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Petition to Department of Homeland Security

Stop tearing families apart

The Trump Administration recently began implementing a new “zero tolerance” prosecution policy that has separated hundreds of immigrant children, including infants and toddlers, from their parents upon arriving at the border. These families are often fleeing horrific violence, and parents are doing everything they can to protect their children by coming to the United States. Taking these children from their parents is inhumane, unnecessary, and unacceptable. Sign our petition and demand that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stop tearing immigrant children from their parents. Under Attorney General Sessions’ new policy, adults arriving at the border outside of designated ports of entry will be criminally prosecuted and sent to U.S. Marshal Service custody to await prosecution, and then transferred to immigration detention to await immigration proceedings. Children cannot be kept in adult detention facilities and will be rendered “unaccompanied,” transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, and placed in different facilities and shelters for children, sometimes several states away from their parents. Pediatricians and child welfare professionals have spoken out forcefully about the significant and enduring trauma forced separations inflict on children and their families. Family separation also creates challenges for children seeking legal protection, who must now prepare their cases with only limited access to information and documentation from their parents that could help to prove their claims. As a result, children may be unable to support their cases for asylum and be returned to harm or death in their home countries. There is no law that compels the separation of children from their parents, and the Administration can and should immediately halt policies that embrace this cruel and unnecessary practice. This ruthless and brutish targeting and treatment of particularly vulnerable children and families is being done in the name of all Americans. Join us in calling on DHS to immediately stop separating immigrant families.

Kids In Need of Defense
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Petition to Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Dianne Feinstein

Stop the Separation of Parents and Children at the US Border

Petition to Stop the Separation of Parents and Children at the US Border. We are asking Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein of California to put forwards legislation to stop the separation of parents and children at the US border. The PTSD that is experienced by these parents and children because of their traumatic separation is immoral, illegal, unethical, equal to torture and not acceptable to reproductive justice and health workers.  Reproductive Justice advocates Maternal Infant health and medical professionals, Educators and Counselors work for the health and bonding of mothers and babies, parents and children, not the deliberate infliction of trauma on them. We honor and promote the bond between Mothers and Babies, children and Parents. From Kamala Harris comments with the Department of Homeland Security on what’s happening with parents and children at the US border. “ [DHS] has separated 700 children from their parents at the border since October of 2017, including more than 100 children who are under the age of four.  Harris also pressed Nielsen, DHS Secretary,  on a recent policy change by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that allows for more immigrant pregnant women to be held in detention facilities. Harris highlighted multiple federal oversight reports that have documented cases of miscarriages, sexual abuse, as well as deaths of immigrants under federal custody.” BEBA, a Center for Family Healing, is one of many sources available, citing the research on the painful symptoms babies, children and adults experience when traumatized by separation including PTSD, aggressive behavior, depression, problems with relationships and much more. You can learn more at,, Please add your name to this petition and affirm the value of the bond between mothers and babies, parents and children.

Gena McCarthy
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Petition to Charles Rivkin, John Fithian

Make tomorrow's kid-rated movies smokefree and save one million lives

#RateSmokingR Why do so many kids still start to smoke? America removed cigarette commercials from TV and radio nearly fifty years ago. But kid-rated movies — especially PG-13 movies — still push smoking at children and teens. In 2017, half of PG-13 movies featured smoking, the highest level in years. Smoking in movies kills in real life. Smoking on screen will recruit six million American kids to smoke in this generation. Two million of those kids will die from cancer and other diseases caused by smoking. Parents and health advocates demand a reasonable solution to this urgent problem. America's #1 killer deserves the R-rating. R-rating future movies with smoking will keep smoking OUT of movies rated G, PG and PG-13 — the movies that kids see most — and cut young audiences' deadly risk in half. The CDC says the R-rating will save one million kids from tobacco addiction, America's #1 cause of preventable death. Film producers will still be able to include smoking in any movie they want, accepting an R-rating just as they routinely do for other content. Why won't Hollywood act? The major movie studios and movie theater chains run the film ratings. They know the harm done by onscreen smoking. Their leaders could update the R-rating tomorrow but, so far, they've refused. The tobacco industry, far richer than Hollywood, has a long history of exploiting movies to sell smoking, using paid product placement and other tactics. Movies are the last media channel pushing tobacco at kids, completely unrestricted. When it comes to life and death, Hollywood must follow a simple rule: One little letter "R" will save one million lives. Learn more…and educate others:• Smokefree Movies (University of California, San Francisco) • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC fact sheet)  

Smokefree Movies
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Petition to John F. Bash

Prosecute Sessions (and others) for Separating Children At The Border (18 U.S.C. § 2441)

On October 1st, 2017, elements of the Justice Department, and the Department of Homeland Security (ICE, Border Patrol, etc.) began separating children from their parents at the border, as a matter of policy.   Thousands of parents are being split from their children; the children are falsely labeled “unaccompanied minors” and sent to government custody, or internment camps, and the parents labeled criminals and sent to jail.  These children are being kept as hostages, to encourage undocumented parents and asylum seekers to withdraw their claims of asylum, and leave the United States. Separated children are crying themselves to sleep because they don’t know where their parents are; one Honduran man killed himself in a detention cell after his child was taken from him. An American Civil Liberties Union report released in May 2018 documented hundreds of claims of “verbal, physical, and sexual abuse” of unaccompanied children by Border Patrol.  The government is sending very mixed signals about if the Trump administration is even trying to reunite families at all.  It has also been denounced by the UN. Doctors have stated, "By separating parents and children, we are doing irreparable harm to these children." This policy was put into place by Donald Trump (POTUS) and Stephen Miller (Sr. Policy Advisor), and is being executed by Jeff Sessions (Attorney General), Kirstjen Nielsen (DHS Secretary), and Manuel Padilla Jr. (Border Patrol chief for the Rio Grande Valley) as well as others. However, this policy is also illegal. Under 18 U.S.C. § 2441, a United States Citizen, or member of the Armed Forces, may be found guilty of committing war crimes under certain conditions.  2 of those conditions include Cruel Treatment, and the Taking of Hostages.   Under U.S. law, it falls to the U.S. Attorney of the Western District of Texas to prosecute such actions.  While President Trump cannot be prosecuted because he is a sitting President, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, Manuel Padilla Jr., and others are open to prosecution. Sign this petition to demand the prosecution of anyone who executes, or engages in this cruel separation of children at the borders.  We must send a message that Americans will hold those accountable to Justice, and that no person is above the law.

Ben Adams
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