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Petition to City Of Greater Geelong, EPA , Health Department, City of Greater Geelong Administrators, Hon John Eren, Hon Jill Hennessy, Hon Liliana (Lily) D'Ambrosio, Hon Jaala Pulford, Hon Richard Wynne, Hon Natalie Hutchins, Hon Matthew Guy, Hon David Davis, Hon Peter Walsh, Hon Mary Wooldridge, Kylie Grzybek, Anthony Aitken, Bruce Harwood, Municipal Association of Victoria

Planning Laws need change. #Nuchev Goat Feedlots threaten health and amenity

Farmers & Residents lifestyle, amenity, health (high risk of #Q-fever) and what they can or can't do on their own farms is being threatened by an application from Nuchev to set up a 14000 goat dairy feedlot on only 100 acres at Moorabool/Lovely Banks (just outside Geelong). This is within close proximity to schools, residents, rural living zones and future housing developments. (Note they actually wanted to put 28000 goats on this site and assumed that they could use the neighbours' farm to dump their waste water on). This site has absolutely NO BUFFER zone of it's own for quarantine or Bio-security protection or segregation. The odour spread map totally covers the next farm. Nuchev's other plan is to put another 4500 goat feedlot and milk processing plant on a 100 acre block. This is in a farm land area set up to act as a buffer zone for the township of #Lara from the industrial zone north of Geelong. This feedlot will be less than 1000 metres from the suburban areas of Lara, Lara Lake and the Grand Lakes estate. The state Government and local Councils need to get their acts together and look after their current residents and rate payers. Nobody should be expected to give up their rights on their own land. If these intensive industries want to establish a business they need to acquire enough land to fully accommodate their activity and any buffer zones it may require. Planning Laws need to be changed ensuring businesses actually own, lease or have an agreement to purchase all the land required for their activity and appropriate buffer zones. The State Government and Local Councils need to consider the interests of existing residents rather than big businesses seeking to line their own pockets. The current system is skewed in favour of the applicant seeking to establish an intensive industry. It is utterly unreasonable that families and small businesses are forced into expensive legal battles to simply protect their rights on their own land and to protect their own health. If these two proposed sites; Moorabool/Lovely Banks and Lara are allowed to proceed it will set the precedent for Nuchev to threaten others with similar proposals as they ultimately want to have 70000 goats. Other future sites could be near you and impact your lifestyle and health. The precedent would also allow other Intensive Farming Industries to attempt similar projects on small sites with NO BUFFER zones, and just use the neighbouring farmers' land as the buffer for the proposal. The West Lethbridge Food Production Precinct was set up for intensive farming industries. This precinct was supported by the Victorian government, with 10 years of work put towards it. There are 4000 hectares set aside and protected for intensive farming, and already has poultry and piggeries and the like industries present . Nuchev should be encouraged to set up the Goat Feedlots there.  Note: During an outbreak of Q-fever from dairy goats in the Netherlands in 2007, at least 30 people died AND approximately 300 others still have life-threatening health issues. More than 4,000 people officially contracted the disease. More information about these proposals and the affects can be found at:

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Petition to Department of Education, Urrbrae Agricultural High School


Hello! Today I went to the Urrbrae Agricultural High School/Education Centre (15 mins from the CBD) and checked out the pig shed. Upon entering each individual was in fear, scared of more humans. Pigs are extremely smart creatures and within seconds realised we were here to try and give them some love. We pet them and as we did more mumma pigs (sow's) tried to stand up to say hello but struggled terribly due to the concrete and metal on the floors that they live their lives on (oh and the lack of muscle strength due to being kept like this). This is a high school! Kids are being taught that this is normal!! Do they teach kids that pigs live in mud or concrete and metal? Since when was making this shed easier and cheaper than putting some fencing on some dirt and letting them create mud? Why can't they live in a better environment and feel mud between their trotters?! Or be naturally cooled down by the mud and water (it was bloody hot in there and I can't imagine what it'll be like tomorrow, no fans at all). I'm appalled because I thought at the very least Urrbrae would be teaching kids about small scale free range, sustainable farming. I went there for multiple years and didn't know this was happening, if I went there now there would be a lot more discussion I can assure you that. Don't support mass farming and production, this is happening right now. If you want to eat meat that badly, go to small scale family farms that slaughter on site or locally, make better choices, it's not hard. PHASE OUT THE USE OF PIG STALLS : for one moment please close your eyes and think about what it would be like laying on that floor on a 42 degree day, not being able to move and never getting out. Make ethical choices. #eatkindly

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Petition to Wendy Tuckerman

Keep Blantyre Farms' cruel, intensive pig farming out of Harden Edwina and Michael Beveridge (Blantyre Farms) currently own and operate Golden Grove Piggery and Dead Horse Gully (DHG) Piggery in Young NSW, where an estimated 25,000 pigs, including 2,200 sows, are kept in cruel intensive confinement. Edwina's extended family, the Walker & Rowntree families (Windridge Farms), own other large intensive factory farm piggeries in the region including Wonga Piggery and Templemore Piggery. Wonga piggery (Young NSW) was the site of a large fire in June 2015 which resulted in the horrific death of approximately 2,500 pigs trapped in sheds and unable to escape. On 18 December 2015, public notice confirmed that a Development Application (DA) had been lodged with Harden NSW council by Blantyre Farms. This DA is for a proposed large scale intensive factory farm (Piggery) situated on Eulie Road in Harden. The proposed multi-million dollar piggery includes 22,000 pigs - breeding and growing, two sites, approx 1 km apart, and 21 sheds incorporating a methane digestive system. This DA, if approved (post construction), involves 850-900 pigs being transported weekly (250 pigs per semi trailer), from Harden NSW to the Diamond Valley Pork slaughterhouse in Laverton, Melbourne, where they will be lowered into a carbon dioxide gas chamber. Inside this chamber they will face excruciating pain as the gas suffocates them and turns to carbonic acid in their eyes, nose, mouth and lungs, until they lose consciousness (view footage). Footage obtained from inside Golden Grove and DHG Piggeries in 2013 (see above) clearly demonstrates the cruelty and mistreatment considered standard practice by Blantyre: In the farrowing crates at Golden Grove, sows showed signs of distress, exhibiting stereotypies (abnormal repetitive behaviours) such as bar biting, rubbing repetitively on bars and protruding edges, prolonged pressing and pushing, head bowing, weaving, stepping back and forward and 'sham' chewing. Many have great difficulty standing up or lying down due to weakness, the tiny size of their cages, and the slippery metal floor. Some pigs had less than two inches of space in front or behind them, and all were unable to take more than one or two steps forwards or backwards, and were unable to turn around. They are kept here for upwards of six weeks at a time, as is the industry standard. A large number of dead and dying piglets were found at Golden Grove each night activists visited. Many of these were simply left in the aisles, often in full view of their mothers who could see through the bars beneath their feeding trough. A number of piglets were killed or severely injured by "overlay", where the sows lie on top of their piglets, crushing them. The industry claims farrowing crates prevent overlay. Yet the footage from Blantyre Farms completely undermines such a claim. The footage shows that where sows have difficulty standing or lying and cannot move away from their young, and where piglets have little room of their own, overlay is inevitable. Workers cut off the tails and teeth of piglets, and cut sections out of their ears, all without pain relief. Tails are discarded in the aisles and sometimes even end up in the food trolley. Tail cutting is performed by the majority of piggeries in Australia as an attempt to prevent cannibalism (tail biting) once the pigs are moved into overcrowded "grower" sheds which completely lack stimulation. Despite the tail cutting, Blantyre's grower facility, Dead Horse Gully (DHG), has a severe cannibalism problem. When moving piglets between farrowing crates ("fostering") or taking them from their mothers to be moved across the road to DHG Piggery, workers pick them up by one leg and throw them into trolleys, the piglets often landing head-first or crashing into others already in the trolley. Once impregnated, sows are moved into the large group housing shed, which features row upon row of open-backed sow stalls, where the sows can move out into a small corridor between the stalls, but must return to the stalls for food and water or to avoid being attacked by other sows, as is common due to the overcrowded, unstimulating conditions. The air in this shed is filthy, and for the sixteen weeks of their pregnancy the sows remain trapped here without sunlight, on concrete floor where they must live amongst each others' urine and faeces (in natural conditions, pigs will urinate and defecate far away from where they sleep and eat). Upon finding hidden cameras in the farrowing shed, Edwina Beveridge set a trap for activists; upon their return, eight men were sent out to "hunt" them in a pursuit that lasted over 4 hours. The activists' car had been destroyed, with one window smashed in, all tyres deflated with the valves cut off, and extensive damage to the engine. Personal belongings inside the car had been rifled through, and in an interview with The Land Edwina admitted to viewing identification contained within the locked car. However, police refused to press charges, citing a "lack of evidence". Edwina then took to harassing board members of multiple animal rights groups with frivolous legal threats. In addition to the cruelty that can be expected at the new piggery if development proceeds, there are also serious environmental concerns, as with all intensive farming (piggeries in particular). A loss of visitors to Harden can also be expected, as the region further reinforces its negative reputation as an intensive factory farming hub, after the recent construction of a 27-shed duck farm. To the Administrator, Hilltops Council, we ask that you do the right thing by your community and by the hundreds of thousands more pigs who face a life of suffering and misery at the hands of Edwina and Michael Beveridge over the next decade - please say no to the construction of this piggery.

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