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Petition to New York State Department of Corrections Parole Board

Deny Parole for Deborah Soule DIN # 96G0391

I am starting this petition to show the NYS Department of Corrections Parole Board that Deborah Soule (DIN # 96G0391) is a violent murderer who should not be granted parole.  On January 14, 1995 Deborah Soule viciously beat, my son,  two year old Nicholas Miller to death as he slept, while he was on a weekend visitation with his father. (Deborah Soule was his father's live-in-girlfriend.) Deborah Soule later confessed to stomping, kicking and punching Nick as he slept on the bedroom floor.  At the trial, the injuries Nick received were compared to him being in a car accident, kicked by a horse and falling from a three story building. He died from a ruptured intestine after suffering for hours. Not only did she beat him, but she saw how sick he was, knew what she had done and chose to not get him the medical treatment he desperately needed.  In March and  September 2015, she was denied release.  After 22 years, she is still lying about what happened that night and still refuses to take any responsibility for her actions! She is  scheduled to go before the Parole Board again in September 2017. Please take a minute to sign this petition asking the NYS Parole Board to DENY her parole and KEEP DEBORAH SOULE IN PRISON.  If you have already signed, please share this petition with your family and friends, and consider sending a letter, I can't do this alone.  Please help us be Nick's voice! The picture above is of Nick with Santa just weeks before he died.  I remember him pointing to Santa while we were standing in line, he had his little arms wrapped around my neck as he whispered in my ear "Santa".  He was in awe.  He had carried a magazine picture of Santa and Coke around for weeks before he finally got to sit on his lap.  He never had a chance to live and grow, Deborah Soule took that all away and the hole he left in my heart and our family is immeasurable.   If you would like to write a letter to the NYS Parole Board you can use this link:  If you would like to read more about Nick's story you can visit my blog at Thank you, Katie Wise, Nick's mom <3

Katherine Wise
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Petition to Rev. John Jenkins, C.S.C, John Affleck-Graves, Erin Hoffman Harding

Urge University of Notre Dame to keep on-campus student family housing

“The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church.” -Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia While University of Notre Dame has a proud history of strong Catholic identity and mission, its current plan to demolish on-campus student family housing is diametrically opposed to its core values. The university's mission statement declares that “The emphasis on community in Catholicism explains why Notre Dame historically has fostered familial bonds in its institutional life.” Notre Dame has indeed fostered familial bonds for married graduate students through the communally focused “Vetville,” and its replacement, University Village, for as long as married students have been allowed to enroll. Familial bonds are a daily reality in The Village, where over 90 percent of international graduate student families live (Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research). These families are welcomed to Notre Dame from all over the world with a safe, affordable place to live on-campus. Neighbors share childcare and build the meaningful and necessary friendships to navigate the complexities and challenges of student family life. The Notre Dame Housing Office has been slow to reveal any concrete plan for families since its initial announcement of the permanent closure of on-campus married housing three years ago. In a 2014 letter to University Village residents, Erin Hoffman Harding, VP of Student Affairs, wrote, “In the summer of 2018, married and parenting students will be welcomed to live in designated sections of Fischer Graduate Residences,” and those with a lease for 2014-2015 would receive “grandfathered lease rates.” Now, in fall of 2017, this will apply to only a small percentage of families.  The remaining residents will be offered rates approximately double that of their current rent, with no family friendly amenities, making this a nonviable option for student families.  Only through direct inquiries have residents discovered that the alternative idea for families is to “cluster” in several different off-campus neighborhoods, with the University providing resources for activities (First Friday dinners, cooking classes, etc) to create a community atmosphere divorced from geographic place. The alleged attempt to create activities is admirable, but falls far short of the “familial bond” type traditions The Village maintains through its architectural layout and geography. Situated on the northeast corner of campus, at Douglas Road and S.R. 933, University Village is comprised of 6 apartment buildings situated around a fenced recreational space. Residents have easy access to campus life via a walking path, and to a safe, affordable, campus community with neighbors right across the enclosed playground. These core components - proximity, layout, safety, and affordability - are essential for the welfare of families, but are most decisive for the thriving of international families.  Join us in our appeal to the 71 year tradition of Notre Dame supporting student family life with affordable, communal focused, on-campus housing, in alignment with its Catholic values. Join us in our demand that a meaningful equivalent to this housing model be implemented before current housing is closed. #SaveUniversityVillage #WhatWouldHesburghSay #AmorisLaetitia

Save University Village
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Petition to Andrea Smith, Tim Reid, Jesse Baines, Erik Hanberg, Aaron Pointer, Mayor Strickland, Marty Campbell

Save Portland Avenue Park and Community Center

Portland Avenue Park and Community Center is a vital part of the First Creek Neighborhood in Tacoma Washington. It provides a much needed playground, athletic field and services to a dramatically underserved neighborhood. Eastside Tacoma District 4 has the fewest parks and facilities out of all the areas. MetroParks of Tacoma is proposing to shut down this 14 acre park and center, sell it to fund 10% of a new $30 million indoor pay to use recreation center two miles away. This would take away the only playground in the neighborhood and we would lose the single largest grass athletic field in the city of Tacoma. The Tacoma Rugby Club has been playing on this field for about 30 years and held 30 games this last year. It provides meals for seniors year round, meals for children during the summer, diabetic foot care, sewing classes, books and a place for the local children to run around. Most people walk onto the park to use it and the neighborhood surrounding it earned about $14,000 less than the national average in income. The neighbors have less money to spend on transportation and recreation making the idea of asking us to travel two miles away and pay for using a facility unreasonable. We need a park, a playground, the fields and the valuable services the center provides. Without this park the neighborhood will have nothing. We have lost our library, our boys and girls club, no chain grocery stores and stand to lose everything without even a park to play in. This is devastating and we are told that they cannot afford to operate the New Eastside Community Center and Portland Ave and need the funds from the sale. This confuses me because of things like the $60 million 11 acre park they are putting in Point Defiance, a more affluent neighborhood while we lose our 14 acre park and only neighborhood playground and field. Please help us by telling MetroParks that Parks should be for everyone, not just people in 'better' neighborhoods. That children shouldn't have to pay to play. That low income families need all the services, parks and facilities they can get. Parks and Playgrounds and green spaces are for everyone. Don't sell our park!    

Stephanie Smith-Bright
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