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Petition to Novartis, Bernhard Bauhofer, Dr. Peter Huber, Ein Herz für Kinder, Save the Children, sos-kinderdoerfer , World Vision, kindernothilfe , Deutsche Lebensbrücke, United Charity, Aktion Deutschland hilft, Care-for-Rare-Foundation

Muss ein KIND 2​.​156​.​785,00 $ zahlen um l e b e n zu dürfen? Rettet Kerem Torol vor dem Tod

Kerem Torol was born on December 8th, 2020. The deadly Muscle Disease SMA type 1 was diagnosed at just 5.5 months .  Since 2019 there has been the most expensive active ingredient "Zolgensma" from Novartis for this disease.  Without this Medicine, Kerem Torol will die - it is his ONLY CHANCE to live. He should be healed, grow up and discover the world.  This Medicine costs $ 2,156,785.00 or the equivalent of approx. 1,900,000.00 EUR - for those who doubt it, the treatment plans are available and can be sent to you.   Every single euro helps that the goal is achieved and can be cured and become a big boy who discovers the world. You can donate to the following account - please visit the sites below - it is not allowed to write Account-Number here!!!instagram: help_keremfacebook: help_kerem Please watch one or the other Video of the little hero - it's harrowing and heartbreaking - approval is given IMPORTANT: Please use the account given above to help directly - this is the only way to get every single euro - otherwise support goes directly to (for administration, support, distribution, etc.) Every single euro helps . Every Mother and Father knows how lucky it is to have healthy children. Please consider what you would / would have to do yourself in order to achieve this enormous sum so that your child could live - if your child had this disease, not his fault it is but "only" wants to live ! Please imagine how exhausting it must be to have to fight and hope for every single euro in addition to worrying about your own Child. Questions:  Does a CHILD really have to pay $ 2,156,785.00 to live    ? Is the renowned company Novartis helping with a Goodwill-Action-Campaign and giving Terol a new life? We are saving trees, the rainforest, polar bears, banks, the EURO, Greece, refugees, BREXIT, the climate  but..... TOGETHER WE make it the most valuable and save innocent ==> A CHILD, which "only" wants to live will be great, play and discover the world? My simple request at the end: let's please save a life together - please help with to save - don't look the other way - it is not his fault and "just" wants to live !

Bernhard Kolmeder
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Petition to Amtsgericht Düsseldorf, Stephan Keller, Bundesministerium für Familie und Jugend

Kinderklau durch Jungendamt Düsseldorf, STOPPT den Machtmissbrauch!

Mein Kind ist seit 18.08.2021 um 17.40 von 2 Mitarbeiter von  Jungendamt Düsseldorf mittgenommen worden ohne Gründe. Es handelt sich um eine Inobhutnahme durch das Jungendamt die alle Regeln und Gesetzte verletzt. Statt  wie versprochen eine Familie zu helfen, ließ sich das Jungendamt Düsseldorf  OHNE Jegliche Prüfung auf die wilden und übertriebenen Beschreibungen eine  unerfahrene Schulsozial Mitarbeiterin an LMG Düsseldorf ein. Inobhutnahmen sind heftige Eingriffe in das elterliche Grundrecht.. Ein Kinderklau durchs Jungendamt hat eine Familie am Boden zerstört.  Mein Kind/ Mädchen befindet sich nun in ein H Heim  wo schwere Vorwurfe wegen Vorfälle ständig statt finden. Jugendamt in Düsseldorf is taking away children from parents almost without reason, given that a child makes 8K euro/month to the Jugendamt (giving work to all parties involved)German and foreign parents being routinely ignored and abused by courts, which make their decisions exclusively upon hearing Jugendsamt and not parentsParents being stripped of their parental rights. Bitte helfen Sie mich/ uns: eine Mutter eine Familie wieder als FAMILIE vereint  zusammen zu leben unterschreiben Sie diese Petition um zu vermeiden dass mein Sorgenrecht entzogen wird und das mein KIND wieder Heim kehrt.

Victoria M.
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