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Petition to Governor Jerry Brown

Save justice for Nick Ly - Stop release of convicted felony murderer Theodore Douglas Cole

Case OverviewFamily, friends and good people of the world, we urgently need your help to save justice for Nick Ly -- beloved youngest brother, son, cousin, uncle and friend. Please take a moment to SIGN and SHARE this petition to oppose clemency for convicted felony murderer Theodore Douglas Cole. He should be kept in prison to complete his full sentence of life without parole. We are concerned about crime victims rights and safety of our community if he is reinserted back into society. Because of time critical deadline, your signature is greatly needed to stand strong for crime victims rights by August 5, 2018 before the clemency application is reviewed by CA Governor Jerry Brown.Seventeen years after Nick's murderers were convicted of felony murder with special circumstances and condemned to life without parole, the driver Cole responsible for Nick's death has filed a petition for clemency for commutation of sentence (early release) by Governor Jerry Brown. We believe the wheels of justice had turned so that Nick could rest in peace and should not be undone. Let justice be fully served!As Mother’s Day weekend approached, Nick was planning a special homecooked gathering for his mother in Fresno, CA. Tragically, he was never able to celebrate with his family. On Friday, May 11, 2001, Nick was killed during an attempted robbery with a gunshot to the heart while working on a food truck operated by his fiancee’s family in Sacramento, CA. Heartbreakingly, Nick died in the emergency room before any immediate family could rush through the three hour drive. His mother, father, brother and sister were beyond devastated that they could not reach him in time. He died two months before his 24th birthday. Nick is survived by his parents, three older siblings, his fiancée, nephews, nieces who never had a chance to meet him, cousin/uncle best friends, extended relatives and friends who miss him dearly to this day.Successful Reward CampaignWith very little evidence and what appeared to be a hopeless case, Nick’s family launched a crime witness reward campaign. Together with local communities, news media, authorities, carwash donation rallies in Sacramento and Fresno, and a direct contribution from the Carole Sund-Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation, Nick’s family was able to successfully raise $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of his killers. Several people drove from an hour away to donate without asking for a car wash and said, “We saw you on the news and wanted you to know we support you. The same thing happened to my nephew and we hope you find who did this.” The case broke one week after the reward was posted.On August 7, 2001, within three months after Nick’s death, two men Jeremy Dut Chiu and Theodore Douglas Cole were arraigned for his murder. Two of Cole’s relatives came forward and aided authorities with information for their arrest. Cole’s cousin Venus had given them the idea of robbing the lunch catering truck for drug money at her place of employment. She had violated her probation on shoplifting charges and received immunity for her cooperation. Chiu was already in custody for committing another robbery at Del Taco shortly after killing Nick and boasted of being a “legend” for his crime.Trials & ConvictionsIn May 2002, after a series of jury trials in Sacramento County, Chiu the shooter was convicted of felony murder with special circumstances and condemned to two consecutive life sentences without parole plus sixteen years without parole for the robbery death of Nick and separate robbery of Del Taco. During Chiu’s sentencing, he flippantly told the presiding judge, “If this is justice, you and Sacramento County can kiss my ass.”Cole refused a plea bargain. He was tried and convicted as the driver in the felony murder of Nick. During Cole’s trial, Chiu testified under immunity and admitted to shooting Nick. On December 13, 2002, Cole was sentenced to life without parole for felony murder with special circumstances. He drove the get away vehicle and is responsible for premeditated robbery with use of a deadly weapon that ultimately took Nick’s entire life away. At no point did Cole ever show any remorse. Hope & Lifetime GrievingOn April 26, 2003, Nick’s oldest sister, his fiancée and her daughter who Nick helped raise, joined in marching in the Vigil of Hope with the Sund-Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation along with Laci Petersen and Chandra Levy’s families in Modesto, CA. On stage, Nick’s sister gave thanks to supporters and offered hope for other victim’s families.On Nick’s birthday, this past July 14th, his family visited his grave. Over the years, Nick's family and friends have struggled with his senseless death. A couple days later, Nick’s father received the call from Sacramento County District Attorney notifying the family of Cole’s petition for clemency. Crime Victims Rights Action NeededUnfortunately, there isn't much time to fight for justice. If you do not want this thieving murderer to be released into free society, please sign this clemency opposition petition to let Governor Jerry Brown know you do not want to see Cole released early. Since returning to office in 2011, Governor Jerry Brown has granted approximately 1,200 executive clemency including pardons and commutations -- more so than any other California Governor including his father. Nick was never given a second chance at life. He was irrevocably robbed of being a son, brother, uncle, father, playing his favorite sport soccer, traveling and so much more. No family should ever have to resuffer the devastating heartache, agony and loss of a murdered loved one because of early release of their perpetrators. Convicted felony murderer Theodore Douglas Cole should stay behind bars for life. Bless you for joining us in fighting for crime victims rights.Thank you,The Nick Ly FamilyFacebook @nicklywashere#savejusticefornick

Nick Ly Family
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Petition to Department of Justice, Houston Immigration Court, Congressman Al Green

Help the Castro Family #stopseparatingfamilies

We are American citizens, and our family is being torn apart. My dad Henry Castro came to this country as a 17-year-old in 1994. He was told that he would receive a notice of his immigration hearing in the mail, but he never did. There is proof that his letter was delivered to someone he didn’t know. Now, almost 25 years later, he is a father of six and an active member of our community, and he is being asked to leave us all behind. My dad has never committed a crime and was a minor when he came to the U.S. To send him back to Guatemala now is unfair. A week ago, my father was given two choices: voluntarily leave the country or to appeal the asylum case that he lost. On Tuesday, August 14 2018, he has to report back to court with his decision. We’re asking the judge to consider a third option: Let him stay in the country with his family. As a daughter and older sister, I don’t want to see my younger siblings grow up without a father. Please join us in urging the judge in my father’s case to offer us another option that doesn’t break my family apart. Your support will show the judge that my father deserves a chance. Sign our petition to help. If you wish to further your support please donate to the link below. Any amount is appreciated and we thank you for your support.

Family of Roselyn Castro
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Petition to, Patty Murray

United as One We Stand for Equal Justice For Every Family

There seems to be more and more injustice of many different families, being torn apart from their kids through the corruption of CPS and court systems not upholding any constitutional civil rights that are being injustice towards many american families states wide. I can say from myself experience from my case CPS wrker, that has been bias and out to get all 3 of my kids for own justice finiacal so frustrated and have had multiple hardships of not being able to live life in peace without being harassed by the houndings of false allegations or the falsey accusations of my character being a "No Good Mother" look from a bias opinion from case CPS wrker. Im seeking to bring all CORRUPTIONS OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, CPS CASE WRKERS AND UNITED STATES OFFICIALS TO JUSTICE TO BRING OUR KIDS BACK INTO THE ARMS OF THEIR FAMILIES THAT NEVER DESERVED WHAT THEY ALL WENT THROUGH IN THE MOST TERRIFYING GRIP OF BEING TAKEN AWAY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY DEVISTATED OF SELF ESTEEM AND GROWTH, AND PAIN OF DESPERATION OF WANTING TO GO BACK TO THIER FAMILIES WHILE CORRUPTION ONLY SOUGHT THEIR PERSONAL GAIN OF FOUL FINANCIAL GAINS. HELP eachother stand together as 1 standing strong to stop this injustice corruption and all those taking american children outta their comfort of their homes to someones personal financial gains that never cared or considered any means of safety for the kids and families they ripped apart. Please sign and help me fight against corruption case wrkers and the injustice from our court system from them doing this. No More  Every day, children are harmed by America’s broken child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and healthcare systems. Through relentless strategic advocacy and legal action, we hold governments accountable for keeping kids safe and healthy. Children’s Rights has made a lasting impact, protecting hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children and we are poised to help millions more. They are depending on us…and you

Amie Davidson
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Petition to Femke Halsema

Please free autistic Australian child from forced adoption in Amsterdam

Hi, we are an Australian expatriate family working near Amsterdam Holland (father an IT project manager, mother a lawyer).  In February 2018 our dearly beloved five year old son Martin was needlessly taken by Dutch social services in the middle of the night, triggered by false neighbourhood gossip that closed curtains in a spare room meant abuse 'must' be happening there.  We have not seen Martin since. Subsequent police investigations at our house confirmed no evidence of parental abuse or neglect.  However Dutch social services ignored the police report, and instead choose to hold Martin under extreme conditions of zero contact with his loving parents for 192 days and counting since 1st February, with zero future visits scheduled.  The decision to block all contact between the child and his parents is based upon the opinion of a special needs teacher we have never even met. We believe Dutch social services have misdiagnosed autism as psychological abuse.  An independent child psychiatrist has examined Martin's medical dossier, videos and photos and concluded his symptoms exhibit a "strong correlation" with autism - a condition no parent can ever cause.  However Dutch social services choose to completely ignore this expert opinion and instead prefer the less qualified opinion of the special needs teacher. Meanwhile Martin closely watches other children receive regular visits from their parents, but with a tear in his eye dreams whether one day his own loving parents will come for him too. Martin apparently had an undiagnosed development delay which regular child doctor visits had not noticed, but once alerted to this by a Dutch social services doctor, we were naturally fully supportive of having him immediately treated.  But instead Dutch social services removed him from our home and until now Martin still hasn't received any treatment as far as we are aware.  Strangely, Dutch social services now say they need "at least another 6 months" on top of the already passed 5 months, in order to complete diagnosing Martin and before his treatment can even begin. We are meanwhile advised to be content with a few photos and videos of Martin.  The impact on his self-esteem must be devastating – not knowing why he is suddenly living apart from his parents, or why they aren’t even coming to visit him.  Indeed dossier evidence reveals that now every night in the institution Martin wakes up screaming.  Which is also how he reacted the night Dutch social services removed him while he was peacefully sleeping at home. Recently we requested a second medical opinion after being refused contact with Martin’s doctor, but Dutch social services instead applied to remove all parental medical authority and extend the out of home placement by nine months, rather than heeding the parents' normal and legally valid request. We are highly concerned about Martin's welfare and well-being living in institutions, given the lack of personalised care and deep understanding of his unique personality and needs, as well as the lack of continuity of carer relationships in institutions - compared to the devoted ongoing care he is used to receiving from his parents. Please help end our family's ongoing nightmare of tears by signing and sharing this petition if you think Martin’s best interests would be served by...  Arranging immediate reunification of Martin with his parents, so they can rebuild a normal, healthy and loving family life and so Martin can again have a peaceful night's sleep. > To join Martin's Facebook group: > Use this hashtag on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: #givemartyback

Conrad den Hertog
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