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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

The Family Law System gave convicted sex offender access to my little girl– now she’s dead

My teenage daughter committed suicide after the Family Law System allowed her father, a convicted child sex offender, access to her when she was just a child. The Family Court System failed my little girl. And they failed me, a protective mother, who in my attempt to protect my children from contact with their abusive father, faced being dismissed as a ‘hysterical woman’ and a ‘vindictive wife’.   How can this happen? The legal system, designed to protect vulnerable children, is instead allowing them access to convicted sex offenders and exposing them to further assaults. The family law policy of wanting kids to have a “meaningful relationship with both parents” drove the decision making that would eventually lead to the death of my darling girl. I can’t describe the pain of losing her - it’s been 3 years since she died. She was just 17 and such a loving and caring daughter and friend. It makes me physically sick to imagine what she went through. In 2002, Abbey's father was charged with the sexual assault of her 8-year-old best friend and sent to jail for a pathetic two years. The abuse occurred at regular sleepovers.    I’m desperate to fight for children and parents who’ve been grossly let down by the dysfunction of the Family Court System. The Court restricts children from doctor and counselling visits during legal proceedings, discounts their word against a parent's, views reports of sexual assault as vindictive and favours the most financially stable parent. It’s shameful and dangerous. My darling daughter had her whole life ahead of her, but by adding your name to this petition, we can bring about change for other kids. I am supporting Bravehearts call for a Royal Commission into the Family Law System of Australia to examine their damaging failings in protecting our children. It follows a report by Bravehearts which  highlights the failings of the Family Law System. It’s called Abbey’s Project. This will be Abbey’s legacy.

Gill _
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Give Police powers to act on people who breach Family Court orders.

I am a father of two children who is currently involved in a long and arduous custody battle. Having numerous vexatious Intervention Orders placed on me by the mother (all of which were thrown out), having my children withheld for no apparent reason other than to alienate me and not facilitating visits on my assigned days, I have, at times, been forced to call the local police to establish there whereabouts of my children. She refuses to call, text or email me about where the children are which I have had to convey to the police. The tell me that ALL they can do is call the mother and perform a "welfare check" because they don't get involved in Family Court matters. In my case the mother has withheld my children from me a total of 97 days this year to date (14/9), days which they should have been with me. I've been forced to take further Court action against her in the form of a Contravention hearing which could take months. In this time she has breached more than 10 times with NO consequence. I feel the police should have the powers to also charge the person for breaching a Family Court order when in place. I feel that vengeful, vexatious parents use this loophole against the other as there is NO penalty unless you pursue it through the Court. Even then there is no guarantee that the Judge will impose one. Our Family Law "system" needs a complete overhaul and police should have the powers to charge people who break these orders.    

Geoffrey Vincent
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Petition to The Hon Alan Tudge MP Minister for Human Services

Fairness in Child Support and Access Laws

Everyday in Australia, countless children go without contact with their Non-Custodial Parent. At the same time, Non-Custodial Parents are committing suicide due the high costs of child access which is not deductable from Child Support Payments. They are committing suicide because they are dealing with extremely one sided family laws. They are committing suicide from not being able to afford legal representation to gain access to their children. They are committing suicide because the Custodial Parent is refusing to allow access to their Children out of spite or manipulation. Children are being diagnosed with Depression and other Mental Health Issues because their are being withheld from Non-Custodial Parents. Children are committing self harm and suicide because they are being withheld from Non-Custodial Parents. As a community and nation, we need to stop the manipulation and the deaths. Child Access Laws need to be changed. Child Support Laws need to be changed. We, the people of Australia propose the following amendments to the Family Law Act 1975: The addition of the following mandatory Child Access Provision for all parents, where the family has broken down and where there has been NO Police or Department of Community Services Involvement; 1. It be mandatory the parents meet at a mutually suitable location approximately half way between both places of residence. 2. Minimum Access for the Non-Custodial Parent to the Children be; a) 1 (one) telephone conversation with the children of not less than 10 minutes in every seven (7) day period, where the child is of school age. b) Not less than one (1) uninterrupted 48 period in every 14 day period.  Where the child lives less than 200kms from the Non-Custodial parent.  c) One half (1/2) of all school holidays.  Totalling a minimum of 48 days per annum.  Taken as uninterrupted blocks of 7 days. 3. Where the Custodial Parent refuses to allow this basic Access, the Non-Custodial Parent be given unrestricted access to Legal Aid. Setting this as a legislated minimum Access will alleviate the majority of "Basic" Child Access cases for the Family Law Courts. And Where the Custodial Parent refuses to agree to the above provisions, we propose the following changes to the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989: 1. Non-Custodial Parents who are refused access to their Children by the Custodial parent are no longer require, by law, to pay Child Support. This excludes cases where POLICE INITIATED (not private) Apprehended Violence Orders are in place, or where Department of Community Services have declared the Non-Custodial Parent to be "unfit". 2. Non-Custodial Parents who have to travel more than 200kms one way or 400kms round trip (by the most direct route), to see their children, are reimbursed for travel and accommodation costs.  This reimbursement is set against Child Support Payable to the Custodial Parent.  Travel will include public transport fairs (Bus, Coach, Airline, Train).  Car travel will be reimbursed at the standard cost of $0.55 per km, indexed with CPI.  Accommodation will be reimburses at cost.  Receipts must be supplied to the Child Support Agency.  Reimbursement for travel costs is not claimable when both parties meet at a mutually suitable mid way point. 3. Non-Custodial Parents who choose NOT to maintain access with their Children are exempt from these provisions and MUST pay Child Support to the Custodial Parent at the legislated rate. Finally we feel the following exemption needs to be maintained: Where the Non-Custodial Parent is excluded from the Childrens Lives; by legal process (Police Initiated AVOs), by the Family Law Court, by The Department of Community Services, or by incarceration, the provisions mentioned in this petition do not affect their case and cannot be used to overrule the legal process.  

Jennifer Wilcox
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