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Don't have triggering questions in SQA (or any) exams!

While sitting my sqa higher design and manufacture exam today I came across a question that had me on the edge of a panic attack, I was literally shaking and the invigilator had to ask me if I was okay. A question in the paper featured a picture of two razors, with the blades clearly shown. Now my mental health isn't something I publicly talk about but let's say this was extremely triggering for me especially since I had a bad relapse just last night. This question threw me into a panicked state as I felt myself unable to breathe i tried to look at the question and it was asking me to further look at the picture of the razors and talk about it's aesthetics and other features of them. I'm not entirely sure if I even answered this question correctly as I was so emotionally distraught and basically triggered by this image I couldn't concentrate on what I was writing so I just wrote down the first sentence that came to my head and I know I failed to explain the aspects fully. As there is such a majorly triggering image in this exam paper, and featured in the higher english RUAE passage they spoke about terrorism/terrorist attacks which can be a trigger for many people. I believe the SQA and any other exam boards across the country and world should take into consideration that some things should not be featured in an exam paper that could trigger a pupil who are already sat in a highly stressful environment no matter if they studied fully or not. I ask that you please sign this petition whether or not this would personally affect you as it will affect others and maybe people around you but you just aren't aware because so much is kept inside especially in our generation. TRIGGERING TOPICS SHOULD NOT BE FEATURED IN EXAMS!

Eli M
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