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Spot and Speak Out: Address the Circulation of Fake News

With the expansion of the media and technology, people tend to circulate their lives mostly in social media. Social media is the epicentre of misleading information for anyone can create a blog, post youtube video or send out a tweet and well-known media outlets no longer have a lock on creating or distributing the news. It has become a major influence to the youth resulting into a fast spreading exchange of communication and information. People easily connect and believe on what they have read and watch regardless if the source was reliable or not. One example would be the news regarding the fake rice that was rumored to have entered the Philippine market, in which the issue spread like a wildfire. As a result, our campaign primarily focuses to address the circulation of fake news on the internet to prevent an individual to be victimized and harmed. People can lose reputation, jobs, money, health and safety from believing on fake news. This campaign is to engage everyone to end the prevalence of fake news being spread in different social media plat forms. We are encouraging people to speak out and address wherein they could prevent themselves from being a victim of these hoaxes. Fake news is happening today and we are determined to take action to stop it. Awareness is the key to open the eyes of people to see nothing but the fact and the truth only.  We believe that this is the solution for deception, we break your own news.

Spot and Speak Out
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Petition to Representative Leonard Lance

NJ District 7: Say NO to Trump TV - Oppose the Sinclair Merger

NJ District 7 Voters - Sign to push Lance to Stop Sinclair and UNPLUG TRUMP TV Trump’s FCC is paving the way for Sinclair Broadcast Group — already the nation’s largest TV conglomerate — to take over Tribune(1), which owns 42 stations in many of the country’s big cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and Denver. This deal would have been DOA in any other administration. It would create an unthinkable level of media consolidation by a company that’s used the public airwaves to push a conservative political agenda. But Trump’s FCC is actually rewriting the rules to make it happen(2) — and to give one of the administration’s loudest media boosters an even bigger megaphone. Sinclair is notorious for slipping right-wing views and Republican talking points into its newscasts. The company overrides the objections of local journalists and forces its stations to run conservative commentaries and slanted stories on the local news. And Sinclair went all out for Trump in 2016. Jared Kushner, the president’s adviser and son-in-law, boasted about the special deal he struck with Sinclair to get Trump uninterrupted favorable coverage.(3) And Sinclair has been hiring Trump campaign spokespeople as analysts ever since.(4) Now Sinclair’s getting its payback. If this deal goes through, Sinclair’s cookie-cutter, Trump-boosting content could reach more than 70 percent of the U.S. population.(5) That means more distorted commentary — and less of the local news people really need. Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune should never be allowed to merge. If this deal goes through, a single company would own more than 200 local-TV stations reaching more than 70 percent of the country. That's far beyond the legal limits on media ownership and far too much power in the hands of a single company. Sinclair has evaded FCC rules, received FCC fines for airing propaganda, and drawn wide criticism for airing politically slanted content on its stations. The FCC should block this merger and restore policies that encourage a diversity of local media owners and a wide range of viewpoints. ___________________________________________________________________ Petition content courtesy of Free Press: 1. “Sinclair Announces Station Takeover One Day After Trump’s FCC Votes to Loosen Ownership Rules,” Free Press, April 21, 2017: 2. “Trump’s FCC Chair Continues to Shaft the Public, Offer Major Handouts to Big Media,” Free Press, April 20, 2017: 3. “Jared Kushner: We Struck Deal with Sinclair for Straighter Coverage,” Politico, Dec. 19, 2016: 4. “Ex-Trump Spokesperson Joins Sinclair Broadcasting,” CNN, April 17, 2017: 5. “Trump-Friendly Company Buys Rights to Deliver Local News to 70 Percent of U.S. Households,” New York, May 9, 2017:

We The People - NJ 07
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Petition to The editors of "Cosmopolitan" magazine

Tell your readers the truth about Martha McSally

(Photo: What an honest representation of McSally's record would look like on the cover of "Cosmo.")Helen Gurley Brown, the long-time editor of “Cosmopolitan,” famously transformed it from a staid family magazine to a frank (sometimes brazen) advice manual for the modern, single career woman. In 2014, then-editor Joanna Coles expanded Cosmo’s scope to politics, “researching political candidates so you don’t have to.” She announced that only politicians who support the best interests of Cosmo readers (including equal pay, access to abortion, gun control and affordable health care) would receive the magazine’s endorsement. Based on that criteria, the only way you’d expect to see Rep. Martha McSally featured on Cosmo’s web site is in a big red warning to steer clear. McSally has a long track record of opposing the very policies that Cosmo says are deal-breakers: She blocked consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act, after promising her district that she’d vote for it because it was “the right thing to do.” She voted repeatedly to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood, sending her spokesman out to justify it with the misleading, inflammatory claim that Planned Parenthood was “harvesting baby organs.” She’s opposed to legal abortion, except in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. She voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation. She has argued that universal background checks for gun purchases would be “absolutely unconstitutional.” She’s also a co-sponsor of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which would effectively override laws in states which deny gun permits to convicted stalkers, boyfriends convicted of domestic abuse, and/or those with restraining orders. (McSally has taken this unpopular position in spite of her own reported history as the victim of stalking.) She voted for the AHCA, which would have gutted Medicaid funding, even as Medicaid covers a majority of the births in Arizona. The AHCA would also have allowed states to strip maternity care, infant care and mental health care (used more often by women) from the list of essential health benefits, which means that women would have to pay more - a lot more - to get that coverage. Moreover, 45,000 people in McSally’s district stood to lose their insurance coverage altogether if the AHCA had passed the Senate. In other words, McSally is exactly the kind of politician that Cosmo’s editors say they want voted out of Congress. But when given the opportunity to expose her record and educate their readers, what did they do? They ran a glowing profile of McSally written by McSally herself, in which she shamelessly depicts herself as an advocate for the women of her district, in spite of all her votes to the contrary. Cosmo provided no fact-checking, no context - just the stage where McSally could brandish her smoke and mirrors unchallenged. That was a great disservice to their readers - one that needs to be corrected. We, the undersigned, are asking the editors of Cosmo to run a follow-up piece on Rep. McSally which accurately informs their readers of the many ways her voting record fails to meet Cosmo’s own standards.

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