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Petition to Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION (UGC), PMO India, Sikkim HRDD, High Court Of Sikkim, SMU DE Controller, Sikkim Manipal University- Helpdesk, SMU Director DE, Ms. Neethu Thulaseedharan, Sh. Parveen Kumar, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Smt. Annpurna Devi, Sh. Amit Khare

Online Exam should be Conducted For SMU-DE Already Enrolled Distance Education Students

Sikkim Manipal University- Directorate of Distance Education is refusing to conduct examinations online for distance education students. The university is asking us students (around 200-250) to travel to Sikkim from our respective places to give the exams. The risk of Covid-19 pandemic is not fully over yet and travelling in bulk from different places is very risky for us students. Many of us are having jobs and work which we cannot leave. Many of us are not financially feasible to bear travelling and accommodation expenses. What is the point of a distance education program if we have to travel to Sikkim to give exams like regular students. We have enrolled in the DE program before the UGC’s decision and at least we should not suffer from this decision. We enrolled in a distance education program so that we can get our respective degrees while working and continuing with our jobs. This decision by SMU-DE and UGC is against our student rights. Why did the university take our admission in a distance education program when the exams cannot be conducted in distance education mode in our respective places. Many of the other universities are comfortably conducting online exams for distance education students. We are waiting for a long time for our degrees and what is the point when we don’t get our degrees on time. Many of us can’t bear the expense of travelling to Sikkim right now and also the Sikkim Manipal University is not providing any support. Instead, they are promoting tourism to Sikkim by asking us students to stay 2-3 days extra so that we can explore Sikkim. This is totally unfair for all of us and we request the authorities to conduct the examinations through online mode so that we can get our degrees as soon as possible. It is a matter of our career.

Anant Bhatnagar
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Petition to Ministry of Education, Arvind Kejriwal, Prof Ramgopal Rao, Dean (Academics) IIT Delhi, Dean (Student Affairs), Dean (Student Welfare) IIT Delhi

We demand examination policies that are fair and uniform for all

We are students of IIT Delhi who have recently received the notification that we all need to report on campus to appear for major examinations since we agree to onboard at one stage or another. We stand by institute's push for offline examinations that are geared towards the transition back to normal; however, we have several concerns that we think have not been addressed by the administration in the current setup. We believe the current policy is logistically harsh, non-uniform and even unfair in some cases. We should not have to suffer simply because we chose to onboard.  1. Not everyone has onboarded, which means there is a substantial number of people who would still be taking exams from the comfort of their homes. We cannot have this for the same reason we don't have 50% students taking JEE at home and the rest being called to exam centres. Further, examination environment is important and this disparity in and of itself creates a non-uniformity that is unfair.  2. We have received the notification of offline majors on a very short notice, by the time most people had either offboarded or booked tickets home. We don't see why the institute did not plan this earlier and why and how it is fair to ask offboarded students to book expensive tickets on a short notice to travel from all over India and onboard again when they should really be preparing for exams. This, especially when people who didn't onboard aren't expected to do the same.  While this sums up our major concerns, there are further queries we demand answers to. According to mails, everyone needs to report by 10th November. Would these kids be quarantined again? If they won't be, doesn't that expose the campus to risks? Further, if they would be, then is it really fair to the kids to have to be quarantined in their rooms right before exams instead of being allowed to say, use the library?  Secondly, we have received mails where Dean (Academics) has asserted that students in the list who do not travel back cannot take the majors right now, and may have to take remajors/may not pass courses this semester on refusal to come back. Why does this not apply to students who did not onboard? If it is fair to expect offboarded students to travel all the way and come back, why isn't it fair to expect everyone else to do the same?  If 50% of us can be allowed to take it online in the comfort of our rooms, is it fair to force the remaining 50% of us to take it in stressful exam halls?  If minors could be conducted with everyone taking it online in their rooms, why can't majors be conducted the same way? Secondly, if taking exams offline is that crucial, why not wait for everyone to onboard and then take exams?  We demand a uniform and fair policy that addresses the concerns of all. We believe that if the institute is willing to go to this extent to push for offline examinations, they postpone the majors and let everyone onboard. This would provide everyone the time and space to prepare accordingly and come to campus, and address all of our aforementioned concerns. We also realise that postponement of majors may not be possible in some cases, in which case we believe it is imperative we stick with a uniform policy i.e. proctored online exams for everyone, no matter where they are, as it happened during minors.  If the aforementioned concerns are not addressed, we see a certain section of students facing institutional neglect and having strenuous academic policies being shoved down their throat on a short notice. This is not conducive for their mental health, not to mention the lack of regard for their health (COVID concerns) and finances (expensive tickets). We reiterate that we stand by offline examinations and the push to return to normal, but only if it is fair and uniform for all, taking everyone's situation and circumstances into account.               

Students of IIT Delhi
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Petition to Medical Council of India, Indian Medical Association, Government of India, Vice Chancellor, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences

No exams for MD/MS/Diploma students

This Covid era has seen a never before increase in number of patients and risk associated with working in medical profession. Of this, maximum load of patient care has fallen upon Junior residents in medical colleges and hospitals.  Working tirelessly for continuous shifts ranging from 18-72 hours, we have spared no pain in working for the welfare of the people, while risking our and our family member's lives. Since March 2020, our whole focus has been on spending every waking minute for this cause and we won't stop as long as we are standing between you and this pandemic. But now, we need your help. Exams are around the corner which means we unwillingly have to take a step back, give time to our books, as it is impossible to crack the exam without studying 10-15 hours per day. We have no problem in doing that. This is what we have been doing since last 10-12 years. But if there are no exams then we can devote all that time in patient care. So please sign this petition with me for whole of the Humanity. We don't even mind giving extended services, even more than our stipulated tenure. But if exams do happen, country will lose a major chunk of the dedicated and devoted doctors for a minimum span of 2-3 months. Please stand with us for your own benefit. Thank you. 

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