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Petition to waterford juniville court, Senator heather sommers, Attorney ryan k, Attorney phammond, Attorney lisa vincent, Law office of attorney lisa vi cent, Lori hellum

return gabby ,mason,dallas,lillyana,zuri church home to mom

my  husband  and  i got  our beautiful amazing  kids  stolen from us for  lies  that  we  had  a  dirty  home  , my  mental health , and  housing unstablity and that  my  kids  were  in immediate  danger. my  court  appointed  attorney  bullied  me  into commitenment saying  that  it will get  my  kids home  faster.  all the steps  dcf  asked  me to do and  the court  asked  me  to do has  been done for almost  two years  now. my  children are suffering  at  the hands  of  dcf  here in  ct. my  son d known as  baby dlyan here  in ct  almost  lost  his  life  because  of  dcf  , he  was  almost straved , beaten ,  they  allow  my  rapist  around  my  daughter  lilly even knowing  hes  on  drugs, they changed  my  kids  birth certifcate  without  allowing  me  to fight  it. all my  kids  suffer  from emotional trauma  and  just  want to come  home  and  be  with eachother and  mommy  and daddy. i been emotionally  belittled  by  dcf  beaten verbally  . they  havent  been documenting  my  case  for  almost 7  months  but  claim we  didnt  make  enough progress. please  help me end  my  familys  specially  my  five  little ones  suffering  and  get them home  and  i promise to help others in  this  fight.

Kirsten Fauquet
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Petition to Members of the Community Action Agency (CAA) Board

Save the Esplanade House

Dear Members of the Community Action Agency (CAA) Board- The Esplanade House Non-Profit Children’s Fund Board, as well as concerned community members, respectfully request that you evaluate, fully and transparently, the allegations from the community regarding mismanagement of the Esplanade House under the current CAA Chief Executive Officer. Per CAA’s website: “The Board is legally and morally responsible for all activities of the Agency. The Board is solely responsible for determining agency policy, approving the annual budget and determining the goals of the agency.”   (source: We believe strongly that there are clear moral issues, as well as potential legal issues that need to be fully examined by the CAA board, in a thorough, methodical, and perhaps most importantly, transparent manner. We understand that such a review will require a significant investment of time and resources, but to fail to investigate these concerns is for the board to fall short of fulfilling their duties. We request that the CAA board: 1. Review the letters, comments and concerns of current and former employees, as extensively documented by the Non-Profit Children’s Fund board. These issues go far beyond a few disgruntled employees – the concerns expressed are consistent and constitute a pattern of intentional, severe, recurring and pervasive hostility to former female employees that interfered with their ability to perform their job. This hostile work environment goes back literally decades. We also request that the board reach out to current and past employees to ascertain the full nature and severity of these issues. 2. Conduct an independent review of internal processes and an independent financial audit, as well as an independent compliance audit of all grants received by CAA over the last 15 years. 3. Immediately return the buildings on the Esplanade House site to their stated uses, to bring the Esplanade House and CAA into compliance with their loan documents. 4. If the board is unwilling to do these things, we ask that they turn over management of the Esplanade House to another non-profit organization. The Esplanade House has provided critical housing and support to homeless families in the North State for over 25 years. Time and time again their work in our community has truly changed lives. It’s time to take action to protect this vital community resource, to ensure it remains a force for good in our community for the next 25 years. 

Save the Esplanade House
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Petition to Kathy Lohmer, Peggy Scott, Mark Uglem, Callie Lehman, Nicole Reineke, Tony Albright, Susan Allen, Paul Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Dario Anselmo, Jon Applebaum, Jeff Backer, Cal Bahr, Dave Baker, Regina Barr, Jamie Becker-Finn, Peggy Bennett, Connie Bernardy, Matt Bliss, David Bly, Andrew Carlson, Lyndon Carlson Sr., Drew Christensen, Karen Clark, Jack Considine, Tony Cornish, Brian Daniels, Kurt Daudt, Greg Davids, Jim Davnie, Matt Dean, Raymond Dehn, Bob Dettmer, Steve Drazkowski, Bob Ecklund, Sondra Erickson, Dan Fabian, Kelly Fenton, Peter Fischer, Peggy Flanagan, Keith Franke, Mary Franson, Mike Freiberg, Pat Garofalo, Steve Green, Matt Grossell, Glenn Gruenhagen, Bob Gunther, Barb Haley, Laurie Halverson, Rod Hamilton, Rick Hansen, Alice Hausman, Josh Heintzeman, Jerry Hertaus, Debra Hillstrom, Joe Hoppe, Frank Hornstein, Melissa Hortman, Jeff Howe, Randy Jessup, Brian Johnson, Clark Johnson, Sheldon Johnson, Tony Jurgens, Debra Kiel, Jim Knoblach, Erin Koegel, Jon Koznick, Ron Kresha, Mary Kunesh-Podein, Sandy Layman, Fue Lee, John Lesch, Tina Liebling, Ben Lien, Leon Lillie, Jenifer Loon, Bob Loonan, Eric Lucero, Dale Lueck, Tim Mahoney, Carlos Mariani, Paul Marquart, Sandra Masin, Erin Maye Quade, Joe McDonald, Jason Metsa, Tim Miller, Rena Moran, Erin Murphy, Mary Murphy, Jim Nash, Anne Neu, Jim Newberger, Bud Nornes, Tim O'Driscoll, Liz Olson, Ilhan Omar, Marion O'Neill, Gene Pelowski, Joyce Peppin, John Petersburg, Roz Peterson, Nels Pierson, Dave Pinto, Jeanne Poppe, John Poston, Laurie Pryor, Cindy Pugh, Duane Quam, Jason Rarick, Paul Rosenthal, Linda Runbeck, Julie Sandstede, Duane Sauke, Joe Schomacker, Jennifer Schultz, Linda Slocum, Dennis Smith, Mike Sundin, Chris Swedzinski, Tama Theis, Paul Thissen, Paul Torkelson, Bob Vogel, Jean Wagenius, JoAnn Ward, Nolan West, Abigail Whelan, Anna Wills, Cheryl Youakim, Nick Zerwas

Regulations for MN Parenting Consultants

In the Minnesota Family Court System many parents have been advised to consider a new thing called a Parenting Consultant. A Parenting Consultant has similar functions as a Parenting Time Expeditor. However, Parenting Consultants are not authorized by Minnesota State Statutes or regulations but are created solely on the basis of a contract.  Under current law, parenting time consultants are not regulated in statute. Thisbill H.F 3220 provides statutory qualifications for parenting consultants, providing the authority parenting consultants have to modify custody and parenting time orders, and providing methods to discharge parenting time consultants. Link to proposed H.F.3220 Since Parenting Consultants are contract appointed they can be granted the authority to make permanent schedule changes to a parents parenting time. Parenting consultants are given the authority to decide legal custody decisions. Parenting Consultant order becomes a ruling that a Judge will most likely follow. The issue with a Parenting Consultant there are no regulations to hold then accountable and make sure that they are neutral. If you have a biased parenting consultant this can create conflict between both parents and the Parenting Consultants decision maybe not be in the best interest of the child.  Parenting Consultants notes are considered to be fact even if they are wrong and a Judge in Minnesota can use those and most of the time will rely on the Parenting Consultants ruling.  The only way to remove a parenting consultant is if both parties decide to remove them or go to court and see if the judge is willing to remove them. If either of these fail you are stuck with a biased parenting consultant that will not take the best interest of the child in mind.   The solution would be create some regulations on parenting consultants, hold them accountable for their actions, make sure that the notes and orders by a parenting consultant cannot be used in court and a Parenting Consultants contract should be looked at every 2 years between parties to see if they are still needed or the parties would like to have the option to move to a different Parenting Consultant.  Myself and many other parents that have had Parenting Consultants they have been either insulted, overcharged, not looked at the facts, made decisions based solely on the other parties responses, and has not looked at the best interest of the child.  When I have tried to remove my Parenting Consultant I went to court and presented a recording of the insults and facts that the Parenting Consultant got wrong the Judge disregarded the recording and I am stuck with the Parenting Consultant that is hostile, biased towards me and still disregards the facts that have been presented to her.  Here is my story

Regulations on MN Parenting Consultants
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