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Petition to food standards agency, UK Parliament, European Food Safety Authority

Stop slaughtering diseased cows - tell your government to ban beef import from Poland

A few days ago the undercover footage (Warning, contains scenes of animal abuse) from Poland was released showing the disturbing slaughter for sale of diseased and suffering cows with no veterinary inspection. The footage from the central Polish region of Mazovia shows cows so sick they are unable to stand, being dragged from trucks into the slaughterhouse using a winch, with ropes tied around their horns and legs.  The quality of the beef has been deemed dangerous for health, containing pressure sores and tumours, indicating that the cows have been extremely sick and lying on their side for days on end. These practices have been deliberately undertaken at night when slaughterhouse inspections don't take place. The reporters say that this is well organised criminal activity undertaken covertly on a massive scale nationwide, so we cannot know how much diseased meat ends up in UK and EU supermarkets. 85% of the beef produced in Poland is sent for export, and the UK is one of Poland's largest markets for meat. We need the UK and EU authorities to take measures to make sure this criminal action will come to an end. An embargo would put pressure on Poland's government to take regulatory action and outlaw this criminal activity.  Please sign this petition to ban these cruel, illegal practices, so we can prevent further abusive treatment of sick animals and protect our families from the health risks of consuming diseased meat. Read more:  

Katherine Banach
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Petition to George Eustice MP, Michael Gove MP

Shelter for Farm Animals

There are farm animals across the UK burning in the searing summer sun without access to so much as a single tree for shelter. So I’m calling for it to be a legal requirement for farm animals to have adequate and appropriate shelter. I’m a professional dog walker and every day I see farm animals suffering in the sun in the Darlington countryside. It’s unbearably hot for me to be out there but at least I can limit my exposure by seeking shelter - it’s so unfair that these poor animals can’t do the same. Many farmers have removed hedgerows and trees for more efficient use of farm machinery, leaving cows and sheep huddling around fences in a desperate attempt to get even the slightest bit of shade. We cannot stand by and let these animals suffer in this way. The record high temperatures are especially bad news for cattle as they are known to be sensitive to the sun and heat. Dairy farming organisations are advising that cows are provided with shelter, but some farmers are resorting to applying sunscreen to sunburned cows (1) - something that should only be done on advice from a vet. This problem won’t go away after this heatwave is over - extreme weather is becoming the norm because of climate change. Cows and sheep need shelter from the heavy rain, snow and ice in the winter as well as from the sun in the summer. Currently UK law says that farmers should look after the health and welfare of their animals, but there is no mention of them having access to shelter. Please sign my petition to make shelter for farm animals a legal requirement! (1)

Kathy Barley
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