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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, Billy Long, Roy Blunt, Mike Parson

Medicare: Stop Denying Medically Necessary Treatment.

Medicare currently denies many medically necessary treatments regarding our health. But “Medicare” does not treat us – our doctors do. As many people know our elderly and disabled people are put on Medicare. Our low income families receive Medicaid. We have paid into this program from working, our taxes, and many other forms of payments we have to make to the government. We should demand coverage for medically necessary treatment – deemed medically necessary by our doctors – NOT by Medicare! They will pay thousands of dollars once your health fails but will not cover preventative treatment? We as Americans deserve better than this. We deserve adequate, dignified and compassionate healthcare especially when we pay them. How can they know each individuals needs based on a one-size-fits-all approach? Personally, I have been denied oral nutrition for life sustaining care because I’m not tube fed, YET. Yes, you really have to be on the verge of death. I have been denied IV hydration because it’s not drug-related. I’ve been referred to a palliative care doctor who in his notes states "if these things are not rectified it will lead to my death". This is where everyone can get involved because at some point everyone will experience this government healthcare. I'm advocating for better healthcare coverage for ALL on Medicare and Medicaid. Our lives matter. Demand Medicare and Medicaid cover your medical needs – medically necessary, life sustaining treatments. You deserve it. We deserve it. Demand Medicare pay for medically necessary, life sustaining treatment!

Kristine Bishop
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Petition to Thomas Webb, Sergei Chernikov, Erin Culbert, Dan Bishop, Jeff Jackson, Vickie Sawyer, Jeff Tarte, Joyce Waddell, Natasha Marcus, Kelly Alexander, John Autry, Chaz Beasley, Mary Belk, John Bradford, Bill Brawley, Becky Carney, Carla Cunningham, Andy Dulin, Beverly Earle, John Fraley, Rodney Moore, Paige Sheehan, Bill Norton, Lynn Good, Cara Brooks, Jordan Martin, M Atkins, Roy Cooper, Michael Regan, Mitchell Setzer, Andy Wells, Rusty Knox, WT Washam, J Aneralla, board , elected officials, J Pope, J Pierson, R Gaither, LaShonda Hart, Shiela Holman, John Risgaard, Andrew Pitner, Brandy Costner, Mike North, Alexandra Russell


At Marshall Steam Station on Lake Norman, Duke Energy stores millions of tons of coal ash on the banks of the lake in an unlined leaking pit that pollutes the groundwater and the lake.  In November, Duke Energy was required to make public filings under national coal ash storage standards that showed that Duke Energy’s coal ash storage is failing those standards. Under the North Carolina Coal Ash Management Act, The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will decide in April whether Duke Energy will be required to clean up the Lake Norman site and move the coal ash to safe, dry, lined storage. Duke Energy has proposed to leave the coal ash in the unlined pit on the banks of Lake Norman and put a synthetic cover and soil on top (so-called cap in place).  Local community and conservation groups have been urging Duke Energy to move its coal ash to safe, dry, lined storage away from the lake and out of the groundwater (“clean closure”).  Duke Energy is now required to remove its coal ash from unlined pits at 8 other sites in North Carolina, but Duke Energy wants to leave its coal ash in an unlined pit at Lake Norman. In South Carolina, all the coal ash is being removed from every unlined coal ash lagoon in the state, but Duke Energy wants to leave coal ash in unlined waterfront pits in North Carolina, including on Lake Norman. Tell The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Duke Energy to clean up the coal ash mess at Lake Norman by moving the ash out of the unlined pit to safe dry, lined storage – as Duke Energy is required to do at 8 other sites in North Carolina, and as is happening at every coal ash lagoon in South Carolina.  Lake Norman and the surrounding community deserve the same protections! And It’s important for NC DEQ and DE leave a lasting legacy of caring for the community, by correctly and properly cleaning up the coal ash on Lake Norman.  

Coal Ash
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Petition to Department of Homeland Security

Demand DHS bring back FBI background checks for staff working with immigrant kids

Not only are these kids being separated from their families, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just waived FBI background checks for caregivers working at the Tornillo detention center. Right now, there are over 2,000 teens being held in Tornillo - apart from their families. With no guardian, these kids are left in the hands of DHS staff who could possibly have a colored past, that could even involve child endangerment or abuse. If it’s not ok for American children in public schools, it’s not ok for kids being held against their will by DHS. Tell DHS to reinstate background checks for all staff at Tornillo. The 2,100 staff at Tornillo haven’t had to undergo FBI background checks or fingerprinting, something anyone working at a daycare would have to do. Instead, DHS is outsourcing background screening to private contractors who have limited access to criminal records. Tell DHS to reinstate FBI background checks for Tornillo staff. Tornillo started holding children in June. As a ‘temporary facility’, it started holding 360 kids separated from their families. Now it looks like this facility will become permanent. Over 1,300 teens were sent to Tornillo since the end of October alone. Now it holds 2,324 13-17 year olds in tents. For comparison, more people are detained in Tornillo than in all but one of America’s 204 federal prisons. In terms of economic price, Tornillo will cost taxpayers $430 million this year. It’s bad enough that DHS has torn these kids from their families, the least they can do is ensure that kids in detention centers like Tornillo are not put into contact with criminals. If DHS gets away with waiving FBI background checks for staff dealing with minors, countless kids could be put at risk. Tell DHS to bring back FBI background checks for all staff at Tornillo.

Janine Tangney
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