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Petition to Maryland Lawmakers

Better Sex Offender Laws to Protect our Children

Did you know that currently in the State of Maryland, it is not against the law for a Tier III Registered Sex Offender to be alone with a minor?  It is considered child neglect or endangerment to leave a young child home alone or in a car, but you can tuck a child into bed next to a convicted pedophile and walk away for the night having committed no crime.  In 2017 my family fell apart when I discovered that my husband had abused one of my daughters.  He was later indicted on felony child sex abuse charges, held in jail without bond, and eventually accepted a plea deal for a 10-year suspended sentence and a lifetime registration as a Tier III Registered Sex Offender.  Several months ago, one of my daughters revealed that on her "supervised" visits with Daddy, the family member that was entrusted with providing the supervision was allowing her and her sister to sleep alone with Daddy.  Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement got involved, eventually determining that no actual laws were broken, because it is currently not against the law for a registered sex offender to sleep alone with a child.  Therefore, it is solely up to me to continue fighting as to why I refuse to allow my children to return to that previous visitation situation.  It is hard enough to become a single mother of three daughters without warning, to lose 75% of your household income in one day, to try to carry your children through the most traumatic event of their lives, let alone having the additional burden of exhausting all of your energy and resources in constant battles to protect your children.  The legal fees have already topped $23,000, and who knows how much higher they will get. According to Darkness to Light, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse, about one in ten children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday.  There are an estimated 42 million child sexual abuse survivors currently living in the United States, and as much as we would like to think that the predators are far removed from our families, 90% of child sexual abuse victims knew their abuser. This year, there will be approximately 400,000 babies born in the U.S. that will eventually become victims of child sexual abuse unless we do something to stop it.  The problem is much more wide spread than many of us would like to believe, as the statistics are drastically under reported.  According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, only 12% of child sexual abuse is ever reported to the authorities. The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault reports that 73% of child victims don’t report the abuse for at least one year, with 45% not disclosing for at least five years.  Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults, including assaults on adults, occur to children ages 17 and under. We would like to think that we can identify someone who isn't safe, and protect our children from them, but it's not always that easy.  Sometimes unsafe people look just like safe people.  Sometimes the unsafe people are coaching your kid's soccer team, or at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, or sitting next to you in church.  Once someone has been identified as unsafe, there should be laws in place to ensure they cannot have the opportunity to offend again.  Currently the only restriction in the State of Maryland is that a registered sex offender cannot step foot on school property.  But there needs to be more when the conviction involved a child.  Abusers should not be allowed at any event designated for children, regardless of whether or not it's on school property, and they most certainly should not be legally allowed to be alone with children.  Help me keep my children safe.  Help me keep YOUR children safe and create boundaries to minimize the opportunity for someone convicted of abusing a child to gain access to your children.  Child safety is greater than abuser rights. Please sign this petition and share so it can reach more supporters.  If this reaches other states, research the laws where you live, and if they are inadequate, message me and I will help you fight in your state, too.  If you have any feedback on other avenues to pursue these laws, or even suggestions on resources for my personal family situation, please contact me at  Thank you so much for your support. 

Annie Kenny
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Petition to Will Schofield

Allow transgender boy to run for Prom King

Last week, the Johnson High School administration was informed by the Hall County Schools superintendent, Will Schofield, that Dex Frier, a transgender male, must be removed from the Prom King ballot. The solution, proposed by Mr. Schofield, was to allow Dex a choice between being listed on the Prom Queen ballot or to be removed from both ballots. Prior to Mr. Schofield's interference, we, the Johnson High School student body, elected Dex Frier to represent us as a male member on Prom Court—this was a free-response, purely democratic election system in which Dex was one of six males who received the most votes. Not only are we confused at this decision, but we are severely disappointed in the Hall County School Board. The two core beliefs of Hall County Schools are outlined on their webpage: “The Most Caring Place On Earth” and “Character, Competency, and Rigor…For All.” The decision made by Mr. Schofield fails to reflect either core value of Hall County Schools and is rather an exposition of a transphobic attitude that endangers many more than just Dex. This petition is absent of any malicious intentions, rather, it is a medium in which Hall County students, and students across the globe, can demonstrate solidarity in the fight for human rights regardless of gender, race, class, or any other perceived difference. Our request is simple: allow Dex Frier to remain as a male member of Johnson High School's Prom Court. I hope that you stand with us, that you stand with Dex, against the transphobic attitude of Hall County Schools. 

Sam Corbett
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Petition to Andrew Clark

Stop the Fair View Crematorium

Fair View Cemetery wants to build a dangerous and risky crematorium in Middletown, NJ along Oak Hill Road. This proposal, if allowed to be built, will be surrounded by neighborhoods of children, soccer fields, four public schools, and a historical nature preserve.  If built, this crematorium poses a serious health risk to the children and pregnant women of Middletown, as well as the sensitive wetlands of the Navesink River Watershed. Crematoriums release numerous toxins and pollutants into the air, including Mercury, dioxins such as TCDD, hydrochloric acid, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. These chemicals are released into the air, carried by the wind and drop onto the surrounding lands and waterways. Over time, repeated exposure to these chemicals can cause serious health concerns for the brain, kidneys and lungs and have been linked to cancer. There is also an increased risk of stillbirths and the life threatening brain abnormality anencephalus when pregnant mothers live near a crematoria.  Additionally, the building of this crematorium will result in declined quality of life as loud noises and noxious fumes are emitted from the building, and a decline in our property values. This crematorium will provide no economic benefit to the community and will be just another example of over-development in Middletown.  This dangerous and risky proposal will be in front of the Middletown Planning Board for approval shortly. Please sign the petition to let the Planning Board know that this proposal is not wanted as it will be surrounded by children, neighborhoods, playgrounds and schools! A copy will also be delivered to the Middletown Township Committee, the governing body that appoints all members to the Planning Board and is responsible for the town's Master Plan. The Township Committee is accountable for constituent relationships and outreach and this proposal will provide no positive benefits to our community.        

Andrew Clark
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