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Vladimir Putin: Request POTUS extradite George Soros to Russia to answer criminal charges

George Soros is a billionaire, former Nazi collaborator who has been caught paying people to advocate violent disorder, on a massive scale, throughout the US presidential race of 2017. He did this in order to affect the outcome and see to it that his own puppet government is installed. He has, however, carried this action out in many countries, destabilizing them and making them vulnerable and in doing so he has caused untold and vast amounts misery and suffering. He is a major league criminal through his actions worldwide and, one can only assume, is deluded to the point where he thinks he is the real world Dr Evil on this planet.He is wanted in his home country of Hungary, and he is also wanted to face criminal allegations and charges in Russia.President Trump could, with one swipe of his pen, see to it that George Soros never interfered in another democratic election ever by simply having him arrested for the crimes he has already committed in America, and on Americans, or he could just hand him over to President Vladimir Putin, who would also like a 'chat'...   That is what we propose. Give him to Vlad.This is a petition is two fold. One to urge President Putin to request from President Trump the extradition of George Soros to Russia to face criminal charges, and the other is to urge President Trump to GRANT THAT REQUEST  and do us all a favour!.Kindly yoursJoe Public......   Please share.Brit.

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Petition to Frances Fitzgerald TD Minister for Justice and Equality

Free Mum of Autistic boy incarcerated in Ireland.

Timothee is a 16 year old autistic French boy. He was expelled from school in France and against his Mother's wishes was sent to a psychiatric institution where he was subjected to both physical and chemical restraints. His Mother Maryna took him from the institution and fled to Cork, Ireland in September 15. This was considered illegal in France. His stepfather and sister joined Maryna and Tim in Cork and the Family had begun to build a new life with both children started in Irish schools. Two weeks ago Jean Francois, the step-father, returned to France on business. He was detained there and is now under house arrest with his passport and computer confiscated, until Maryna, hands herself in. Last Thursday Maryna was brought to the High Court in Dublin on foot of an extradition order from France and so she is now removed from her family, incarcerated in Mountjoy prison. The two children are being temporarily looked after by separate families.  Everyone is distraught. Separation from his mother, in a new country, where he was just settling in, must be extremely traumatic for Tim given his communication difficulties and pre-existing levels of stress. Gardai in Bantry are confident that Maryna can stay at home while the case for extradition is being addressed, signing on at Bantry garda station daily. I request Frances Fitzgerald TD, the Minister for Justice and Equality to immediately release Maryna so she can return to her family. The United Nations have condemned the French government’s detention of Timothee in the psychiatric facility. As Ireland adheres to the UN Convention on Human Rights I request that Timothee's needs and the support of the family unit remain paramount in all consideration of the extradition request.

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