying local produce that is in season. Our goal is to obtain at least 100,000 signatures – with your support, we could make a difference and combat climate change together. Please sign this petition so we can make an important change in Toronto. Thank you.

Emma Helman
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