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Petition to Members of the Community Action Agency (CAA) Board

Save the Esplanade House

Dear Members of the Community Action Agency (CAA) Board- The Esplanade House Non-Profit Children’s Fund Board, as well as concerned community members, respectfully request that you evaluate, fully and transparently, the allegations from the community regarding mismanagement of the Esplanade House under the current CAA Chief Executive Officer. Per CAA’s website: “The Board is legally and morally responsible for all activities of the Agency. The Board is solely responsible for determining agency policy, approving the annual budget and determining the goals of the agency.”   (source: We believe strongly that there are clear moral issues, as well as potential legal issues that need to be fully examined by the CAA board, in a thorough, methodical, and perhaps most importantly, transparent manner. We understand that such a review will require a significant investment of time and resources, but to fail to investigate these concerns is for the board to fall short of fulfilling their duties. We request that the CAA board: 1. Review the letters, comments and concerns of current and former employees, as extensively documented by the Non-Profit Children’s Fund board. These issues go far beyond a few disgruntled employees – the concerns expressed are consistent and constitute a pattern of intentional, severe, recurring and pervasive hostility to former female employees that interfered with their ability to perform their job. This hostile work environment goes back literally decades. We also request that the board reach out to current and past employees to ascertain the full nature and severity of these issues. 2. Conduct an independent review of internal processes and an independent financial audit, as well as an independent compliance audit of all grants received by CAA over the last 15 years. 3. Immediately return the buildings on the Esplanade House site to their stated uses, to bring the Esplanade House and CAA into compliance with their loan documents. 4. If the board is unwilling to do these things, we ask that they turn over management of the Esplanade House to another non-profit organization. The Esplanade House has provided critical housing and support to homeless families in the North State for over 25 years. Time and time again their work in our community has truly changed lives. It’s time to take action to protect this vital community resource, to ensure it remains a force for good in our community for the next 25 years. 

Save the Esplanade House
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Petition to waterford juniville court, Senator heather sommers, Attorney ryan k, Attorney phammond, Attorney lisa vincent, Law office of attorney lisa vi cent, Lori hellum

return gabby ,mason,dallas,lillyana,zuri church home to mom

my  husband  and  i got  our beautiful amazing  kids  stolen from us for  lies  that  we  had  a  dirty  home  , my  mental health , and  housing unstablity and that  my  kids  were  in immediate  danger. my  court  appointed  attorney  bullied  me  into commitenment saying  that  it will get  my  kids home  faster.  all the steps  dcf  asked  me to do and  the court  asked  me  to do has  been done for almost  two years  now. my  children are suffering  at  the hands  of  dcf  here in  ct. my  son d known as  baby dlyan here  in ct  almost  lost  his  life  because  of  dcf  , he  was  almost straved , beaten ,  they  allow  my  rapist  around  my  daughter  lilly even knowing  hes  on  drugs, they changed  my  kids  birth certifcate  without  allowing  me  to fight  it. all my  kids  suffer  from emotional trauma  and  just  want to come  home  and  be  with eachother and  mommy  and daddy. i been emotionally  belittled  by  dcf  beaten verbally  . they  havent  been documenting  my  case  for  almost 7  months  but  claim we  didnt  make  enough progress. please  help me end  my  familys  specially  my  five  little ones  suffering  and  get them home  and  i promise to help others in  this  fight.

Kirsten Fauquet
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Petition to North Carolina State Senate, North Carolina State House, North Carolina Governor

Penalties for false reporting child abuse in NC

It is against the law to not report child abuse in almost every state of the United States but in only 29 states it is against the law to falsely report child abuse. North Carolina is not one of these 29 states. Basically that means someone can call DSS and make a claim on anyone and DSS then by law has to investigate. But what sucks is when someone uses this to harass you. I know because this has happened to me 4 times in the past year. DSS is not allowed to reveal who is the one reporting but I have a pretty good idea I know who it is. Every time a call is made DSS has to take it seriously which I am glad they do because I know there are cases out there that need to be investigated. In my case though there is absolutely no abuse or drug use going on at my house nor will there ever be. So now DSS is having to spend hours investigating me when they could spend that time with families that truly need it. Also, now I have to explain to my children what child abuse is and have a complete stranger ask my children questions they should never be asked. Not to mention I now have a file with DSS that I should never have and a tarnish to my name. So yes, the law needs to change where it is illegal to falsely report child abuse in ALL states and people should face penalties and jail time. Please help me make this much needed change in the law. My family is looking into moving to a new state where we are better protected from the person harassing us but would rather not uproot everyone if we can help it. 

Megan Dickinson
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