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Petition to Immigration New Zealand

Help keep Matthew here in NZ

Hi Friends and Family Immigration NZ has declined Matts Work Partnership Visa application to stay in NZ and will unlawfully be in NZ in two days time 16/02/18.  As you know, Matt and I have been together a little over 1 year now and have been friends since 2012. All of our close friends are from the same group. We are a normal couple and are very happy together. We have his daughter Grace from his previous relationship, stay with us every weekend. And Matt and I are also expecting our baby in approx. 4 weeks time.  Close friends and family know, that due to my health issues the decision was made fairly soon to have a baby together. This was to ensure we didn't miss out on one of the greatest treasures in life before my reproductive parts are removed for good (This example being one of many tests). We know, no matter life has to throw at us, even after 6 years of friendship, a relationship together will not change how well we deal with things together.  I will be on maternity leave soon and Matt has been supporting us financially (due to complications with my previous job and pregnancy symptoms) where the company and I agreed to take an exit package and move on. Since then no matter what recruitment agencies I enrolled through, understandably no one wants to hire a pregnant person who would be due to leave after a short amount of time. I have been lucky to find contracting working in the mean time through some great people to help keep us afloat.However since his visa application has been declined, he is no longer allowed to work. Obviously kicking him out of the country is going to cause us to be extremely unstable and as a result it will split our family in two. This will also impact our newborn son and Grace, if their daddy is to be forced to leave the country. They have declined his application on two things: 1. Our relationship does not appear to be "genuine or stable" and/or likely to "endure". 2. They are not satisfied that Matt is a "bona fide" applicant in New Zealand.   We wont go into details about how we disagree with these things. Due to our lawyer having to fight this for us. Those who know us and our situation will be aware that this is false. Our concern is that they are portraying Matt to be a person who has resided in NZ for the last 12 months unlawfully and if he is to leave the country, he will not be allowed back in to NZ for 5 years as a result of the false allegations. This fight is going to cost us $10k approx and is not something we should have to deal with right now when our baby is almost due.  We appreciate this is a lot of reading. Please take the time to sign this as we need as much help as we can get.    References Definition of:  Genuinetruly what something is said to be; authentic."genuine 24-carat gold"synonyms: authentic, real, actual, original, pukka, bona fide, true, veritable, unfeigned, unadulterated, unalloyed;(of a person, emotion, or action) sincere."a genuine attempt to put things right"synonyms: sincere, honest, truthful, unhypocritical, meaning what one says, straightforward, direct, frank, candid, open; Stableadjective: stable; comparative adjective: stabler; superlative adjective: stablest(of an object or structure) not likely to give way or overturn; firmly fixed."specially designed dinghies that are very stable"synonyms: firm, solid, steady, secure, fixed, strong, fast, stout, sturdy, safe, moored, anchored, stuck down, immovable, well built, well constructed, substantial"a very stable tent"antonyms: unstable, rickety(of a patient or their medical condition) not deteriorating in health after an injury or operation."he is now in a stable condition in hospital"sane and sensible; not easily upset or disturbed."the officer concerned is mentally and emotionally stable"synonyms: well balanced, balanced, sound, mentally sound, of sound mind, sane, normal, right in the head, in possession of all one's faculties, able to think/reason clearly, lucid, clear-headed, rational, coherent, steady, reasonable, sensible, sober, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, with both one's feet on the ground; Moreantonyms: unstable, unbalancednot likely to change or fail; firmly established."a stable relationship"synonyms: secure, solid, strong, steady, firm, sure, steadfast, level, unwavering, unvarying, unfaltering, unfluctuating, unswerving; Moreantonyms: unstable, rocky, changeablenot liable to undergo chemical decomposition, radioactive decay, or other physical change."isocyanic acid reacts with amino groups to form a stable compound. Endureverb: endure; 3rd person present: endures; past tense: endured; past participle: endured; gerund or present participle: enduring1. suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently."it seemed impossible that anyone could endure such pain"synonyms: undergo, go through, live through, experience, meet, encounter; More2. Remain in existence; last."these cities have endured through time"synonyms: last, live, live on, go on, hold on, abide, continue, persist, remain, stay, survive; Moreantonyms: fade, short-lived Immigration NZ Reference: E5.1 Definition of 'bona fide applicant' A bona fide applicant for temporary entry is a person who:a. genuinely intends a temporary stay in New Zealand for a lawful purpose; andb. in the opinion of an immigration officer is not likely:i. to remain in New Zealand unlawfully; orii. to breach the conditions of any visa granted; oriii. to be unable to leave or be deported from New Zealand (see E5.10).  

Rochelle Stansell
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Petition to Catherine King, Greg Hunt MP, Malcolm Turnbull, Malcolm Turnbull MP

Tell the government to fund the care that Midwives give newborns. Qualify Our Babies!

As it stands today babies born in hospital in Australia are admitted as patients but the hospital does not receive any funding for their care.  This is based on the premise that they will be cared for by their mother.  Many babies born in tertiary/high risk hospitals though, will need specialised observations, investigations and treatment that can only be provided by Registered Midwives or Registered Nurses.  Blood glucose monitoring for babies of mothers with diabetes, IV antibiotics, neonatal medications, blood tests, phototherapy for jaundice, specialised observations for sepsis risk/meconium aspiration/drug withdrawal are all common in high risk hospital environments.  And becoming more and more so.  These tasks have been added to the workloads of Midwives over the years, and with the growing number of women with complicated pregnancies the workloads are becoming increasingly unmanageable.  Midwives are are expected to care for the same number of women as always, but the babies don’t count in their patient load. This needs to change now. These babies need to be recognised as patients in their own right and funded as such.   Midwives need time to provide these additional cares to the babies without compromising their ability to provide care for women’s physical, psychological and emotional health as they adjust to motherhood and recover from the birth of their baby.  We need to provide important breastfeeding support, newborn care education, safety education, discharge planning etc. We want the government to change the way babies are classified in tertiary hospitals when they are born to mothers with high risk pregnancy complications. My letter to the health ministers explains in more detail what and why we need change to happen now.  I am hoping for a response to that and to this petition ASAP. Maybe by the time International day of the Midwife arrives in May we can get this through. We need parents and parents-to-be to partner with us. Please add your voice to our cause and sign the petition. The change has to come from the federal health department, which is why this petition is directed to the Minister and Shadow Minister for Health.    

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Petition to Stephen Bali, Victoria Nesire, Western Sydney Local Health District Chief Executive

Save our community resource: Childcare, Mums & Bubs Group, and “Sing, Move & Play” Group

Please help to keep our Bungarribee community resource – Childcare, Mums and Bubs Playgroup, and “Sing, Move & Play” group Now it's just me at home with you what am I supposed to do all day? I can't really stand these same walls. Why do I feel this way? Is it just me?This is an internal monologue that is had by more than half of mums staying at home with newborn and toddler children. It takes a really safe environment and time for a bond to form at these groups until mothers sharing these same experiences can actually open up to one another. Sometimes the bond is the time outside of your own head and the promise of a friendly adult face and conversation to keep your sanity in check. The holiday break can be hard enough let alone the thought of losing a resource such as these which have been available in our community.The mums and bubs program offers a safe space and checks in on each mum or caregiver each week. This is an amazing asset because hearing that you are not alone and that your baby is normal (or maybe not as the case may be) is a comfort to mothers. As important are the supportive staff whose constant presence offers guidance and who can identify mothers and carers in need of help and point them to the direction of services and resources equipped to provide relief and further support as appropriate. Is it Tuesday or Wednesday?... I hope it's Thursday tomorrow and we can go to Move Sing Play. I’m going to be confident and go to the park for lunch with those mums I sat next to last week. They seem nice.No one understands the love a mother feels for their child or at the same time the loneliness and isolation a stay at home mum can feel but is often feeling too guilty to speak up about. When you find a like-minded person or group a dramatic change in mindset happens, and all of a sudden your internal voice seems less judgmental of yourself and softer, your confidence to ask questions and for help grows and before you know it your confidence in yourself is boosted. Playgroups, music programs, mums and bubs groups are for the mothers and carers as much as the babies and children. Did you see that?? Oh my goodness he is growing up so much! I cannot believe how confident he is now to participate like that. It was only weeks ago he wouldn't even look at anyone else.So the mums form a bond and we relax into a routine, we sit with the same group and usually in the same spot and we all get to know each other well. This includes the important little babies we're all there to parent. They get comfortable with this routine too and before you know it they are thriving. Taking first steps, singing songs, dancing, social interactions with their peers, physical and mental milestones left right and centre around the room. We all share in each other’s children's achievements because now we've become a close-knit group and we're invested in each other's wellbeing. When the mums are off having babies the dads and grandparents are attending to make sure the older children don't miss out. These classes aren't just for the mums looking for something to pass the time. There is a real commitment in attendance and many families schedule work, childcare and other commitments around these classes. No we don't pay for it, we fundraise at Easter and Christmas and share these events with the wider community. No I’m serious!We tell our friends and family and well, anyone who will listen with bursting pride about our community we have grown and continue to support because we cherish our place in it and the support we ourselves received when we needed it most.The sentiments above are shared widely by many families in our community during the early years of parenting. Whilst we acknowledge there are commercial and budgetary considerations which may support the removal of these services, we would ask the decision makers to take into serious consideration the underlying benefits to families in supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of parents, caregivers and children in our community which will unlikely be addressed by alternative services offered. This Bungarribee community resource - Childcare, Mums and Bubs Playgroup, and “Sing, Move & Play” group now desperately needs the help of our community and its supporters to remain available. We need to highlight the significance these programs play in supporting mothers and children in our community and the gap the removal of these services will leave on so many families. Please note these services are provided by the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) and not the local council. The decision to exit from childcare services has been made by the management of WSLHD. We are appealing to Cr Bali to gain the support of the Council to assess how we can retain these services for the families of Blacktown. For regular updates join

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Petition to Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, Malcolm Turnbull MP

Baby Formula stricter policy !!

I am sure alot of families in Australia can relate to my issues of finding my sons baby formula l, especially at major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths. This is getting beyond a joke now!!!! I along with many other mothers and families are getting sick of having to try so many shops just to find baby formula for our babies.. Last week I had to go to 4 different locations ending up at a chemist out my area and paying more just for my sons formula. (S26 Original progress) staff at coles and woolworths have even checked out back when ive asked and said there was no stock there either.. Now I am a single mother of 3 kids. 11, 2 and 8 months old. So getting us in and out of a car at each shop just to find formula is by all means a struggle to say the least and exhausting... Im sure alot of parents can relate to this struggle. Its time we fight backAnd fight to bring in stricter policies to put this to a stop once and for all!!! *  Lets get the Baby Formula tins put behind checkouts so they are monitered. * Or locked up like cigarettes and paint are. * Or lets get a identification scan on these items just as places like Alice Spring  have to with alcohol. * Alot of parents have suggested having         formula put on prescriptions or having to       present a medicare care card and put on a.     system This change will help us thousands of Australian families so we arent made to struggle just to feed our own babies in our own country! Costing us more in petrol and paying more elsewhere cos of stock availability.. Whats happening is CRIMINAL !!! Time to stop worrying about the $$$$ and start worrying about your Australian families who shop at your stores!  Sincerely.  One Very Frustrated Mother Alicia Cartwright

Alicia Cartwright
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