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Petition to Education Minister Government of Gujarat, Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board,

Retain existing exam format in 12th science, Gujarat board. (50% MCQ, 50% Subjective).

As we are aware, in August 2018, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar ( published an office order stating that, starting from March 2020 and onwards, the exam format for 12th science will be changed. The new format will have 80% subjective and 20% objective (not MCQ) questions in 100 marks paper. This is different from the existing format, i. e. 50% subjective + 50% MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). The existing / old format where MCQ content was more, was more supportive to the students, as it was nearer to the competitive entrance exams formats like JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), GUJCET, NEET, (all of which are 100% MCQ) held in Gujarat. Furthermore all other entrance exams for engineering / medical courses like AIIMS, JIPMAR, BITS, VITEEE, COMEDK and many more are based on 100% MCQ. Students are supposed to take 1 Gujarat board exam and about 5 more competitive entrance exams (with 100% MCQ), within a short period of 3 months. If the Gujarat Board Exam becomes 80% subjective, which is to be taken along with the other entrance exams having different format, it adversely affects performance of students in the desired competitive exams. Further, in ACPC merit, 60% weightage is given to Board (GSEB / CBSE), and 40% to GUJCET. The above comparison clearly indicates that except GSEB, all other entrance exams are based on 100% MCQ. Also, in addition to change in exam format, the syllabus of GSEB has also changed to NCERT syllabus, starting from the same year. And so, past reference exam papers or study material for board exams are not available to students. As against the above CBSE, which earlier had more subjective format, has now introduced minimum 25% objective, and also 33% optional questions. For Physics, Chemistry and Biology, CBSE conducts exam of 70 marks only (for 3 hours duration). For Maths, CBSE has made exam of 80 marks (also for 3 hours duration), instead of earlier 100 marks exam. In that manner, CBSE is trying to become more supportive to aspiring students. We urge the Hon. Education Minister, Government of Gujarat, and Chairman, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board to consider NOT changing the existing exam format, and retain the 50% MCQ. This will help maintain equal and balanced competition of the students of Gujarat Board, CBSE and other boards. We seek your cooperation in the above.

Samir Khakharia
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Petition to Chairman, University Grants Comission, Vice Chairman UGC, Additional Secretary UGC, Maneka Gandhi, Prakash Javadekar, Rahul Gandhi

@UGC: Make College Campuses Safer Now With Active & Compliant Anti-Harassment Cells

‘Let’s try to not make this a big deal.’ ‘What can we do? Ignore him.’That is what college authorities told my friend Mira* when she complained against a batchmate who was following her around the campus, and sending her unwanted and inappropriate text messages. Their 'don’t-care' attitude on such a serious matter made it worse. Their failure to act indirectly encouraged the harasser and he soon began stalking her outside college too.I saw up-close the trauma my friend suffered with such prolonged harassment, without getting the rightful institutional support. The injustice and apathy disturbs me. Because the Anti-Harassment Cell/ Internal Complaints Committee (ICCs) at Mira’s college - designed to tackle cases of sexual harassment - could have stopped this ordeal but it didn’t even try.I want to fix this broken system.The reason I have faith in ICCs is because I was a member of an active one at my college. I saw first-hand how an active, compliant ICC makes students feel safer.It can be daunting for a distressed student to approach the police. Students feel more comfortable approaching an active, compliant ICC as they are assured of many services: effective official redressals, curated emotional support, and structured assistance in approaching the police, if required.I believe that true learning can take place only in safe spaces. Mira was denied that. Her experience proves that the ICC exists only on paper in her college.And this is clearly happening across college campuses in India because the HRD Ministry reported that sexual harassment on campuses increased by 50% in 2017.Mira’s college like many others is openly violating the 2016 mandate of the University Grants Commission (UGC). It clearly states that all Indian higher educational institutes must constitute an autonomous Anti-Harassment Cell or the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) which has the responsibility of "creating its campus free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual assault at all levels".The system has failed students. It’s time to pull its socks up. UGC needs to implement a strong mechanism to ensure university ICCs are compliant and active.I have started this petition for every Mira out there.  I am asking UGC to make it mandatory for every university to release a detailed annual compliance report of their ICC. To assure this report isn’t another misinformed paperwork, we want it to be a comprehensive annual report, containing details of the ICC’s compliance, case statistics, and signed and affirmed by all members of the ICC, including the 3 elected ICC student members that UGC mandates.This will be similar to what the Corporate Affairs Ministry has compulsorily asked of companies to make workplaces sexual harassment-free.I want every college student to feel safe. Sign this petition to show the UGC that I am not alone in wanting this.Let’s break the toxic culture of silence around sexual harassment.Let’s stand in solidarity for those silently suffering and demand #SaferCampusesNOW #TimesUp   (* Name changed to protect identity)  

Samriddhi Simlai
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Petition to PM Shri Narendra Modi, CM YOGI ADITYANATH, Ministry of Law and Justice, GOI


Dear Sir, This is to bring to your urgent knowledge that Uttar Pradesh Public service commission, on June13, 2019, declare the result for judicial service mains examination 2018. This result has several cross irregularities are mentioned here under: 1) The sequence of roll no. selected in mains is same (not similar) as that in preliminary examination, at several pages of result. 2) Bulk of meritorious students who have been continuously writing numerous mains examination and have cleared this preliminary exam with huge margin by getting more than 270 to 320 marks (against general cut off-208, girls:203, obc-180 & SC- 135) have been disqualified. On the other hand, those who somehow managed to cleared the cut off, have all qualified. 3) mains exam result clearly reveals that initially, the students with roll numbers in close proximity have been selected but in later pages of result the gap between roll nos. of selected student has increased to 300 to 400. This again shows haphazard pattern in the result. 4) The examination controller under whose supervision this exam was being conducted and the owner of printing press in which papers were printed, both are in jail under the serious charges of corruption. We humbly request you to take a serious cognizance of issue and take steps against this utter injustice. All the affected serious and deserving aspirants need support. Plz do the needful.

Vaibhav Kumar
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