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Petition to North Carolina State House, North Carolina State Senate, North Carolina Governor, United States Supreme Court, United States Department of Health and Human Services


ProblemEmily Brooks has been put up for adoption when her family has been fighting for her since her birth. Emilys biological aunt is a licensed Foster parent, with an approved ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) to have her placed in her home. Emilys father has 3 children who have been in his sole care this entire process. The foster parents maliciously went against every law regarding a child under reunification, they worked strategically with the DSS attorney and judge to legally kidnap a child who did not need foster care at all. As of 11/15/2018 A judge has terminated Emilys fathers rights and placed her up for adoption while also terminating all contact with her biological family. what was done is 100% illegal. Emily is Bi-racial but her mother gave her up at birth because she gave birth to a black child unknowingly, she believed she was pregnant with her current boyfriends child who is white. Emilys father and aunt have been fighting for placement since she was 2weeks old. She was place for adoption to a gay white male couple. the Couple has requested no further contact with her biological family. SolutionA simple review of this case by any judge with basic knowledge of the law would reverse this decision. There is overwhelming evidence to support the story of Emilys family. Personal storyI am Emilys Biological Aunt, ShaVonnda Young. I am a mother of 5 and a wife of 9 years. I am auntie to ten from ages 18 down to 1 year old. Creating a sound family structure has been my focus since becoming a mother in 2010. I have dedicated my life with my husband to be in the position we are currently in, which allows for us to be a safe a nurturing placement for Emily. I flew from California to North Carolina for two years trying to have placement of my niece and make sense of this case. My family is too a biracial house hold, so we felt like it would be perfect and very reflective of her home. My family has spent thousands of dollars at this point trying to get my niece into our family, only to have her illegally but legally stolen from her family. please understand that this adoption was done illegally and based off the ego of grown men. The best interest of my niece has never been considered. more information on the case can be seen on the instagram handle saving_emily_brooks.

ShaVonnda Young
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Petition to Nick Lyon, Rick Snyder, Michigan State House, Michigan State Senate

Michigan Needs Paid Family Leave

I am petitioning for 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, with a 60-70% income replacement in the state of Michigan.  The United States is the only developed country in the world that does not mandate employers to offer paid leave for new parents. New mothers in Finland are entitled to up to three years’ worth of paid leave, while the U.K. grants new mothers up to 39 weeks. These are just two examples of how countries around the world have noticed the value of work leave after birth. The United States does have an old, out of date policy that grants 12 weeks of unpaid leave for new parents, but in our busy world, this will not do. Research has shown time after time the extreme benefits of paid leave for both parents and baby and through this petition I hope you see how important it is for our government to finally make the change to paid maternal and paternal leave.             The major event or milestone leading to the current status of paid maternity and paternity leave in the United States is the 1993 Family and Medical Leave act (FMLA). The FMLA provides employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave per year. Leave can be taken for the birth and care for a newborn child, placement with an employee of an adopted of foster child, care of an immediate family member (child, spouse, or parent) with a serious health condition, or medical leave when the employee is unable to work because a serious health condition. Time taken off work due to pregnancy complications can be counted against the 12 weeks of family and medical leave. To qualify for unpaid leave the employee must have worked for their employer for at least 12 months, and for at least 1250 hours over the last 12 months. Additionally, not every employer is required to provide its employees with family or medical leave. This law applies to state, local, or federal governmental agencies, or private businesses engaged in interstate commerce, employing 50 or more employees within 75 miles. (United States Department of Labor , FMLA (Family & Medical Leave), 2018). Returning to work, the employee is protected by the FMLA to receive his or her former job, or to an equivalent job, with equivalent pay, benefits, and other terms of employment. All benefits the employee had before their leave cannot be taken away due to the leave under the “no-fault” attendance policy. Though certain employees may be denied restoration of their jobs if returning them to their former positions would result in substantial economic harm to the employer. A “key” employee, defined as a salaried employee who is among the highest paid ten percent of the employees within a seventy-five mile radius, may not be entitled to reinstatement after leave. The employer must notify the employee that they are a key employee before leave, notifying them that if they leave they might not be reinstated at their current position. (FindLaw, 2018)             In 2016, there were approximately 3,945,875 births in the United States. The mean age at first birth was 26.6 and 39.8% were born from unmarried mothers (CDC, 2017). 47% of the work force is comprised of women and in 40 % of American households, women are the primary breadwinner. (Shortall, 2015), (United States Department of Labor, Women's Bureau, 2010) In 2017, 33.6 million families, 41% of all families, included children under age 18. Families with at least one member unemployed decreased by 557,000 to 4.7 million in 2017, and 80.5% of families had at least one employed family member. Families managed by women were less likely to have an employed member for the family, (76.8%) than families maintained by men (84.6%) or married-couple families (81.0%). Among the married-couple families, both the husband and wife were employed in 48.3 % of families; in 19.1% of married-couple families only the husband was employed, and in 7.1 % only the wife was employed. 65.1% of mothers with young children, ages 0-6, were part of the labor force, while those with older children, ages 6-17; 75.7% of woman were part of the labor force. In addition, in 2017 92.8 % of all fathers with children under age 18 participated in the labor force. Employed fathers remained more likely to work full time than employed mothers in 2017; 95.7 %  of employed fathers worked full time, compared with 77.2 % of employed mothers. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018) The issue of unpaid leave is relevant to the almost 4 million babies born each year, and to the 80.5% of all families with at least one working family member. Of the 92.8% of working fathers, less than 10% of them take more than a few weeks off of work to spend with their newborn. Research says that new mothers are more likely to breastfeed when the father has paternal leave rather than none at all. (Dwyer, 2013)  Breastfeeding is very beneficial to both mother and baby. The cells, hormones, and antibodies in breastmilk help protect babies from illness. This protection is unique and changes every day to meet your baby’s growing needs. Research shows that breastfeeding can lower the risks of asthma, leukemia, obesity, ear infection, eczema, SIDS and much more for babies. Breastfeeding has also been linked to lowering the risks of type two diabetes, breast cancer and ovarian cancer in women. Breastfeeding also helps a mother's health and healing following childbirth along with helping the mother lose the baby weight. Research shows that if 90% of new mothers’ breastfed exclusively for six months, it could help prevent nearly 1,000 infant deaths. Breastfeeding can also save money; not only for the parent not paying for formula, but also medical costs are lower for fully breastfed infants than never-breastfed infants. Breastfed infants usually need fewer sick care visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations. (Women’s Health in the U.S. Department of Health an, 2018)             There are few arguments to paid leave. Most commonly people are worried that it would be an economic burden to the government and businesses. This is a perfectly rational fear but it is just not true. Paid leave in some cases is fully paid for by the employees. This paid leave program cost individual employees less than one dollar a week. In New Jersey, family leave is completely financed through worker payroll deductions. Workers in New Jersey contribute .09% of their taxable wages for their first $32,000 with the maximum yearly deduction of $29. (Devlin, 2015) This may lead some people to complain because either they are not having children or they possibly have already had children, so this program would not benefit them. Again, that is not true. The more programs we have to help new parents, the more babies that will be born. Currently, to keep the population stable in America, each women needs to have 2.1 lives births, currently we are at 1.86 births per women. With the programs that we currently have, we are disincentivizing working women from having children. We are forcing working women to go back to work sooner than they can, some even still bleeding and in pain because businesses are concerned about their bottom line. (Shortall, 2015) But businesses have nothing to worry about, most studies have found that there is little to no economic impact on businesses who pay for family leave. Research done in California, where there is a state law mandating paid family leave, found 89% of businesses reported either positive or no negative effects on productivity, turnover (93%), and morale (99%). (Dishman, 2016)             There are many stakeholders in this issue. Stakeholders include: parents, children, women and family groups such as The National Partnership for Women and Families, business owners, and the national and state government. Currently the most powerful group is either the business owner or the national and state government. They are the ones who have the most voice. Big businesses have more say over what happens because they pay more taxes and have the means to make their voices heard. This can change if parents and expecting parents across the country call for a change, our voices together will show the government that this is an issue that needs their involvement.             This is an issue that affects everyone. Our country cannot grow when policies we have discourage American men and women from having children.  Without Americans wanting to have children here, America will no longer be able to compete with much larger and stronger nations. 23% of new working mothers in America will be back on the job within two weeks of giving birth out of necessity. At this time the mothers’ body is still bleeding and the stitches are not healed. (Shortall, 2015) It is not safe to return to work before at least six weeks and even then most mothers are not emotionally able to return. “Every time a woman leaves the workforce because she can't find or afford childcare, or she can't work out a flexible arrangement with her boss, or she has no paid maternity leave, her family's income falls down a notch. Simultaneously, national productivity numbers decline.” Madeleine M. Kunin     Works CitedBureau of Labor Statistics. (2018, April 19). Employment Characteristics of Families Summary. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics: CDC. (2017, March 31). Births and Natality . Retrieved from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Devlin, D. (2015, Febuary 5). What would it cost to have mandatory, paid parental leave? Retrieved from Fortune: Dishman, L. (2016, January 28). The Real Cost Of Paid Parental Leave For Business. Retrieved from Fast Company: Dwyer, D. (2013, Nov. 21). Three reasons why paid paternity leave should be more common. Retrieved from STATE OF OPPORTUNITY. Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?: FindLaw. (2018). Family and Medical Leave: Overview. Retrieved from FindLaw: Shortall, J. (2015, October). The US needs paid family leave — for the sake of its future. Retrieved from Ted Talk: United States Department of Labor . (2018, October). FMLA (Family & Medical Leave). Retrieved from United States Department of Labor: United States Department of Labor. (2010). Women's Bureau. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics: Women’s Health in the U.S. Department of Health an. (2018, August 27). Making the decision to breastfeed. Retrieved from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services:  

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Petition to Department of Youth Protection, Province of Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos, Ted Lieu, Justin Trudeau, Adam B. Schiff, Kamala D. Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Directeur de la protection de la jeunesse, Michael Barkin, Louis-Philippe Emond

Release my 2 AMERICAN Daughters that Quebec is Detaining for 6 Months without a Trial

Help my family (Ariane Bellamar and Tanner Slaught) reunite with their kids (Emma and Melitta) after a horrific series of events that unjustly tore our family apart.  The children are being held in Quebec, Canada against their will and without a trial to clear our name for 6 months. It is now 9 months, as of a secret hearing on September 20th that we were not notified of by the petitioning attorney) I have applied for legal aid twice but have been denied twice because I don't have a 'Quebec Address', which leaves us without any representation or defense because we spent all of our money fighting for our children while in Quebec.  My children were taken from an Airbnb's rental apartment after my wife was sexually assaulted by detaining Quebec officers. How can the Quebec Government take my children based on easily disproven false charges and refuse to provide a hurting family with any form of representation or legal aid, yet claim jurisdiction over the right to detain my 2 young AMERICAN  daughters for 6 months without a trial to determine custody?  Yes, Quebec is holding my children for 6 months without a trial, claiming jurisdiction over my American children's custody, and yet in the Quebec Government says I don't have jurisdiction to be provided with legal representation.  No one is in court representing us, the parents... there are empty seats in court fighting for our children.  Life is horrible without both of my girls. Example: I missed the youngest learning to walk and continue to miss many firsts in her life.   Both girls are suffering physically and mentally.  Physically, the eldest is allergic to cats and was rushed to the hospital due to her first ever asthma attack because the home she is in has 3 cats.  The youngest had to be taken to the hospital after I demanded it only to find out that the neglect for her health resulted in my 2-year-old having bronchitis.  Please visit our website for greater details:  Are you an attorney? Send an email to: GoFundMe page:

Operation Return My Daughters
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, President of the United States, Don Rufty, Ty Jackson, Pamela Olson

Proposed Executive Order which will be an Emancipation Proclamation for the 21st Century

Executive Order to Restore integrity to State Courts In response to thousands of meritorious complaints that I have received, from The American People, from all over the nation, since taking office as your President, I am issuing this very belated Executive Order. For decades, numerous lower court judges have issued court orders that Violate the Rights of Americans. Each such illicit court order is a clear cut Felony Committed by the judge pursuant to US Code Title 18, Section 242. Although the law is crystal clear and easily understood, the aforementioned violations have continued unabated. The results of these Crimes Against The People have been horrendous. These Abominations have been especially prevalent in the "family courts". The Social Carnage of which I spoke in my inaugural address has destroyed the lives of millions of American Citizens. Millions of American Children have been wrongfully taken, Under Color Of Law, from fit parents. The parents have become financially destitute in their futile efforts to rescue their children from the foster care industry. Many have become homeless and many have committed suicide. Not only have the Mothers and Fathers Committed suicide, many of the children who have been physically, sexually and chemically abused in foster care have also Committed suicide. This very dark chapter in American History is going to come to an end, so help me God. The numerous violations of the Rights of The People have enabled the "Family Court Racket" to operate for decades. Motivation for this ongoing Criminal Enterprise has been monetary. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been taken from the Social Security Trust Fund to finance this Criminality. Draining the Social Security Trust Fund, in effect, is stealing the retirement of the younger generation of Americans. I am hereby ordering vigorous enforcement of Federal Criminal Complaints submitted to Federal Magistrate Judges in conjunction with Rules 3 and 4 of The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, pursuant to US Code Title 18, Section 242. The Supremacy Clause for the Consitution Of The United States shall nullify any attempt to circumvent, abrogate or violate the Consitutionally Protected Rights of The American People. Any non-compliance with this order will be ample grounds for removal of any judge who is guilty of Obstruction Of Justice, Dereliction Of Duty, Malfeasance, Misfeasance or Nonfeasance. Any such offender will also be Indicted and Prosecuted. Signed ........................................... Donald J. Trump President of the United States Date .......................... If president Trump signs this Executive Order, without substantial weakening of it, this document will become one of the most important ever signed in the United States. It will return Justice to The American People who have been denied Justice by the rampant judicial corruption which has been so cruelly inflicted upon The American People for decades. The Family Rights Movement has been a very rapidly growing Civil Rights Movement in recent years. It has been estimated that over 60% of the American population has been adversely affected by illicit Rights Violating court orders. Those affected include, primarily, mothers fathers and children, but also grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins whose relationships with the children have been severed. Although the pockets of the bad actors in the Family Court Racket have been richly lined, the resulting heartache and financial devastation for The American People has been enormous. Signing this historically significant document will demonstrate that the President's vow to the American people is being fulfilled. In his inaugural address he uttered the immortal words, "Never again will the American people be ignored." When I heard him utter those words, it made me cry. The cries and prayers of The American People have been heard by Our Father In Heaven. I believe that if President Trump signs this Executive Order without weakening it, he will be acting as an instrument in the hands of The Lord. He will be delivering The American People from the horrors they have suffered. From interfacing with Family Rights Activists and Advocates throughout this land, I believe that the percentage of Christians in the Family Rights Movement is very high. It is strongly populated with supporters of President Trump. We have been praying that President Trump will arise as a Champion of The People. With the signing of this Executive Order, President Donald J. Trump will chop off the head of this Goliath. Signing this document will ensure the legacy of President Trump as a great American President. It will endear him to Americans throughout the land. He will become one of the greatest American Heros. Don Rufty

Tyrone Jackson
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