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Petition to Gary Hicks, Hawkins county school board, Hawkins county health department, Steve Starns

Tennessee's schools need shut down during this flu season

My name is Nicole Drinnon and I am trying to get the Hawkins county and city schools to close during this flu season to save my child and your children along with other family members... You turn on the news and all you hear is how the flu this year is killing people ...south Carolina has  reported 94 flu related deaths..tri cities in Tennessee has had 8 that I've heard of and many hospitalized...I think that we as parents should have the right to keep our children home to protect our families from the flu without Trauncy being an issue the lady I spoke with from the school board of health said its expected to last at least 6 more weeks goal here is to get the schools to close down or at least allow us as parents to do our job and protect our children while the flu is still active without getting into trouble for not sending our kids to school until flu is gone...PLEASE SIGN this petition and help me SAVE OUR KIDS!!!!!...while we are waiting to get this petition signed I feel that the schools should make each student wear masks and gloves throughout each school day and the school should provide these items...they should be passed out n made to be worn upon entering the school and school buses.... I don't know about you but my family is to important to chance death or hospitalization because the school says we need to send our kids...

NICOLE drinnon
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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Sony, Marvel, Janice Marinelli, Robert Lawson

Put Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends + other family cartoon series on DVD/Blu-ray in USA

Hello.  I'm appealing to those at Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Disney, Sony, and Marvel and their affiliated companies.  I'm looking to get the 1980's cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends released on DVD (and Blu-ray disc) in America.  For some reason this great, fun, and nostalgic cartoon, that is appropriate for the entire family, and is loved by all who grew up at the time, has never been released on DVD or Blu-ray in the U.S. The cartoon ran new episodes for 3 seasons (Starting in 1981) on NBC, and is the one that follows the adventures of: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (voiced by Dan Gilvezan), Angelica Jones/Firestar (voiced by actress Kathy Garver), and Bobby Drake/Iceman (voiced by Frank Welker; who voiced Fred from Scooby Doo as well as many other characters) as they go to Empire State University and fight crime in New York City.  This series also included the character of Peter's Aunt May (voiced by June Foray). I think that it should be put on physical media so we don't lose this great cartoon.  You may be saying, "Well, it's streaming online".  This is true and that's great, but servers can break down and masters can degrade.  At least with DVD/Blu-ray, if the player breaks, the content can still be played in another player.  If not releasing it on DVD and Blu-ray is for fear of not enough return on your investment, then pair it up with another cartoon (like those listed below) and package all the discs together.    I think that it's also important because these programs have positive role models -- both male and female.  We can use some more positive things in our animation these days, especially with all the men's and women's rights things going on right now. Also, a lot of cartoons over the years have gone towards being "gross", and I think Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and the other programs listed are a great alternative. In addition to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, I, and those undersigned, also request that you release other family friendly Marvel Cartoons on DVD and Blu-ray including:  The Incredible Hulk 1982 cartoon series The 1979 Spider-Woman cartoon series (with Joan Van Ark voicing the lead role) 1978's The New Fantastic Four cartoon (the one with Herbie the Robot) and  The 1981 solo Spider-Man cartoon series   These particular shows are not overly violent, with no foul language, and they have some drama without being too overly dramatic like a lot of current cartoons / animated shows, which makes them great releases for parents looking for something appropriate for the entire family.  All of these have been released in Europe and I think it is time that they be released in America.    

Sean Byerley
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Petition to United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Rick Scott

Equip ALL car seats with child sensor to prevent hot car deaths!

An average of 37 kids die every year as a result of being left in hot cars. The Hot Cars Act of 2017 will help in the future but we need to put this to a stop now, as many of the vehicles that come equipped with these sensors will not be affordable for many Americans for years to come.  I would like to take an additional step by requiring all car seats be equipped with a child sensor as well.  Any future manufacture of car seats should include a sensor and sensors should be provided to those who already own car seats at no cost to parents.  There is absolutely no need in any child ever dying of such a horrible death again.  In addition to this, the parents or caregivers who were responsible often face criminal charges in addition to the lifelong guilt and misery they must endure.  Some parents have even committed suicide.  No amount of education to the public will help, as most parents think they are not capable of "forgetting" a child.  We all know the risks and none of us think we could ever do it.  But it happens and it happened to me.  Fortunately, my daughter was not left for long and suffered no injuries as a result and was asleep the whole time.  I was one of those parents who thought "if you can forget your baby, you don't deserve to have one". I am a registered nurse with no criminal background.  I helped raise my nieces when my parents adopted them when I was a teenager and went on to have two daughters of my own. We moved to Florida to give our family a better life one month before that day.  I now risk jail time and loosing my nursing license. I think about what happened every day. I have learned that mistakes can and will happen to the best of us. I did not even know car set sensors were available, but had I known, I do not think I would have installed one because I knew I was a good parent and did not think I was capable of making this horrible mistake. So as the summer months are approaching, I urge you to end this needless and tragic loss of life and misery.  Cars have a sensor to alert you if you are not buckled, why shouldn't your child's car seat have one to alert you if they are buckled.

Anonymous Parent
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Help My babies and I

In my town a certain judge was made to retire because he was not reunifing enough children back to there family's and instead making money on removal and forever homes. It's in our public news paper called the record eagle.  Well, my children are on that list. I need everyone that will to sign this petition. Think of your children being taken from a perfect home and than given to a differ family. Not cool Right? Well, I calledthe cps worker who took my children and she says I was a perfectly good mother fighting abuse and trying to keep her babies out of the system. I never was a drug attic she said and I never desirved what happened to me. When my babies where taken and before while preganent with my daughter worked 40 plus hours a week doing hair. We it was too late but my ex that was abusing me plead guilty to abuse in a different case and stood up and said everyone that called cps on me was to benefit him and thinking if he didn't he would never see his daughter again. I have all the proof in the world to prove my case. I even sent it to Fhiger law and he said I had a good case. Just not enough money for him. So obviously I'm trying to get my babies back where they belong. The woman that has my children at the moment lied on the stand helping the judge and cps. I'm trying to help every low income family who cannot afford an atturny.  In 1997 Bill Clinton signed a bill to make cps a cash cow. Please help me fight and keep our children safe from the system.

stephanie brown
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