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Petition to Theresa May MP, Welsh Government, Department of Education, David Cameron MP

Stand together and make a change Stop forced adoption and fostering

As parents all we want to do is protect, love and try our best to be the parents we can be. This is our happiness, our life so why do we allow local authorities to take our life away from us. I am fighting for myself, I am fighting for you and every other parent that is grieving for a child that is still alive, a children ripped from our arms, ruining innocent families causing trauma, torture and emotional harm from the removal of the probability of the unknown that may never happen, parent alienation. It'd the struggle like this that develop our strength. One decision. One change. One risk. One idea. That's a it takes. We have gone through one of the hardest things in our life and that one change,has the potential to make a 100 per cent difference in your life. Let's support, strengthen and encourage each other, somebody who saw more in you than anyone ever saw in you,fighting for our lives, we are parents and need to make a stand to stop innocent families ripped apart. Stop the torture, torment and emotional harm. Let's make a change, make a stand. Unite as one, we are stronger together and have the power to make a change dor every parent suffering...let's save our children. Words are power...voice of hope.. speak for those who can't...we have the power to make a change. Violations and exploitations. We're not ready to give up. Never give up..we are parents and we fight..fight for you and your children's rights. Your human rights and family rights. We have something no one else can give. A voice where words are power lets be heard. Let's put a stop to local authorities violation and exploitations of our rights and fight for our lives. Let's not give up. Keep our heads up and hold on be strong and stand together as one people who unite as one are stronger to together lets try and make a change

Kaleigh Jones
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Petition to Human Rights Campaign, Theresa May MP

Family forced to leave their country of birth due to loopholes in the law!!

My sister is a British citizen. She has lived in England all her life and both her children were born here. She married young and moved to Italy with her husband. She visited home as often as was allowed and it was during one of these visits that it came to light that she has been in a domestically abusive relationship for many years. Emotionally and psychologically she was broken. She plucked up the courage to stay home and after opening up to family decided it was better for her and her children to stay here where she had the support of her family rather than return to her existence in Italy!!  Since that time her then husband has sought to have the children returned to him in Italy stating she had illegally retained them in England. He initiated the Hague convention on the 1st October and after several court appearances in London my sister has now been told she must return to her marital home with both of her girls despite evidence from professionals stating her life would be in danger. She has lost all rights as a British citizen to protect her children in the country they were all born and our family is now being torn apart. Both girls have settled into life here joining school for the first time and socialising in a safe environment. It is through no fault of their own they are now being returned and all that is going to be taken away from them! They will not get to meet their new cousin who is due in 2 weeks time as they have to go back on 27th October. If my sister was to refuse to return she would lose her parental rights to the children!!  As a family we are devastated by the outcome. We believe the tiny loopholes in the law have allowed an abusive man to once again control of their lives. The justice system is made to protect people but in this instance it is separating a family and sending a victim of cohersive control a form of emotional and psychological domestic violence back to her abuser.  We want to make people aware of how this system supposedly put in place to help keep children and families safe is in actual fact not doing that! We need your support to bring this to the attention of the government and force a change in the law so no one else has to suffer like we have. So other vulnerable people can receive the support and advice they need to stop them being in the position my sister is now in. A second class citizen in her own country!!

Danielle Elliott
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Petition to York Family Court, North Yorkshire County Council

Help Get Sebastian Haden back to where he belongs, in the arms of his mummy and daddy

As many of you are aware, I Lost my son In a court hearing July 2016, the last time I saw him was November 2016, due to 'what ifs' over my mental health and Family background. I was only 16 years old when I found out about my son and did everything I could, everything right that is In all the books to look after Both of us before he was born.  He was born by emergency c section after finding out that I had pre eclampsia, braving my thoughts I did it all for him. I was very ill, very anaemic and very weak after he was born. I asked for help when I needed it and was aware that I couldn't be perfect.  I was getting better, then I developed Sepsis and had to get it dealt with quickly as it's a life threatening condition. So I was hooked up on machines for hours on end, not being able to attend to my son's needs, so my wonderful boyfriend helped Both of us. One day, after nearly being In better condition, social services knocked on my hospital room door, saying they were going to check my house to see if it's suitable, came back the next day apparently not so even though it was really tidy, I had to think of somewhere else to live.  I spent one night with my son to prove I can look after him. But because of my severe anaemia I passed out with him In my arms, and he supposedly fell on the floor even though there were no external or internal signs of injury. And I was terrified. The next day we were In court and the hospital, who had treated me so badly, didn't give me the medicines I needed for the two hour journey to the court. I had spent 15 days In hospital and that was the first day I was allowed outside. My son was put on an care order and I never took him home from that hospital. I knew we wouldn't be getting him back from that point and we spent hours In a sterile room they suggested, trying to prove we can parent him.  I was put In a Mother and baby foster placement with him miles from home, contact with family one hour every two weeks In a random room. The Father of my son and my wonderful fiance only got to see him for less than an hour a week with it taking longer than that to even get to us. The lady would take my son off me if I didnt calm him down within 10 seconds which stressed me and him out and it made it harder for us to bond.  I wasnt allowed to be alone with him which also forced me to not be allowed to breastfeed him. He loved having video calls with his granddad, but if the people at the place knew they would be furious with me even though he loved seeing his granddad.  I had til june and they ended my assessment at the beginning of may, not even giving me a chance. I saw people at CAMHS, and my Local doctor and they made a lot of assumptions and what ifs about my mental health, not helping me with anything they brought up. When I got home after all of these months of people saying these what ifs, the mental health worker at home said it was all because what social services and Everyone put me through, and because of all of that I now have ptsd.  I truly loved my son, he was my world, even though I only saw him for 10 months, I loved him with all my heart and would drop everything In a heartbeat to give him a perfect home, and the best life I can give him.  Unfortunately, we were pressured and bullied and it came to either we sign the paper for him to be adopted or the court would. He has been adopted, and has been for over a year now with that Family. I know they have good intentions, but he needs to be with me, he needs me, I am his mother and have been suffering night and day. Not even allowed pictures of him. I just want to get him home where he belongs, so he knows his family and multiple hearts can be mended, especially his. Even if we can't get him back into our home, I plead to recieve pictures of him, so I still know that he is alive and well.  

Coral Morgan
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