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Petition to Government, Kinship, and Foster Families

Breaking the Generation Cycle

I am a 47 year old grandmother with MS and other health issues. I have become a mother again I have been raising my grandson for almost 4 years now. And my daughter had twins last year, their father is doing a wonderful job as a single dad. It is a privilege to have children PLEASE if you are not going to take care of them then do not have children so others have to take care or your responsibility. Last night I attended a Foster Care Forum their are so many children in foster care in the state of Ohio Laura Hancock state's "Together Ohio's three largest urban areas (Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus) have 45% of the state's foster kids. To improve Ohio's foster care system Gov. Mike DeWine assembled an advisory council seven meetings have been scheduled across the state to listen to kids, parents, advocates and others". Grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, and foster parents we have a voice, and should use it. If a mother has a child that is taken care of by someone else, and this is due to drugs or neglect if this mother becomes pregnant again; Before she leaves the hospital with a (Mandated Birth Control Law) in place a part of her discharge care would include 5 year birth control. This would prevent further unwanted pregnancies, and save the government money, also providing more programs for the children already born.

Gwendolyn Washington
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Petition to Charlie Baker

Return Marni and Harper To Their Family

My 2 daughters were removed from our residence on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 by our local Department Of Children's Services. They came home from school and this department came into the residence, and with no compassion or feeling, quickly removed my children from me and told me I was not fit to care for them because of my illness, which is currently being treated at the auto immune and infectious disease department of Neurology at Mass General Hospital in Boston. My illness has never affected their quality of life.  They have never had to deal with my illness by themselves and they have always been watched by their Father or my sister when I am unable to care for them.  They have barely ever seen any seizures because they have been shielded always from such trauma and my children are well adjusted and happy little girls who love their community and school. My children have always been watched by only family and a few close friends their entire life and since they were taken from my custody on Wednesday,  they have been shuttled around and placed in 3 separate homes instead of being home with me and their family. They are scared and want to come home to all of us.  There is absolutely no reason for my children to be taken by DCF other than to terrorize a family already dealing with a lot.  The only thing is add trauma to lives and taking them away from myself and the family who loves them.  I love my children more than anything in my life and would do anything to have then return to their family immediately,  safe and sound.  They are deeply loved and well taken care of. I ask all my friends to help me and sign this petition if you care for the health and safety of my 2 beautiful,  smart, brave little girls, who deserve so much more than this and I am regretfully sorry and broken this has happened to my sweet angels. To those who know my girls and me, please fight for our family to get them home, safe and sound.  Please sign this petition. I call on all my friends,  family to please sign and stand by us to get Marni and Harper back where they belong. Thank you.

Stevie Rankin
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