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Petition to Mark Furner, Peter coaldrake

Save our Agricultural Colleges

My name is Hannah, and I'm a proud member of the Queensland farming community. I was shocked and angry to see that the Queensland government has announced the closing of Emerald and Longreach agricultural colleges. These two colleges have played a vital part in producing young, enthusiastic employees for agricultural enterprises. They teaching the best practices for animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Right now, the farmers are doing it so tough thanks to the drought and mines taking over. Now, closing the colleges feels like the Queensland government is shooting themselves in the foot: where will the next generation of farmers come from if we take away our agricultural colleges? Australian agriculture have a lot of knowledge and practices for efficient, sustainable food production practices. We have the best in the world, but in closing these agricultural colleges, the government is not supporting food security. Millions of Australians have shown their love and support for the farmers this year during the drought - now, you can show even more support by signing this petition. Please, help me tell the Queensland Government not to kick us while we're down: keep the Emerald and Longreach agricultural colleges open. The future of Australian farming depends on it. Please sign and share my petition - the farmers need your support. Thank you. (Pictured borrowed from Queensland Country Life)

Hannah Golding
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, David Littleproud, ACCC

Your help is needed to drive fair milk pricing profits back to Aussie dairy farmers

The dairy industry has hit crisis point as a result of soaring operational costs, crippling drought and ongoing challenges to achieve fair milk prices. The retail giants are profiting from milk production to the detriment of dairy farmers, leaving many farmers struggling to feed their stock and keep their farms profitable. Imagine the stress, knowing that the majority of the profit you work so hard and tirelessly is not going back into your business. The economy as a whole suffers when our farms and farmers suffer. Relentless cost-cutting by some of the big supermarket chains will wipe-out the Australian dairy industry unless we do something. If things continue, traditional dairy farms will disappear. The economy of milk production, especially on medium to smaller farms has become unsustainable as this cost-cutting continues to have negative impacts. Did You Know? The number of Australian dairy farms has fallen by almost three quarters since 1979/80 from 21,994 to 5,789 in mid-2017. You can see the impact of unfair farmgate pricing and continually rising operating costs has had on Australian Dairy. Dairy farming is Australia’s 3rd largest rural industry, which generates $3.7b in farmgate production with only a fraction of this going to farmers. In Australia approximately 42,000 people are employed in the Dairy Industry It's up to us to do something if we want to enjoy fresh milk in our fridges! We need to campaign hard against retailers dictating the price of milk. This is difficult and your support, by signing this petition will assist in getting our farmers' voices heard and make Australian dairy farms viable and sustainable for generations to come.  We want to tirelessly lobby consumers, processors, retailers and government to gain recognition for the Australian life blood of the land, our Aussie farmers.  Click Here to Read a heart felt story from a Dairy Farmer's Daughter Click Here to listen to the Alan Jones Interview of a Struggling 4th generation Dairy Farming family in the NSW Southern Highlands. Please sign and share this petition so we can achieve maximum exposure, awareness and the opportunity to drive a change.

Help Save Aussie Dairy Famers
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Petition to Hon. David Littleproud MP

Politicians urged to fly economy class instead of business class to help drought farmers

Our farmers are in peril, the drought is killing in more ways than one, and the Australian government is getting flogged on social media, but here's a way MPs individually across the country can show a united front in supporting our farmers, the backbone of our country.  There's no room for the words 'Not my problem' next to the words 'Advance Australia'. IF FEDERAL AND STATE MPs ACROSS AUSTRALIA OPTED TO FLY ECONOMY CLASS INSTEAD OF BUSINESS CLASS to even three Parliamentary sittings, the savings would be tremendous, and could be funnelled instead to our drought farmers.  For example, savings from Cairns to Brisbane for a State MP, appx $400.  For a Federal MP to Canberra from Cairns appx $600.  This is just an example.    We would hope that politicians could see fit to 'suffer' economy class travel to Parliament and that Federal and State governments would channel this into a fund to support our farmers, the country's backbone.   We request the Prime Minister and State Premiers and Opposition Leaders consider encouraging their Members to make a little sacrifice in consideration of their fellow Australians.  What goes around, comes around and it will be interesting to see which of our MPs are in it for the people.  Sign in support, and lobby your local MPs and let's hear who's going to support their farmers without even having to put their hands in their pockets.  

Suzy Grinter
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