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Petition to County attorneys office, mower county sheriffs dept., Northeast iowa humane society

Help get justice for Blue!!

We need to get Justice for Blue, my friend and family member. We need Mower Co. Sheriffs dept to set an example of how theft is wrong.. And people taking someones fur baby is like kid napping. Also would like to have the humane society do a more thorough search for the pets family. They didnt even require a city or state as where my pup was 'found'. He was stolen from the care of a friend of Ryans with the deception that Jeffrey Phillips and his gf stephanie would return our dog to us.. Instead they drove him am hour away into Iowa.. (Different state) to dump him off as a stray. They deprived me off my esa. He is a family member.. And they tossed him away, not to mention then threatened ryan and I with physical violence because we told people about the theft. Now they haven't been charged as of yet. Sheriff wants receipts for the monetary value of the dog first. How can you put a price tag on a family member.. Or a child? Cause thats what he is like.. Our child. We would like this couple to be held accountable for their actions... And would like our pup home. Due to the neihs not requiring the paperwork being filled out correctly, he has been rehomed and the current 'parents' wont talk to us to see if we can work something out. I kept looking.. Everyday.. Posted on every site.. Kept them updated.. And looked at thousands of pics until a rumor got whispered in our ear about him being rehomed in iowa. Then I looked at every shelter starting with howard county moving south. Thats when I found the 1.. Yea just 1 pic and post of my baby Blue.... 5 months after he was taken. Please help us get something done about this situation so we can ger our baby back.. Or at least justice for him.

Jaime Miller
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Petition to Spokane Interstate Fair

Stop religious extremist booth at Spokane Interstate Fair

The right-wing extremists behind the Liberty State movement have been granted a booth at the Spokane Interstate Fair which opens in a few days on September 6th, 2019. The fair should be about winning ribbons, live music, rides, and regrettable food choices; not advancing an agenda affiliated with Christian Dominionism, misogyny, racism, and recruiting potential extremists willing to carry out armed revolution. A family friendly event in our community should not be a venue to normalize these efforts and fundraise for their execution.  In recent days there has been a growing bipartisan outcry for Rep. Matt Shea, the legislator behind the Liberty State, to either step down or be removed from office for his activities and rhetoric. It’s not just Shea, there are other folks associated with this effort that are under FBI surveillance and related organizations that have been labeled as hate groups. We believe the Spokane community deserves a fun, family friendly fair without this brand of extremism and a willingness to call for “bloodshed.” The Spokane Interstate Fair retains full authority on who is allowed to have a booth space. By signing this petition you are asking the Spokane Interstate Fair to do the right thing for the safety of our families and expressing your willingness to boycott the fair if necessary.   For more information:  

Jessa Lewis
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