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Petition to Ministry of Human Resource Development, All India Council for Technical Education, Prakash Javadekar, IIT Delhi, Prof M.V. Rajeev Gowda, Vinod Tawde

Separate Paper for Food Technology in GATE Exam

I am a student of Food Technology and like every student, I also had prepared for GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering to seek admission in the top colleges for pursuing M.Tech/Ph.D. But things are really different for Food Technology students as they don't have domain-specific papers like the other branches of engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical etc.) in GATE exam. The students of Food Technology have to appear either through the Life Sciences (XL) or Engineering Sciences (XE) for the GATE exam. Both XL and XE contain only a section of Food Technology which consists of 30-35 marks out of 100. How would you feel when a subject, you've studied for the entire duration of your graduation is limited to only about 20 questions in an examination comprising of 65 questions.   Unfair right?   We, the students, have to choose an optional subject in the GATE examination in both XL & XE. Whereas a student in the Engineering sciences has to choose subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Material Science, Polymer Science, Thermodynamics, Atmospheric & Ocean Science & in Life Sciences Microbiology, Biochemistry, Zoology, Botany. Zoology, Botany, Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences, Polymer Science etc. are subject that are alien to the students studying Food Technology. Some subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Microbiology, Biochemistry etc. are fairly relatable but definitely not to an extent that an examination like GATE demands. Subjects like the aforementioned have very limited relation to Food Technology when it comes to academics. In the Life Sciences (XL), we have to apply for Chemistry as a mandatory paper, something which is totally different from the Chemistry that we study in our graduate curriculum. Ironically, the Chemistry section weighs about 25 marks in the examination, a number any GATE aspirant would fight tooth and nail to acquire. With hurdles like these, it gets insanely hard for a student in the Food Technology studies to score well in the exam, because no matter how good you are in your subject, your expertise can get you only a fraction of what the examination is worth. In this case, a maximum of 30-35 marks out of the total 100. Further, some institutes like the IIT Kharagpur, NIT Rourkela do not allow Life Sciences (XL), GATE-qualified students, to be a part of their Post Graduation programs. You are a student of Food Technology but not eligible for the admission because you have appeared from a different paper, It is quite unfair, right? While all the sections of XL & XE are subjects in GATE but Food Technology has still not made its place. It is an exclusive branch of engineering so there is no point to include it with either XL or XE.  It's time, we as a community of future change makers, demand an independent paper on Food Technology in the GATE examination. A move that will drive thousands of helpless students out of misery.  Food Technology is one of the emerging fields in India today.It is the right time that a domain as important as Food Technology, finds an independent place in GATE examination. Come, join hands with me by signing this petition to ask the Ministry of HRD to include Food Technolgy as an independent paper in the GATE exam, this will help thousands of students who are preparing for GATE through Food Technology.

Ankit Kushwaha
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Petition to The Indian Government, mbbs , medicos, Students, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi , kerala

Provide psychological help in medical colleges

Is suicide the only way out? I still couldn't believe my ears when my parents told me my elder sister was gone. Her name was Viola Rastogi. She was only 20, a lively busting girl, well liked and sharp. How could she go? It sounded uncanny and was rather hard to believe. She was about to be a second year student but had failed anatomy. The re evaluation didn't change her marks. She had a second chance to study for 3 months and reattempt the exam. In fact, we had been anticipating her failure and my father had already started supervising her anatomy syllabus. We were positive she would make it through. There was no pressure from my family. All of us knew she could do it, we had no doubt. She was hard working and intelligent, there was no feat she couldn't achieve...but, she didn't realize that. 24th September, 2019 1:30 pm AMRITA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, KOCHI She was standing on the roof, shivering, afraid, humiliated. She forgot about everything. Her phone was in her room, switched off. There were around 10 missed calls from my parents. She had cut off all connections. Now, she was focused. She had herself, she could do anything with herself. She climbed up and she fell. She passed away on the spot. Within seconds. WHY? Over the 10 marks which lead to her "failure"? How come nobody was there to guide her through? 22 students had failed, but absolutely NOBODY in the college sat them down, and told them that "NO! This is not a problem! You can get through this!" Failure is more than common in a medical college and it is obvious that students take stress over it. These colleges demand high fee (Amrita charging a huge 18 lakh/annum) but there is no facility of a professional councellor.  My sister often complained of the low quality food, the gym door which were always locked, the restriction for girls who weren't allowed to leave the campus or keep mobile this a college or hell? If you are training doctors who are to save lives later on, how could you give them an opportunity to lose their own? I'm quite sure my sister would've been a fantastic doctor, had somebody professional held her hand and led her through...but alas, she too was a victim of this cruel INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM. I am 16, and I saw my sister's ashes being submerged into the Ganga. I lost her, my lovely sister, my best friend. I can't get her back...but I can still prevent other students from meeting the same fate. Please sign my petition for councelling to be available in colleges across India. They need it. They need it really bad. Save doctors. They will save you.

Vanshika Rastogi
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Petition to Haryana staff selection commission, CM Haryana, CMO Haryana


HSSC (Haryana Staff Selection Commission) is still following a medieval selection process, which is totally biased and unfair to the hard working aspirants. This ill selection process costs us a lot of money, give us mental, physical stress and above all wastes our precious time. Every other government institution has been following marks normalization process then why isn't HSSC? This time HSSC breached all limits and breaks everyone's faith in job selection process. HSSC conducted examination for clerk posts (total 4830+) on 21st (morning), 22nd (morning and evening) and on 23rd (morning and evening) of September 2019 in total 5 shifts. The exam conducted on 21st evening was completely different from the previous years exams conducted for the clerk posts and questions were too hard for a 12th class based exam, nearly same level of questions were asked 22nd 's morning session. Then there is 22nd' s evening session in which asked questions were very easy as compared to the earlier sessions. Questions asked on 23rd's morning session were also hard and the evening session also have questions of moderate to hard levels. Since HSSC has conducted every shifts examination, it is clear to everyone that 70% - 80% selection will be from the 22nd's evening session. Can anyone call this a fair process? Now HSSC enough is enough you have no right to play with youth's future and nobody will accept your this injustice! We want you to apply the marks normalization process or any other method to make this exam a fair selection process and do the much needed justice.          On the behalf of every HSSC aspirant.                             Thank you  

Abhijeet Bishnoi
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Petition to Chairman, University Grants Comission, Vice Chairman UGC, Additional Secretary UGC, Maneka Gandhi, Prakash Javadekar, Rahul Gandhi

@UGC: Make College Campuses Safer Now With Active & Compliant Anti-Harassment Cells

‘Let’s try to not make this a big deal.’ ‘What can we do? Ignore him.’That is what college authorities told my friend Mira* when she complained against a batchmate who was following her around the campus, and sending her unwanted and inappropriate text messages. Their 'don’t-care' attitude on such a serious matter made it worse. Their failure to act indirectly encouraged the harasser and he soon began stalking her outside college too.I saw up-close the trauma my friend suffered with such prolonged harassment, without getting the rightful institutional support. The injustice and apathy disturbs me. Because the Anti-Harassment Cell/ Internal Complaints Committee (ICCs) at Mira’s college - designed to tackle cases of sexual harassment - could have stopped this ordeal but it didn’t even try.I want to fix this broken system.The reason I have faith in ICCs is because I was a member of an active one at my college. I saw first-hand how an active, compliant ICC makes students feel safer.It can be daunting for a distressed student to approach the police. Students feel more comfortable approaching an active, compliant ICC as they are assured of many services: effective official redressals, curated emotional support, and structured assistance in approaching the police, if required.I believe that true learning can take place only in safe spaces. Mira was denied that. Her experience proves that the ICC exists only on paper in her college.And this is clearly happening across college campuses in India because the HRD Ministry reported that sexual harassment on campuses increased by 50% in 2017.Mira’s college like many others is openly violating the 2016 mandate of the University Grants Commission (UGC). It clearly states that all Indian higher educational institutes must constitute an autonomous Anti-Harassment Cell or the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) which has the responsibility of "creating its campus free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual assault at all levels".The system has failed students. It’s time to pull its socks up. UGC needs to implement a strong mechanism to ensure university ICCs are compliant and active.I have started this petition for every Mira out there.  I am asking UGC to make it mandatory for every university to release a detailed annual compliance report of their ICC. To assure this report isn’t another misinformed paperwork, we want it to be a comprehensive annual report, containing details of the ICC’s compliance, case statistics, and signed and affirmed by all members of the ICC, including the 3 elected ICC student members that UGC mandates.This will be similar to what the Corporate Affairs Ministry has compulsorily asked of companies to make workplaces sexual harassment-free.I want every college student to feel safe. Sign this petition to show the UGC that I am not alone in wanting this.Let’s break the toxic culture of silence around sexual harassment.Let’s stand in solidarity for those silently suffering and demand #SaferCampusesNOW #TimesUp   (* Name changed to protect identity)  

Samriddhi Simlai
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