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Petition to UK visas and immigration, home office

Dad and daughter kept apart by UK immigration system

In February 2018 we received the answer regarding the decision about if my fiance, and father of our unborn baby, could come to England on a VISITORS visa so that he could be present for the birth of our first child together and to help me for a couple of weeks following on from that. Unfortunately, UK Visas and immigration have refused our application. This means that not only will the father of my baby be unable to meet his daughter until she is at least 6 months old (due to needed injections, health checks, passport and birth certificate) but he is also ineligible to be on her birth certificate due to us not being married and him not being present to register the birth. This is very important to us as if anything ever happens to me then my daughter will be placed into care while a long process must then take place to prove that he is the father.  I urge the government to review our situation and to put themselves into our position. This is not only unfair on our baby girl but also on my fiance and myself. Our daughter ended up being born 2 weeks early, the doctors told me this could have been to stress as her heart rate started rapidly dropping. I ended up having an emergency C-Section while my fiance was on the phone to me from Morocco, in shock and despair. When our little girl came out she wasn't breathing.. I then had to relay that back to my fiance while in tears and shock. The doctors managed to resuscitate her and get her breathing before rushing her off for an urgent blood transfusion. Following on from this Alias temperature dropped down to 31.5, she had hypothermia, then sickness and diarrhea, then had a milk allergy, then had blood in her stools, then sever anemia and now the doctors believe she may be carrying Thalassemia. Alia still has more blood tests to have in the coming months and consultant appointments. Her father's and my own mental health has rapidly decreased due to the unnecessary stress of him not being by his daughters side and me dealing with this alone. We urge the Home Office to let my fiance (father of Alia) into the country on a tourist visa now so he can accompany us both to the appointments coming up. We are devastated and disappointed in the way the Home Office have reacted so far and can't bare to have imagined if our little girl hadn't have made it on birth and if I had had to have told my fiance that on the phone.. If you have children, you can imagine our pain. Thank you for taking time to read our petition. Media Coverage: We have also been on BBC Radio Norwich and we will be filming for BBC News on the week of the 10th September 2018. Due to be aired that week as well as preparing a TV documentary in the near future to highlight the hostile environment caused by the Home Office.

Rebecca Darmon
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